Bathroom & Shower market has experienced steady growth in recent years

According to a report by AMA Research,, the UK bathroom market , has experienced steady growth in recent years, with an estimated value of £2.5 billion in 2020. This growth is driven by a combination of factors, including an increasing focus on home renovation and a growing demand for luxury bathroom products.

In terms of shower sales in the UK, electric showers was the most popular type of shower purchased. However, the report also noted a growing demand for digital and smart showers, as well as larger shower enclosures with multiple showerheads.

A report by Research and Markets, found that sanitaryware accounts for the largest share of sales. The report also noted a trend towards more luxurious bathroom products, such as freestanding baths and high-end shower enclosures.

Overall, while the COVID-19 pandemic may have had an impact on bathroom and shower sales in 2022, the trend towards home renovation and a focus on luxury and high-tech features is likely to continue to drive growth in the bathroom and shower market in Ireland and the UK in the coming years.

In terms of bathroom design trends, there has been a growing trend towards creating spa-like environments, with a focus on natural materials such as wood, stone, and marble. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years, with an increased emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Greenery and plant life are also becoming more popular in bathroom design, bringing a touch of nature into the space.

In terms of shower trends, there has been a rise in demand for high-tech showers with features such as digital controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and mood lighting. Showers with built-in speakers are also becoming more popular, allowing users to enjoy music or podcasts while they shower. In addition, there has been a trend towards larger, more luxurious shower enclosures with multiple shower heads and body sprays. Overall, the bathroom and shower trends in general are likely to continue to prioritise relaxation, natural materials, and high-tech features in the coming years.

Wavin HepvO designed as an alternative to the water trap

Since they were first invented in 1775, water traps have remained a key part of modern plumbing solutions. While they have varied in shape and style over the years, the key aspects of their design remain the same: a bend in the pipework which catches water and creates a seal between the sewer and the room above, preventing the escape of sewer water and foul smells.

But as any good plumber and experienced plumbing staff in builders’ merchants know, traditional water traps can lose their seal due to evaporation, siphonage, leaking or movement, which is a problem for home-owners.

Wavin HepvO is an innovative waterless trap which doesn’t encounter any of these issues and is suitable for use on a range of sanitary appliances.

The unique design of Wavin HepvO means there’s no U-bend in which waste material can potentially build-up causing blockages and smells. HepvO has been rigorously tested and is resistant to common household chemicals such as cleaners and detergents. Soaps, hair or food particles are less likely to cause a block with the HepvO valve.

Saving Space, Time and Money

Traditional water traps often take up a lot of space, reducing design freedom and impacting the layout of the bathroom or kitchen.

As space in modern builds is at an absolute premium, HepvO also offers the benefit of being suitable for a wide range of household plumbing applications, from under shower trays to kitchen sinks, meaning homeowners can save space in multiple rooms across the home.

Where form and function meet

Given the upsurge in kitchen and bathroom renovations in the home and the ‘magazine finish’ consumers demand, aesthetics are as important as
practicality and efficiency. This is a key consideration for consumers as well as plumbers and construction professionals when it comes to installation.

HepvO is ideal for modern minimalist bathroom or kitchen designs. Its smooth lines means that the valve has a very limited impact on the overall look of a space and can be left exposed without creating an eyesore.

It is a key example of solutions which achieve this balance of form and function. It minimises the visual impact of drainpipes and discharge systems, simplifies maintenance requirements for homeowners and does the job it is designed for effectively.

First-of-its-kind technology

Wavin’s HepvO waterless traps were introduced 20 years ago as the first-of-its-kind technology, developed with an elastomeric membrane which creates a seal between the sewer and the occupied space above. As water enters the silicone valve, the membrane opens until the flow stops. The outer pipe is a rigid structure which prevents any damage to the inside membrane. The membrane is so lightweight that only a very small amount of water is required to open it, meaning it can also be used in condensate drainage systems.

With no need for a U-bend, the trap can be installed vertically or horizontally without impacting on the system’s ability to seal off discharge systems.

The system’s straight-through design minimises the build-up of waste material and ensures an outstanding flow. This innovative technology helps to reduce the risk of blockages, saving homeowners time as well as potentially costly maintenance work.

Also, if properties are left unoccupied for long periods of time, or drainage systems aren’t properly maintained, the typical ‘U’ trap with a water seal can sometimes dry out and fail, meaning sewer gases can make their way back into living spaces. This is not an issue with HepvO which makes it ideal for use in holiday homes, motor homes or even boats.

HepvO allows plumbers provide their customers with both value-adding expertise and the best possible result.

More information and ‘how to’ videos can be found at

The new LARGA Modular furniture range from Niko Bathrooms…It is all about personalisation

It has been an exciting start to the year for the Niko Bathrooms team with the launch of LARGA, their NEW Modular Bathroom Furniture Range. Aptly named, LARGA is the Spanish word for ‘long’, making it synonymous with the scope of this new range that offers homeowners the versatility to extend design options to limitless combinations.

LARGA has been inspired by the knowledge that customers want to be creative within their bathroom space, without the need to compromise on design styles, whether they have a restricted space or in some cases, too much space and don’t know how to optimise it. Most bathroom consultation conversations start with; “what size room is it? What are you thinking?” It’s all about PERSONALISATION, and the best way to express yourself. This range will allow people to express their own personal choice; it’s all about combination and personalisation,” commented Cathy Orr, Group Marketing Manager at Niko Bathrooms. “Sometimes people like a furniture piece in the showroom, for example, but it is not available in the size they are looking for. This range provides more freedom of choice for bathrooms of any size.”

The Modular Journey

LARGA brings the customer through a journey of selection and choice, step by step. It starts with them selecting the furniture piece, and then making that ever important colour choice from a refined colour palette reflecting
the latest in design trends and popular tones; white, grey or powder blue. The next step is deciding on the washbasin, style and colour with the option to choose inset or countertop (available in various colours and finishes).

Countertops are available in white, grey, blue, white marble and black marble, and in a variety of length options 60, 80, 100 and 120cm.

Next, they can complement their furniture by choosing their cabinets that can be open or closed depending on the look they want to achieve, the combinations are limitless! Then they select their choice of Brassware.

A Play on details – small details for the big finish

Small details and furniture finishes will give the room an expressive, dynamic feel and make it far from dull. Well-chosen furniture handles and feet from the collection are the perfect choice

Manufactured to the highest quality with Rocklite technology giving Ultra-thin five-six mm edges, enhanced durability and a sophisticated and elegant design. LARGA is finished with Aquasafe and Silver Protect technology ensuring the highest hygiene standard of bathroom ceramics.

See the LARGA collection featured in Niko Bathrooms 2023 Bathroom Collection Brochure NOW AVAILABLE or download at For more information contact or call 01 400 0000.

RT Large has every aspect of bathroom design covered with RAK Ceramics

One of Ireland’s leading bathroom and plumbing distributors, RT Large has partnered with RAK Ceramics to offer customers throughout the country a one-stop bathroom solution. With RT Large’s trusted reputation and experience in sourcing innovative products, the introduction of RAK Ceramics to the RT Large portfolio brings one of the largest ceramics brands in the world to Ireland, and this new partnership opens the Irish market to new opportunities to stock a range of sanitaryware that turns domestic bathrooms into dream spaces.

At the forefront of design innovation, the manufacturer collaborates with some of the world’s leading designers to create breath-taking bathroom collections. Most recently, award-winning Italian designer Maurizio Scutellà reimagined the small bathroom, with the introduction of RAK-Petit, a collection of small washbasins for compact spaces, from cloakrooms and en-suites to small family bathrooms. With minimal shapes and modest dimensions, RAK-Petit washbasins are perfect for small spaces that are also big on style. The collection includes deep-based washbasins that can be installed alone or combined with RAK-Joy vanity units in the domestic bathrooms, as well as freestanding washbasins that are statement pieces. The Petit and Joy ranges are now available from RT Large.


RAK Ceramics has also launched colour into its portfolio with intent. With RAK-Feeling, they have a complete collection of shower trays, enclosures and valves, washbasins, brassware, WCs and bidet, made with innovative materials and available in a range of colours to add flair and personality to bathrooms that have long been dominated by white sanitaryware.

The RAK Ceramics brassware collection available from RT Large is just as extensive with the luxurious RAK-Amalfi range that takes a playful stance on mixing metals in bathroom design. Encouraging creativity, RAK-Amalfi does things differently, with handles that can be combined in several ways with the tap body. Luminous, bold, and eye-catching, RAK-Amalfi taps are available in Chrome, Brushed Gold, Matt Black and Brushed Nickel.

With the extensive stock holding and logistics network RT Large offer to their customer base, together RT Large and RAK Ceramics provides an all-round solution, giving designers creative freedom to create beautiful interiors with a customer service that is best in class.

For more information call RT Large Dublin (01) 4504307, RT Large Dungannon (028) 87784788 or visit

Re-imagine your bathroom for 2023

Is a bathroom refurb on your customer’s “to-do” list this year? If so, Sonas, one of Ireland’s largest bathroom brands invites you and your customer to explore the new Sonas collection to find inspiration with one of the widest ranges of stylish and sustainable products available in Ireland. Their experts are delighted to give their top four tips to ensure your customer can have the bathroom of their dreams in 2023.

  1. Customise your Vanity
    Gone are the days of identical bathrooms. These days it is all about customising the space to suit your style and lifestyle. This is an investment, your customer will want to ensure their choice will last for years to come. With a total of twenty contemporary furniture ranges from Sonas, a palette of twenty-nine colours, and three different handle finishes with a variety of sizes – the choice is theirs! As the central furniture piece in your customers bathroom, their vanity unit sets the tone for the space.
    New to the 2023 Sonas Scandi inspired furniture range is the KORA. Designed with rounded edges and robust handles, the compact unit is available in a bright new colour, sun kissed yellow with a matt finish. With calm blue seen as a real colour for wellness, your customer can delight in the freshness of the morning sky blue or for those who would like to bring some feminine energy to their bathroom the cashmere pink option is stunning.
  2. Create Natural Vibes
    While some consumers are colour fans, others are drawn to the rustic natural look due to the rise of biophilic design. They can bring this look to life in their bathroom with natural finishes like sandy grey in the SMART range, or craft oak available in the versatile Otto Plus.
    Solid surface basins, manufactured from a silky-smooth natural resin material, can also add a touch of sophistication to their bathroom. Due to popular demand, the stylish dual-tone SKAL countertop basins are now available in morning sky blue and cashmere pink to coordinate with the Finland countertop units.
    Bathroom aesthetics complete this rustic feel, from their choice of tiles, wall panelling, and décor and to bring in a natural vibe don’t forget that plants thrive beautifully in bathrooms!
  3. Super-Size Showers
    With Pinterest trends showing an increase of almost 400% in searches for amazing walk in showers, coupled with Sonas seeing a demand for larger shower trays, there are plenty of possibilities to have luxury walk in showers with wetroom panels. Sonas are noticing that many homeowners are opting to replace their baths with a large shower – the typical shower trays are now 1200mm x 900mm. If your customer is after a boutique hotel look, frameless sleek ASPECT wetroom panels from Sonas are key to creating that look. Your customer can choose from a number of finishes including nickel and white, and if they have the space they can opt for a tray up to 2 metres in length!
    If they prefer an enclosed showering experience, there are a wide variety of shower doors to fit their space from bifold to pivot. Whatever way their showering space is configurated, Sonas has a
    solution to solve it. Central to their showering experience is their choice of shower head, with options such as overhead rain heads, handsets, and rail kits. The position of their shower valves is also worth considering.
    Whilst this is it typically located under the shower head this is not their only option. When opting for a concealed valve your customer may prefer to have the controls positioned where they would step into the shower. Please remember this is a first fix decision that needs to be discussed with their installer.
  4. Everyday Luxury
    Recreating the spa like feeling in your customer’s homes can give them a luxurious experience every day. As we spend so much time in our homes and in our bathrooms, it is a space that is really worth investing in. Since this is where we all start and end every day, it is important that this space enhances our daily routines and adds to a feeling of wellbeing.
    When we think of spa-like bathrooms, we think of freestanding baths, whirlpools, and double vanity units. For more budget friendly ways to upgrade their space a customer might think about replacing taps or shower heads with a more modern option. They could also invest in lighting or add some additional storage space with a new illuminated Sonas mirrored cabinet. The bestselling Sonas Sansa Led Bluetooth mirror can bring both music, ambient lighting and some curves to help soften a space. Get your customer to think about their finishing touches too – good quality accessories can make all the difference to space.

It is all about creating a calm space where your customer can prepare for, or unwind from, the day. While a full bathroom renovation may not be required a few clever upgrades can transform their space. To start your customer on their journey check out