Harvest Flame rolling out nationwide from November 2023

Conor Layden, Commercial Director, Arigna Fuels says that “There have been big changes in the solid fuel industry over the last 12 months, with the new solid fuel regulations taking effect and the departure of the BNM briquette and Staffords Coal from the market. Thankfully global coal prices have retracted and begun to stabilise, and consumers should see a reduction in the price of smokeless coal for the coming
heating season.”

Despite the changing landscape, Arigna Fuels have continued to invest in the solid fuel industry and have recently completed a substantial upgrade on their new renewable biomass plant, see below, to produce a 100% renewable biomass product Harvest Flame. Harvest Flame has been available in limited quantities for some time. Feedback on the product has been great and they have struggled to keep up with the demand. However after substantial investment they will now be able to supply the market in the required
quantities from November 2023. Harvest Flame will be available in 10kg and 20kg bags. The 10kg bag will have a handle on it and is suitable for storing outside, it is an ideal replacement for the BNM Briquette as the product is easy to light and the bags are easy to store and transport.

Arigna are also continuing to offer their market leading smokeless coal products Cosyglo and Ecobrite alongside their range of convenience products. Cosyglo and Ecobrite are the only HETAS approved products on the Irish market and demand for both have increased since the new regulations took effect.

To discuss your solid fuel needs for the coming season, please contact them on 071-9646002.

Grant’s award-winning HVO biofuel compatible boiler range

The Grant Vortex was one of the first condensing oil boilers on the market. This unique product was the catalyst for a sustained increase in boiler efficiencies throughout the industry and reduced running costs for property owners. The higher efficiencies from these appliances have, over the past two decades, contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions on the island of Ireland amounting to many millions of tonnes.

Grant’s dedication to innovation is now more apparent than ever given its move to ensure all new Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler models are now compatible with HVO biofuel, helping to future proof homes. Older Grant condensing boilers can also be adapted to HVO biofuel; these modifications can be carried out by a service engineer during an annual service. This may require a new biofuel burner that is matched with the specific boiler.

The use of 100% HVO biofuel for home heating can result in around 88% reduction in carbon emissions and using this or a percentage blend of HVO with kerosene, will enable rural and hard to heat Irish properties to transition to a renewable green alternative from 100% kerosene at an affordable cost and minimum disruption to their home lives.

While HVO is a relatively new fuel to Ireland, we are now beginning to see more HVO suppliers come to the island of Ireland, with a recent announcement of a new facility having just opened in Co Cork by HVO biofuel ‘giant,’ Green Biofuels*.

Grant’s multi award-winning Vortex range has been recognised by many awards bodies over the last few years for its ‘ahead of its time’ innovation. ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ at the NI Plumbing & Heating Awards 2022, ‘Best Renewable Energy Product’ at the SEAI Energy Show 2022 and a Finalist in the sustainability category at Irish Times Innovation Awards 2021.

The Grant Vortex and Euroflame boiler ranges are available to those in the building materials and plumbing & heating trade in twenty-two models with outputs from 15 – 70kW. The Vortex range comes in a range of models including boilerhouse, outdoor, combi and utility variants.

Grant’s innovative range heating technologies continue to drive the heating industry forward towards achieving a zero-carbon future.

Visit www.grant.ie for more information on Grant’s range of innovative heating solutions. Follow Grant on Facebook and Twitter @GrantIRL or Instagram @Grant_IRL. Think Heating. Think Grant.