Wavin provides extensive solutions above & below ground

Since its establishment in Ireland 65 years ago Wavin has been a leading innovator in the building materials sector. It manufactures an extensive range of above and below ground plastic drainage systems for industrial, commercial and residential requirements. Wavin solutions include soil and waste, sewer systems, roof drainage, and stormwater management. Here is a summary of the range:

Wavin Tigris K5/M5 is a new range of 16mm to 40mm press fit fittings. The fittings unique design with Acoustic Alert is the first to enable testing with air (as well as water) to detect unpressed fittings, streamlining the overall pressure testing process. The other benefits include In4Sure 360° which gives installers a quick visual check of the pipe insertion prior to pressing. Tigris K5/M5 fittings have a Multi-Press profile feature and are compatible with U, Up, H, TH and B profiles, ensuring installers do not require investment in any additional tooling.

Wavin Push-fit Hep2O is a flexible push fit plumbing system suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems. Offering In4Sure joint recognition and a 50 year guarantee, it’s a reliable choice for installers. Available in imperial and metric sizes.

Wavin Underfloor Heating
Wavin also offers various underfloor heating systems suited to new build and retrofit applications.

Soil and Waste
Best known for their PVC-U Black and White push-fit soil range, Wavin offers a comprehensive choice of systems and products for managing wastewater. Where space is at a premium the Wavin Compact Soil PVCu system offers greater design flexibility with tighter connections to waste. Where reduced noise levels are required such as in multi-occupancy developments, Wavin AS+ is the ideal solution. Wavin DPE and Wavin Push-fit PVCu soil systems are also available, complimented by a choice of ABS or PVC-C waste systems.

Wavin HepvO is an innovative waterless trap alternative to conventional water traps and is suitable for use on a range of sanitary appliances. HepvO uses a soft silicone rubber membrane to create a seal, instead of “trapped” water. As it doesn’t rely on water, the seal can’t fail due to evaporation, siphonage or movement making it ideal for use in holiday homes or even mobile homes. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, and its slimline profile means it is perfect when space is at a premium such as under showers or vanity units.

Rainwater – The Wavin rainwater range is available in six profiles for domestic and industrial requirements, meeting the varying aesthetic, performance and installation requirements for all types of buildings. Features include hydrodynamic running outlets that can handle 30% more rainwater than other similarly sized competitor systems. Using specialist seal technology, the wide, retained seals provide a secure, watertight fixture with the flexibility to allow for thermal expansion. For residential properties, Wavin Deepline is now available in Anthracite Grey to match this increasingly popular colour scheme for external windows and doors. Stormwater – Wavin’s range of AquaCell units deliver a tried and tested modular technique for managing excessive rainfall for landscaped and trafficked installations. These units can be assembled to create an underground structure for either attenuation or infiltration/soakaway.

Below Ground Drainage – Wavin Sewer PVCu underground gravity drainage system is available in 110mm to 500mm including a wide range of fittings, SN4 and SN8 pipe options and Wavin chambers for domestic and public sewerage and drainage. RootSeal technology is now being rolled out to repel roots to help prevent them damaging the pipe system. Fittings with RootSeal are easily identifiable by their green seals.

WAJ – The independently certified Wavin Access Junction (WAJ) was developed by Wavin Ireland in 1978 and remains the leading product in its category across the Irish market. It provides access from surface level to Wavin below ground gravity drainage and sewer systems.

Sustainability – Wavin continues to develop innovative solutions to help build healthy and sustainable environments and by creating future-proof cities. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are now available for the majority of Wavin product ranges. Customers in the construction sector are increasingly asking for EPDs, and Wavin is one of the first companies in the sector to be able to provide these.

For more details on the full range of Wavin solutions see wavin.ie