Heating & Plumbing Feature 2022

Five plumbing trends to know in 2022-23

According to Plumber Magazine in the UK, remaining relevant and adding specific value for your customers by staying on top of significant trends is driving the marketplace.

This would also be true for the Irish market. The current housing situation is causing many people to stay in their current homes, instead of moving. For builders and plumbers merchants that means there are a few trends to keep an eye on as homeowners look to make their current residences “forever homes.” Here are five trends from the UK to know in 2022-23:

  1. Baby boomer interest in aging-in-place design
    According to Seniorliving.org, aging-in-place means a person making a conscious decision to stay in their home for as long as they can with the comforts that are important to them. As the population ages, especially the baby boomer generation, we will see an increasing demand for accessibility in the bathroom.
  2. Remodelling to create a “forever home”
    Tying into the increased interest in aging-in-place design, and in light of the housing market’s current state, homeowners of all ages seek to turn their current homes into “forever homes” and are looking to implement renovations that can extend the life of their residences.
  3. Creating a spa-like atmosphere
    Many homeowners have found new ways to use the bathroom to enhance well-being and manage stress in the wake of the pandemic and being stuck at home.
  4. Time-efficient products to help keep up with demand
    A critical shift in the residential plumbing space has been the extraordinary supply shortages the industry faces. One way to increase time efficiency while navigating these challenges is to opt for a system approach versus a component approach. For example, a Quick Drain complete shower solution is an example of a shower system that saves time. The integrated PVC drain, combined with pre-sloped shower panels and waterproofing accessories, represents a total shower solution for promoting effective and efficient drainage. It can be installed in as little as one day.
  5. New technologies and macro trends
    Additional market factors to consider are macro trends such as sustainability, water quality and smart-home technology.

PVC Fabrications adds to its range of “retail ready” PE water piping systems

Gripmax “Hydrodare” Low Density pipe

Gripmax Hydrodare Pipes are for the installation of water networks where greater flexibility is sought in the pipe material.

Gripmax Hydrodare pipe is easy to work with and does not “fight back” when being handled. It is manufactured with the highest quality virgin LDPE Materials.

Why do Gripmax only use the Virgin LDPE? Simply put, premium raw materials are required in order to maximise the internal bore smoothness, which minimises water turbulence and in turn increases flow rates to the maximum. Easy to uncoil and lay, Gripmax Hydrodare allows for efficient and practical use.

All Gripmax Hydrodare pipes are clearly marked with colour coded stickers and barcodes to avoid confusion between NG & HG pipes. Available in 25m, 50m & 150m coils, it saves on labour and wastage in store, while increasing overall metre sales.

METRIX “BLUE” MDPE 80: Blue MDPE 80 is independently certified to the international & Irish standard EN 12201. Premium PE80 materials feature, high impact strength, high notch resistance, high abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance & corrosion resistance.

Uses of Gripmax Hydrodare include –

  • Water distribution for town, rural & irrigation projects
  • Mains for urban water supply
  • Cold water plumbing reticulation
  • Household water connections from the main supply

Call PVC Fabrications now for more info 021 4885881. There are free mobile retail displays stands available (T&Cs apply). www.pvcfabrications.ie

Niko Bathrooms unveil exciting new collaboration with Carron Bathrooms at Dublin showroom

Niko Bathrooms is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of market leading bathroom products (and part of the Uppercross Group). They continue to ‘inspire’ and innovate at their Dublin Showroom with the unveiling of the Carron Bathrooms Baths Range. The launch marks the announcement of their new partnership as sole distributor for the full range of Carron Baths making it available to Retailers, Builders Merchants, Plumbing Merchants and Bathroom Showrooms across the Republic of Ireland from the 1st August 2022.

Paul Thompson, Niko Bathrooms Managing Director says “We pride ourselves on partnering with brands that are the best in their category and also align with our company values. So, when the opportunity presented itself for us to collaborate with Carron Bathrooms, we knew immediately it was the perfect partnership and that Carron Baths are a natural addition to our range, with a strong focus on design and quality and a proud brand history. Our new distribution agreement will ensure that Carron Baths will be stocked on the ground in Dublin and readily available to our customers via our distribution centre in the Broomhill Complex, Tallaght.

Carron are the UK’s market leading manufacturer of acrylic baths. Based in Falkirk, Scotland, they have a manufacturing heritage dating back over 260 years. All baths are designed, manufactured and quality-assured exclusively in the Carron factory. The product portfolio includes an enviable range of rectangular, freestanding and shower-baths as well as a range of shower screens, panels and accessories. Carron’s unique triple-layer reinforcement ‘Carronite’ system is the plumber and fitters’ choice and boasts a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Quality & Innovation

When it comes to quality there is no compromise with a Carron Bath. Manufactured with CARRONITETM, that is Carron Bathrooms’ unique, market leading finishing system featuring a range of benefits for the consumer and the environment. These include, increased strength, the ability to keep water levels warmer for longer (so no need to top it up) and peace of mind with a 30-year guarantee. Carronite baths are the professional choice for plumbers and fitters because of their consistent quality and custom-fit baseboards that are cut to size for each Carronite model and applied before the finish is applied.

The arrival of the Carron range brings immediate innovation to the Niko Showroom with the launch of the Carron Editions+ range. This is a new level in bath design that brings together innovation and the latest trends, with an exclusive new +Matt Finish a unique feature that takes acrylic baths to the next level.

The stunning Sienna Bath with The +Matt Finish is now a statement piece at the Niko Bathrooms Showroom and it’s stunning design is described as “smooth, warm and incredibly tactile”. The +Matt Finish option is a game-changer for the world of bathing and bathroom design. The reliable and practical benefits of acrylic are teamed with a sumptuous finish that has up to now only been available with ceramics and pottery. Carron’s +Matt Finish Baths bring a whole new world of bathroom options and décor choices. High end furniture, and cutting-edge brassware will team perfectly with this design statement.

When speaking about the new partnership James McMorrine, Managing Director, Carron Bathrooms said “From our initial conversations with Niko Bathrooms, it became apparent that our goals were completely aligned in terms of product, design, innovation and service. We are delighted to see the Carron Baths Range taking pride of place in this beautiful state-of-the art showroom and we look forward to working with the Niko Bathrooms Teams on the forthcoming launch of Carron Baths to their customers across the Republic of Ireland.”

Keep an eye out for more exciting events that will be happening in the Niko Bathrooms Showroom over the coming months as part of the Carron Baths Launch Campaign.

For more information contact sales@nikobathrooms.ie or contact your Niko Bathrooms Area Manager. www.nikobathrooms.ie T: +353 (0)1 400 0000 Email showroom@nikobathrooms.ie

QUAL-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ System make the quality connection

Since Pipelife was established in 1970 it has been committed to producing quality plastic goods for the construction, agriculture and plumbing sectors. Drawing on almost 50 years of manufacturing experience from its production plant in Cork, Pipelife has been to the forefront in developing innovative products and has been an industry leader for many years.

Quality and innovation continues to define the company’s philosophy and this is reflected in the range of products and systems that it manufactures to this day.

The Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ system is a unique system designed specifically for the Irish market. The Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ system is supplied in Irish sizes of ½”, ¾” & 1” for use with Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe. The Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ system requires no expensive tooling, no reaming of the joint prior to fitting; no pipe inserts and gives an incredibly secure joint. The system is designed for optimal installation speed, ease of use, joint security, and competitiveness. Because it is Irish sized the system is ideal for use in retrofit applications and is fully compatible with existing Irish size pipe and fittings systems. For new builds this system is unbeatable for installation speed.

Pipelife`s extensive range of quality ‘Easy-Crimp’ fittings have complete compatibility with their Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe. The airforce grade annealed aluminium protective metal sleeve is precisely attached to each fitting during production and is designed to provide a unique metal reinforced leak free joint. The polymer fittings are made from a high-performance thermoplastic and can withstand high temperatures as well as being corrosion resistant.

The secure water-tight seal is made when the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe is compressed onto the body of the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ fitting. The “air force grade” aluminium holds that seal permanently. This seal eliminates any contact between water and metal which has been the focus of problems in the past. The Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe and the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ fittings are completely corrosion resistant.

The sleek light weight Qual-Pex Plus+ Clamp Tool has been designed to make the seal with minimum effort from the installer. Gone are the days of tool belts, spanners, sealer, inserts, hacksaws, solder, gas torches, big bulky expensive battery-operated tools reamers etc. All you need is a Qual-Pex Cutters and the Qual-Pex Plus+ clamp tool. The Qual-Pex Plus+ Clamp tool is ideal for working overhead due to its light weight and the ability to get into awkward spaces will surprise you.

Pipelife’s guarantee on the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ System against manufacturing defects is a minimum of 50 years. The guarantee remains valid, provided that the pipe and fittings are installed as per the company’s recommended installation guidelines and that the products installed were not damaged before, during or after installation.

The Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ fittings are the professional’s choice due to the right materials being used for the job, the rings don’t fall off, no O-rings, pipe inserts or pipe de burring required and no slide just crimp and move on.

The Benefits of the Qual-PEX Crimp System. S.A.F.E. : Sleek, Affordable, Fast, Efficient.

  • No Expensive tooling
  • No confusion over jaw profiles and wall diameter etc.
  • No problems associated with mixing and matching systems.
  • No difficulty pulling through joists.
  • No issue fitting in studwork: Much smaller and neater.
  • No risk of nut loosening behind stud wall compression elbow v Qual-PEX crimp System.
  • No working with heavy press machines on site all day.
  • No battery charging required.
  • No water/metal contact. Completely corrosion resistant.
  • No joint preparation required – FAST.
  • No fitting required in base as per conduit shoe v compression elbow on copper.
  • Availability of manufacture’s reps as required.
  • Speed of use.
  • Tooling up for the Qual-PEX Crimp System is inexpensive.
  • As your company expands, tooling up is inexpensive.
  • Simple, controlled and accurate joint – every time.
  • 50 Year Guarantee.

Designed for Plumbers, by Plumbers!

Nerrad Tools was founded in 2010 by a heating and plumbing engineer, with a vision to supply the industry with a range of professional hand tools that save time, require less effort and make the life of an engineer easier. In 2018 Carl Kammerling International, owner of a number of high-quality brands including CK Tools and Kasp Security, who shared the vision of developing a leading plumbing tool brand, acquired 100% of the company, and the goals have remained the same.

Today, Nerrad Tools is as determined as ever to supply a range of hand tools, constructed to the highest standards that ultimately make the engineer more productive. The company has expanded the portfolio to more than 150 products and has seen tremendous growth throughout England, Scotland and Wales. As a result of increasing enquiries, Nerrad Tools have now launched their products in Ireland.

Nerrad Tools General Manager, Andrew Moore says “We are delighted to have launched our products in Ireland as we have a wide variety of hand tools that the plumbing and heating engineer is going to love, coupled with a strong brand presence that looks great in store. Our focus has always been on how we build consumer demand for a great quality product, and then support our customers with both technical and marketing support in order to create the same buzz at the counter.”

The flagship product for Nerrad is the industry renowned Tapex Kit. Using advanced tap wrench technology, this 18-piece kit is unique to Nerrad, and has been designed to reduce time and effort on every job. Comprising 18 components, the Tapex kit has all the sizes needed to remove and install bathroom and kitchen taps, including unique “sockets within a socket” designed to fit all known sizes of ½” and ¾” back and supply nuts. With a multitude of adjustable and fixed extensions, ratchet handles and universal joints it is perfect for access when working in tight spaces and helps get to those hard-to-reach taps.

With a lifetime warranty, the Tapex kit is a must have item for anyone that works on bathroom or kitchen taps.

Also prominent in the range is Nerrad’s uniquely designed blow torch, “The Firejet.” This has a number of key features and benefits which makes it one of the market leading blowtorches in the UK.

With the easy clean serviceable diffuser, the nozzle can be stripped down to give instant access so that the diffuser can be removed, cleaned and re-assembled. The nozzle design minimises thermal conductivity for safer handling and reduces injury and damage to the user or surrounding areas. With a non-corroding brass cylinder connection, this assures there are no stripped threads when removing or attaching the industry standard CGA600 bottles. With all these enhanced features the Firejet offers the user greater levels of reliability and safety.

Nerrad is now part of the CKI brand offering, with comprehensive support from their Irish based sales team.

If you would like to learn more about the full Nerrad range of products or would like a visit from a member of their sales team please contact the Nerrad Head Office on + 44 1758 704724 or alternatively you can email cs@nerradlimited.com.

Boost the water to a single outlet or the whole house!

Salamander Pumps, distributed in Ireland by MT Agencies Ireland Ltd, has a range of inline pumps that provide an easy-to-install, quiet and compact solution to boosting water flow to a single outlet or the whole house.

The range features the new product, TapBoost. TapBoost is an inline booster pump which is ideal when only one outlet is suffering with poor water flow and installing a whole house pump feels like overkill.

Designed to boost the water flow to a single outlet to at least 7L/min, TapBoost is incredibly quiet and its inline design with robust brass fittings makes it easy to install. It improves the water flow to bathroom, kitchen or garden taps, toilet cisterns, dishwashers or washing machines.

Also featured in the range is HomeBoost. This powerful inline pump is perfect for homes with a combi boiler where the water performance is weak across multiple outlets.

HomeBoost will boost the incoming mains water flow to 12L/min, it’s quiet, easy to install and complies with the water fitting regulations.

For more information call MT Agencies Ireland Ltd on 01 8643363 or email sales@mtagencies.ie.