Roof repairs – Bring it on!

Chris Fletcher, Technical Services Chemist at Thompson’s, takes a look at the brand’s extensive range of roofing products, which are ideal for undertaking emergency repairs this winter – even in the wet.

Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal

It’s a call-out no-one ever relishes – but as the heavy rains descend, the need for emergency roof repairs inevitably shoot up. However, as a contractor, having a good selection of repair products in the back of your van can ease the pain, by helping you get the job done as quickly as possible and achieving a long-lasting result.

For example, no matter how adverse the weather conditions, Thompson’s Emergency Roof Seal can come to the rescue. It’s a high-performance elastomeric coating for small repairs on all roofing types including felt, asphalt, slate and tiles. The solvent based acrylic resin has a high-solids, high viscosity formulation with added fibres that reinforce and strengthen the coating. If it’s raining, simply brush away any ponded water from the area of repair and apply a thick layer of the coating. Emergency Roof Seal is effective immediately and should be surface dry
within 24 hours.

Thompson’s Emergency RR Mastic

For a temporary fix of deep cracks in leaking roofs, Thompson’s Emergency Roof Repair Mastic really comes into its own. A bituminous, mastic-based compound, it has a high-solids content and contains specially selected ingredients that repel water – meaning it can fill and bridge gaps and leave a watertight repair, even in heavy rain or under ponding water. A trowel or pallet knife is needed to work the mastic – and for larger cracks and voids use a scrim bandage to reinforce the repair.

In addition, leaking gutters and downpipes can be quickly repaired using Thompson’s Emergency Instant Repair Aerosol, which is ideal for getting to hard-to-reach areas. It can be applied to damp surfaces and is effective immediately. A scrim bandage is also included for deeper cracks and repairs.

Of course, ‘emergency’ repair products are for just that – and should only be seen as a temporary measure. More permanent repairs should be completed within a month of initial application. For flat roofs, Thompson’s 10 Year Roof Seal is ideal. It outperforms standard bitumen paint, flexing with the natural movement of the roof and resisting UV rays, for a long lasting finish. The fast-acting formula is rainproof in just six hours. Plus, Thompson’s Roof & Gutter Sealant can be used for roofing felt, pipes and guttering to repair cracks, rips, joints and general leaks.

Again, outperforming bitumen bases sealants for a tough and durable repair.

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