Advancing Sustainability in Ireland’s Construction Sector with the Supply Chain Sustainability School

The construction industry in Ireland stands at a crucial turning point, with the urgency to address sustainability challenges being more critical than ever. Large companies and their major clients within the built environment sector have proactively set sustainability objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and monitoring progress. However, over 80% of the industry’s value is delivered by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which often lack the resources to maintain staff awareness, understanding, and competencies on crucial sustainability issues such as the net-zero agenda, community and social impact, biodiversity, workforce wellbeing, and modern slavery. To bridge this gap, the Supply Chain Sustainability School has been established in Ireland, offering a collection of learning resources, training content, and a collaboration platform.

About the Supply Chain Sustainability School
Launched in January 2024, the Supply Chain Sustainability School in Ireland builds on the success of its United Kingdom (UK) counterpart, which has been a multi-award-winning initiative for over 12 years. The School aims to foster a common approach to sustainability within supply chains, providing free learning resources, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited training, and a platform for best practice sharing. It targets the entire built environment supply chain, ensuring accessibility for companies of all sizes.

Vision and Values
The School’s vision is to be a world-class collaboration that drives the construction industry towards more sustainable practices. Its core values emphasise leadership, integrity, inclusivity, and continuous improvement. These values are embedded in every aspect of the School’s activities, from the development of training content to the facilitation of collaborative initiatives.

Membership and Partnership Opportunities
Membership to the School is free and open to all companies in the built environment sector. By joining, members gain access to a wealth of resources designed to enhance their sustainability competencies and performance. The School is supported by its Partners, a group of 18 leading organisations that provide the necessary funding and strategic direction.

Partnership with the School entails a commitment to its vision and values, participation in leadership groups, and adherence to a Code of Ethics. Partners play a crucial role in shaping the School’s content and activities, ensuring that the resources provided are relevant, up-to-date, and impactful.

Training Sessions and Workshops
Over the next year, the School aims to double in size and deliver 28 online training workshops, webinars, and conferences to its members. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of sustainability to advanced practices in specific areas such as biodiversity and social impact. Each session is designed to be interactive and practical, providing attendees with actionable insights and strategies to implement within their organisations.

E-learning Modules
In addition to live events, the School offers a comprehensive catalogue of e-learning modules. These self-paced courses allow members to build their knowledge at their convenience, covering essential topics such as environmental management, ethical procurement, and modern slavery. The e-learning modules are designed to be engaging and informative, featuring multimedia content and assessments to reinforce learning.

Impact and Future Goals
Since its launch, the school has seen remarkable engagement, with over 1,000 individuals and 560 organisations setting up free learning accounts. These members are leveraging the school’s resources to build competence, enhance performance, and deliver measurable improvements in environmental and social outcomes. The school’s impact is reflected in the growing number of participants and the positive feedback from its members.

Looking ahead, the Supply Chain Sustainability School aims to expand its reach and impact even further. By continuing to provide high-quality, accessible training and fostering a collaborative environment, the school is ready to play a crucial role in driving sustainability in Ireland’s construction sector. As the industry evolves, the school remains committed to supporting its members in navigating the complexities of sustainability and achieving their goals.

Join the Supply Chain Sustainability School
The Supply Chain Sustainability School offers an opportunity for all companies in the built environment sector to enhance their sustainability practices through membership. Membership provides access to a wide range of resources, including e-learning modules, training workshops, webinars, and conferences, all designed to improve sustainability competencies and performance.

In addition to membership, companies can explore partnership opportunities with the school. Partners contribute to the development and direction of the school’s content and activities, ensuring that the resources remain relevant and impactful.

Partnerships also involve a commitment to the school’s vision and values, participation in leadership groups, and adherence to a Code of Ethics.

For more information on how to become a member or to discuss partnership opportunities, please visit or contact them at Join them building a more sustainable future for the construction industry.