A glimpse into the Roofing Market

The roofing market in Ireland has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability amidst evolving economic landscapes and environmental challenges. This dynamic sector is currently experiencing notable growth, driven by advancements in roofing technologies, heightened environmental awareness, and substantial investment in infrastructure projects.

One of the defining trends is the increasing demand for sustainable roofing solutions. Homeowners and commercial enterprises alike are prioritising eco-friendly materials and recyclable roofing materials.

Companies offering sustainable solutions stand at a competitive advantage as customers lean towards reducing their carbon footprint. Technological innovation, too, is steering the market towards smarter solutions. The integration of drones for roof inspections, advancements in roofing insulation materials, and the development of energy-efficient systems are transforming the industry. These innovations enhance efficiency and also reduce operational costs, providing long-term savings for consumers.

The market is also seeing a shift in consumer preferences towards aesthetics and durability. High-quality materials are garnering increased attention, valued for their longevity and low maintenance requirements.
The sector has also adapted to changing regulations and building standards, particularly those aimed at improving energy efficiency and safety. Compliance with rigorous standards in both Ireland and the UK has driven roofers to upskill and adopt new methodologies, ensuring that they meet the latest specifications and customer expectations.

However, the roofing market is not without its challenges. Supply chain disruptions, fluctuating material costs, and a skilled labour shortage are significant hurdles. Companies are increasingly investing in training programs and exploring alternative supply sources to combat these issues.

As 2024 continues the rainwater and guttering industry in Ireland and the UK is also seeing a number of significant trends. These trends are also driven by increasing awareness of environmental issues, advancements in technology, and evolving consumer preferences.

Eco-friendly systems are in demand, with consumers and businesses alike seeking to minimise their environmental footprint. The choice of materials for rainwater and guttering systems is continuing to evolve towards lightweight corrosion-resistant materials.

Overall, the roofing market in Ireland is poised for sustained growth, driven by innovation, sustainability, and evolving consumer preferences. For stakeholders in the industry, the key to success lies in staying ahead of technological advancements, adapting to regulatory changes, and meeting the growing demand for sustainable, high-quality roofing solutions.

The complete Roofline, Rainwater, Window and Cladding System for your home

Pipelife is one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers and providers of plastic piping systems. Specialising in the extrusion of polyethylene (PE) pipes, Pipelife offers industry leading products for the heating & plumbing, water pressure, electricity, cable ducting, gas and agricultural sectors. With the acquisition of Cork Plastics back in 2021 this has allowed Pipelife to extend their product portfolio and market presence.

The Cork Plastics product ranges were very complementary to Pipelife Irelands existing product ranges, with the additional advantage of providing a very solid sales presence in external cladding, Rainwater and Roofline systems for the building industry in Ireland, the UK and Mainland Europe.

Pipelife is also a name synonymous with high quality PVC-U roofline products for new build and home improvement projects, with its wide range of rainwater systems. The Pipelife reputation for technical excellence, competitively priced and quality finished products have established the company as a leading supplier of PVC-U plastic building products.

Their range of Fascia Boards are used in both new build work, total replacement, or refurbishment by covering existing timber. The PVC-UE Cladding Systems are suitable for external use on buildings as a decorative and protective facing, fixed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally over both brick, block, masonry and timber framed walling.

Pipelife offer a comprehensive range of products including uPVC fascia, soffit, window boards, external cladding, and gutter systems. heir products add style and definition to domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, and are available in a wide variety of profiles and colours to suit any construction project.

Pipelife’s range of rainwater systems – Xtraflo, Niagara, Hi-Cap, Half Round, Square and MiniFlo offer a wide choice of profile design, both traditional and modern, in a range of colours to suit all tastes and applications.

  • Hi-Cap, a semi-elliptical profile with a high capacity suitable for large roof areas.
  • Niagara Ogee, a traditional ogee style profile – probably the highest capacity domestic PVC – U Rainwater System on the market.
  • XtraFlo, a 170mm semi-elliptical System, for large Commercial/Industrial buildings, which links to a 110 mm downpipe system.

A comprehensive selection of co-extruded cellular foam and rigid PVC-UE building profiles completes the Pipelife range of Roofline products.

Pipelife with an initial capital investment of €30m now underway to expand and upgrade their existing production facility in Little Island, Cork, will result in them having one of the most modern facilities within the Pipelife Group. By 2026 there will be 35 state-of-the-art extrusion lines incorporating the latest automation technologies, with a planned output approaching 45,000 tonnes per annum.

This significant investment in new equipment, personnel, and services is very significant in our sector in the country and will position Pipelife’s Irish operations as a world-class manufacturing facility for many years to come. The investment also shows Pipelife’s long-term commitment to the Irish market and the scale, modernity, and product portfolio will make Pipelife very attractive as a supply chain partner for the major merchant groups, builders, and installers in the country.

For further information please contact:

T: +353 (0) 21 451 0600
E: ireland@pipelife.com
Discover the full product range at www.pipelife.ie

For more information and to talk to the team call them on 021 488 4700 or e-mail them at ireland@pipelife.com and check out their website www.pipelifeeco.ie

Wavin Rainwater Guttering

Delivering Outstanding Performance For All Projects

Irish rainfall is getting heavier. Winter storms have doubled in 50 years with shorter, more intense downpours. Over the next 50 years, predictions suggest rainfall and storm frequency will increase even further. Building developments, especially residential properties are also getting taller and more densely located. The challenge to manage increasing volumes of rain and stormwater run-off safely and efficiently has never been so great.

Wavin, one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers of plastic pipe systems, offers a choice of six rainwater gutter profiles to meet the varying aesthetic, capabilities and installation requirements for all types of buildings. From single dwellings to large residential, commercial or industrial premises, Wavin offers a wide range of solutions to capture rainwater, meeting all of your customer’s guttering needs.

The systems are designed for easy installation, to look great and to give outstanding performance. Features include hydrodynamic running outlets that can handle 30% more rainwater than other similarly sized systems and using specialist seal technology, the wide retained seals provide a secure, watertight fixture with the flexibility to allow for thermal contractions.

For an aesthetically pleasing finish, Wavin fittings are engineered with concealed sockets to hide roughly cut downpipe ends. The products are also easy to install as the ‘Flexiclip’ seal jointing mechanism makes it simple to connect gutter units to fittings with an expansion line and stopper, ensuring a reliable and efficient installation every time.

These different profiles ensure a suitable profile to cope with heavier rainfall and the hydrodynamic outlets increase the capacity allowing for the number of downpipes to be reduced. Wavin DeepLine, for example, is a semi-elliptical profiled high-capacity domestic system. It can serve a roof area of up to a maximum of 299m² with one downpipe. It is available in Anthracite Grey to match doors and windows offering greater choice for merchants.

StormLine offers similar high capacity with an Ogee profile featuring a high front edge to catch rainwater. This system delivers a stylish finish in areas like conservatories and around the roof perimeter. It can be installed with hanging brackets for a seamless finish – ideal for self-builders or used on detached properties. Also, the outlets can connect directly to Wavin square or round downpipe for further aesthetic flexibility. It can serve a roof area of up to a maximum of 254m² with one downpipe.

SquareLine is a square profiled system for domestic applications serving roof areas up to a maximum of 178m² with one downpipe. RoundLine is a half round profile ideal for domestic applications which serves roof areas of up to 163m². The final two profiles SuperLine and RoofLine are ideal for industrial and commercial use.

Superline’s half-round profile serves roof areas up to 250m². For even greater capacity, RoofLine is a half round system that offers a high volume removal rate serving a roof area of up to 317m² with one downpipe.

To find out more about Wavin’s Rainwater Guttering range, contact your Wavin sales representative for more information. Wavin’s Rainwater Guttering range is available on the Wavin Online shop www.wavin.ie

Blue Diamond and Ultra Diamond Slates available in hardware stores across Ireland

JD ROBERTS, who are one the oldest importers in Ireland, stock Blue Diamond and Ultra Diamond Slates in select hardware stores across the country. They have also recently launched a range of roofing accessories to complement their range of high-performance roofing slates.

Blue Diamond Slates are manufactured to the highest industry standards and specifications to withstand the harsh Irish climate while maintaining a superior diamond-hard smooth finish that enhances the roof and also the aesthetics of the house or building’s brick, stone, cement, or wood facade. Ultra Diamond Slates are produced on one of the world’s most advanced coating lines and have a high-quality, smooth surface, coated sides and back, and a finish that is one of the best man-made slates on the market today

All product ranges come with a 30-year guarantee, in a variety of colours suitable to withstand the Irish climate. “We have partnered with our suppliers for over 30 years and have developed long-lasting, secure relationships with them, which has resulted in the continued growth of our product ranges. As part of our ongoing investment into R&D with our manufacturers we will introduce new product lines to meet our client’s needs and demands in line with industry developments”, said Jack Roberts, Managing Director.

JD ROBERTS was founded in 1971 and is a family-owned business in its second generation, well-known as an importer, wholesaler, and manufacturer of high-quality products for the construction industry. With long-term supply chain agreements in place with their partners and manufacturers throughout Europe, JD ROBERTS guarantees continuity of supply, providing peace of mind to their clients that any project requirement or capacity can be met.

To find out more about the JD ROBERTS range of products visit www.jdrobertsltd.com.