Consumer preferences and lifestyles are reflecting changes in bathrooms and showers

The Bathroom and Shower market in Ireland and the UK is experiencing a variety of trends in 2024, reflecting changes in consumer preferences and lifestyles.

Colour and Nature Integration: There is a growing preference for darker, more natural tones in bathroom designs. Dark greens and blues are becoming popular for their calming and natural effects, moving away from the traditional all-white bathrooms.

These colours are being complemented by the addition of bathroom plants, which improve air quality and add natural textures.

Home Spa and Wellness: The demand for home spa features is on the rise, with more homeowners looking to turn their bathrooms into a sanctuary for relaxation. This includes installing larger showers, whirlpool baths, and other luxury fixtures that allow for a spa-like experience at home.

Smart Technology: The integration of smart technology into bathroom designs is becoming more prevalent. Smart showers that allow for temperature and flow control via smartphones are gaining popularity, not just for their convenience but also for their potential to save water and energy.

Design Aesthetics and Features: There’s a shift towards more diverse and expressive design elements in bathrooms. This includes using statement tiles, fluted features, and elegant freestanding baths to create a unique and personalised space.

The use of mixed metals for fixtures and a movement towards built-in showers rather than traditional enclosures are also part of this trend.

Minimalism and Functionality: Despite the emergence of bold designs, minimalism remains a strong trend, focusing on simplicity and sleek lines. However, this doesn’t equate to plain designs; minimalism in 2024 is about combining functionality with a touch of luxury, using materials like brushed brass or gold.

These trends reflect a broader move towards creating more personalised, comfortable, and sustainable living spaces, with bathrooms becoming a central focus for relaxation and wellness in the home. As these trends continue to evolve, they offer a wealth of opportunities for businesses and designers in the Bathroom and Shower market to innovate and cater to changing consumer demands.

Sonas predicts the following trends for 2024

Sonas Bathrooms are excited to reveal the five most anticipated bathroom trends for 2024.
With a focus on functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, these trends are set to redefine the way customers perceive and experience bathrooms, which are increasingly heralded as their private sanctuaries.

Push on Pastels
Pastel pink is a colour that brings a touch of warmth and glamour to a room. Pale blues are also popular, bringing light and airiness, particularly well-suited for smaller spaces. With calm blue seen as a real colour for wellness, check out the Sonas furniture range in Morning Sky Blue.

Sonas is one of the first companies in Ireland to introduce new coloured wetroom panels to complement their furniture collection. The Aspect Scandinavian Wetroom Panels work beautifully with the Scandinavian-inspired bathroom vanity units and the Skål Countertop Basins. These can be complemented by a custom colour freestanding bath of your choice or with coloured bath panels.

With colour-matching wall profiles, this gives consumers and designers the opportunity to create a more harmonious and cohesive colour palette in their bathrooms. Available in nine colours from the Scandinavian Collection.

Quiet Luxury
Quiet luxury continues to be a huge trend and this timeless aesthetic will be very relevant for 2024. When applying quiet luxury aesthetic to their bathroom space, your customer could think about understated simplicity and adding texture in their choice of products. The new range of Mirage Wetroom Panels from Sonas features new glass options, including fluted glass for a delicate and textured sensation, and a sophisticated smoked glass bringing a little everyday luxury to their showering experience.

Sustainable Solutions
Environmental consciousness is a key driver in 2024 bathroom trends. This is where Sonas shines, with a wide range of water-saving products which are independently certified as the top-rated Green Band by the Unified Water Label, an industry standard that helps customers identify water efficient products.

Biophilic Design
Biophilic design continues to be a strong influence in bathrooms. This approach is about designing spaces with our intrinsic love of nature in mind. In the context of bathrooms, the calming presence of plants, the warmth of natural light, and the use of earthy materials and colours, are all examples of biophilic design brought to life.

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A symphony of styles: Discover Davenport, Soho, Clarity, and Kolour Collection from the new Niko Bathrooms Collection

Niko Bathrooms proudly presents its much-anticipated 2024 Collection, an ensemble of bathroom furniture that redefines luxury and functionality. Step into a realm where traditional charm meets contemporary allure, where meticulous craftsmanship meets modern innovation. The spotlight of this new collection is undeniably on the unique and exquisite furniture ranges, each boasting distinctive features that set them apart within the realm of bathroom design.

Davenport: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary
Davenport boasts double oak-lined storage compartments concealed behind intricately carved doors featuring soft-close hinges for modern convenience. With a generous width of 800mm, the Davenport offers ample space to stow away all your bathroom essentials. Choose between polished nickel or brushed brass handles. Opt for a Marmo Romeo marble effect or plain Glacier White worktop to customise the look. The waterproof Goblin Green or timeless Cream finishes add a dash of personality to bathrooms of all sizes, making the Davenport a true showstopper.

Soho: A Fusion of Nature and Modernity
Introducing Soho – a collection that cleverly utilises textured, deeply fluted door fronts to create a captivating focal point in your bathroom. Available in Natural Oak and Natural Beige, the handleless design in fluted wood grain adds a wow factor.

With Blum Technology boxes, soft-close doors and drawers, and a sculpted ceramic basin, Soho epitomises cabinet quality and durability.

Clarity: Timeless Shaker
Styling with a Modern Twist For those appreciating true shaker styling, Clarity is the epitome of perfection. With perfectly proportioned door fronts, tongue-and-groove side panels, and three classic super matt colours, Clarity brings a touch of tradition with a hint of modernity.

Create a relaxing oasis with the on-trend Super Matt Boston Green furniture, adding a modern touch while maintaining softness in your interiors. The deep, calming Henley Blue is a timeless classic with a strikingly contemporary twist, providing versatility in toning or contrasting handles. For a timeless choice, the shaker-style cabinets in Satin White seamlessly work in modern and traditional bathrooms, allowing you to express your unique style.

Kolour: Let Vibrant Colours Speak Volumes
In the Kolour collection, Niko Bathrooms lets colour take the lead. Create a contemporary haven with Soft Black a deep, non-reflective matte finish pairing effortlessly with matching handles and accessories.

Transport your bathroom to warmer climes with the distinctive Tuscan Red, adding a touch of warmth that complements natural accessories and elevates the overall aesthetic.

Whether your customers find inspiration in Davenport’s traditional charm, Soho’s modern wow factor, the timeless appeal of Clarity, or the bold statements of Kolour, the new collections are more than furniture – these new collections are just a conversation away. Contact your Area Sales Manager today and Get Inspired!

Niko Bathrooms, Get Inspired.
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Trusted bathroom distributors R.T. Large announces exclusive distribution partnership in Ireland with Tavistock Bathrooms

About R.T. Large
R.T. Large is a leading and trusted wholesale and distribution company for the plumbing and bathroom sector in Ireland. Its key branches in Dublin and Dungannon ensure efficient distribution and access to products. With over 50 years’ experience and a trusted reputation, the R.T. Large team carefully source and provide a robust portfolio of high-quality products in line with the latest bathroom design trends. R.T. Large is a trusted partner with a house of well-known brands including Tavistock Bathrooms, having recently announced an exclusive distribution partnership in Ireland with the bathroom specialist.

R.T. Large Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership in Ireland with Tavistock Bathrooms
This agreement identifies R.T. Large as the exclusive supplier of Tavistock products in Ireland, offering Irish retailers and consumers improved service and choice.

This partnership marks a significant expansion for bathroom specialist Tavistock into the Irish market. With a well-rounded product provision, that includes bathroom furniture, fitted bathrooms, sanitaryware, brassware cabinets and mirrors, Tavistock is positioned to make a substantial impact on the Irish bathroom retail landscape. With over five decades of experience and a deep understanding of the Irish market, R.T. Large is the ideal partner for the bathroom brand.

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Wavin Push-Fit Hep2O in Metric and Imperial brings security and flexibility

The only push fit system with Wavin In4sure joint recognition, secure demounting and a 50 year guarantee.

The Wavin Hep2O Push Fit system is suitable for most domestic and commercial plumbing and heating applications. It is packed with unique features that make push-fit plumbing easier quicker and more secure for installers. It is the only push-fit system with In4Sure joint recognition, secure demounting and a 50-year guarantee.

The system is available in metric (15, 22 & 28mm) and imperial (1/2”, ¾” & 1”) sizes and is designed to provide the highest possible flow rates. The metric and imperial systems are colour coded for ease of identification. The fittings are also distinguishable by their internal sleeve collar colours, metric in white and imperial in grey. Both the metric and imperial systems have the same ‘lay flat’ pipe technology. The pipe is supplied in straight lengths and coils.

Flexible, Compatible and Secure
For installers, the extreme flexibility of the Wavin Hep2O pipe means it is the ideal solution for cabling through joists, underneath floors in new construction, renovation, system extensions and situations where space is restricted. The compatibility of Hep2O fittings with copper ensures a simple, fast and reliable method of jointing to traditional materials on site. It provides a secure fitting every time with the Wavin’s In4Sure security feature, which tells the installer when the pipe is in – feel the rumble. One of the unique advantages of Hep2O is that it can be easily demounted and adjusted by the installer with the HepKey, but once fitted the joint is safe and secure and cannot be tampered with or accidentally demounted.

A unique characteristic of Wavin Push-fit Hep2O pipe coil is its remarkable ability to remain straight once uncoiled. This unique characteristic is a result of the material used which is Polybutylene (PB). PB has very different properties to some material used in other products on the market which can retain a tendency to spring back into a coil. Due to its inherent tendencies, Wavin Push-fit Hep2O pipe is therefore much easier to work with, particularly on long runs and when cabling through joists or floors. With its superior flexibility and long length coils, less fittings are required, which can make for quicker installations.

At forefront of push-fit technology.
For the last 40 years Wavin Push-fit Hep2O has been at the forefront of push-fit plumbing technology. The industry-leading products are engineered with unique performance and installation innovations.
Wavin Push-fit Hep2O meets the requirements of Class S of BS 7291, parts 1 and 2 and is manufactured within a Quality Management System which satisfies EN ISO 9002. It is also approved by WRAS – deemed safe for use in the supply of drinking water.

The range is also supported by a BIM revit package for accurate system design – available to download from the Wavin website.
For more details speak to your Wavin representative or visit the website. Hep2O is available to order via the merchant shop

Meet the newest member of the Pipelife Family!

Introducing the new Qual-Press ML Pro Aluminium Pipe & Fitting System

Pipelife own their manufacturing process from start to finish, so every coil of their new Qual-Press Pro ML pipe that they produce is guaranteed from concept to delivery. All of their pipe is manufactured under the ISO9001;2015 Quality Management System and their quality assurance team stringently test all their pipe at every stage of production.

Pipelife are delighted to announce the newest member to the Pipelife Family with the addition of their Qual-Press ML Pro Pipe in sizes ranging from 16mm x 2mm, 20mm x 2mm, 26mm x 3mm and 32mm x 3mm. Available in plain white & red and blue insulated coils in 25M, 50M, 100M & 500M coils. Pipelife are always proud to stand over all the products that they manufacture and that is why they are happy to offer a market leading 50 Year Guarantee on their new Qual-Press ML Pipe.

With full BS7291-Class S and is certified by DVGW (German National Certification Body) to EN ISO 21003 and has WRAS and KIWA approvals for potable water applications ensuring that specifiers & installers can have full confidence in the quality and reliability of this range.

Pipelife`s Qual-Press Pro ML Pipes are ideally suited for underfloor heating systems. They are made of a layer of aluminium sandwiched between two layers of Pert. The metal layer serves as an oxygen barrier, stopping the oxygen diffusion through the polymer matrix, so it cannot dissolve into the water in the tube and corrode the metal components of the system.

It also bends better because the shape memory of the Pert is offset by the aluminium.

The Qual-Press ML Pro Pipe is a universal pipe that can be used with any suitably approved/certified* Press fitting. The advantages of Qual-Press ML Pro pipe compared to metallic pipes are as follows:

  • Frost resistance. In case of frost, multilayer pipes, thanks to their flexibility, will simply expand. This advantage avoids the break risk of metallic pipes.
  • Low thermal conductivity. The low thermal conductivity of multilayer pipes produces energy savings as heat losses are reduced.
  • Lightness. Multilayer pipes are lighter than metallic pipes. So, handling and transport are much easier.
  • Flexibility. The flexibility of multilayer pipes saves time in the installation process.
  • Noise reduction. Metallic pipes can be noisy at water speeds exceeding 1m/second. To the contrary, multilayer pipes do not make noise at lower speeds than 2.5m/second.
  • Corrosion resistance. Multilayer pipes bear a great number of chemical agents (acids, bases, etc.) and are resistant to any type of corrosion.
  • Long lifetime. Multilayer pipes lifetime is longer than the lifetime of metallic pipes. The lifetime of multilayer pipes can reach 50 years, even at high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Suitable for drinking water. Multilayer pipes keep organoleptic properties of the water and its use is allowed by European Union authorities.

Your one stop shop
At Pipelife they believe in providing their customers with a one-stop-shop for complete package solutions; from market-leading products, free initial advice, through to bespoke design, installation, final commissioning and technical support, allowing your customer to purchase with confidence.

Pipelife strive to bring new and interesting developments to the market, and are always open to new ideas, innovations or suggestions, in an effort to keep Ireland supplied with top quality products.

For more information and to talk to their team call them on 021 488 4700 or e-mail them at

The next generation of Electric Showering: Triton unveils first design of its kind

Triton Showers Ireland, leaders in sustainability and energy-efficient electric showering, has announced the launch of the ENVi® electric shower.

A stylish, streamlined showering solution, the ENVi® electric shower not only looks great but encourages users to think about their water and energy usage and habits. The first shower of its kind, this sleek electric unit offers personalised profiles and provides settings to encourage sustainable showering habits. Users can adjust their own specific water and energy unit costs, empowering them to track cost-per-shower and make habitual changes to reduce usage.

Features include a shower timer function as well as a cost display which provides an estimation of how much each shower has cost and how much water was used. The control panel also includes an eco-mode, enabling users to reduce shower time by a minute at the touch of a button.

Triton is also taking responsibility for its carbon emissions and has calculated the carbon-footprint of the full lifecycle of the ENVi® shower and, with the help of an independent partner*, is investing in climate projects to fully compensate for these emissions.

The ENVi® accommodates up to six unique user profiles meaning everyone in your customers’ household can set up their preferred shower experience. In addition, thermostatic functionality guarantees superior temperature stability, especially important for those living in a multi-generational home.

Perfect for smaller bathrooms or simply for a more streamlined look, the electric shower unit can be located up to 3m away from the control panel, meaning it can be installed in surrounding attic space or an airing cupboard, depending on preference and household layout. This creates a minimalist finish within the showering space, making for a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Choose from three on-trend finishes – black, copper and silver – complemented by a sleek control panel. Featuring an easy-to-read, full colour digital display, users can easily remotely adjust water temperature, set a timer and monitor water and energy usage.

The ENVi® also offers four showerhead configurations including: DuElec which lets your customer seamlessly switch between handheld and rainfall; ceiling fed, perfect if the Tri-Hub is located in the attic; fixed head ceiling fed which allows for an adjustable angle rainfall head in your customers favourite finish; and inline wall fed, a detachable handheld which is ideal for when the Tri-Hub is installed in the hot press.

Find out more about the new Triton ENVi® electric shower innovation, at

*Triton has calculated the carbon footprint of the full lifecycle of the ENVi® shower from manufacture, upstream and downstream transport and distribution, consumer use over a five-year period, and disposal. This work has been verified and accredited by ClimatePartner, an independent partner.

Quick Step Alpha Vinyl – The ideal flooring choice for bathrooms

Quick Step Alpha Vinyl is the ideal choice of flooring for bathrooms, as well as kitchens and hallways. With all components 100% waterproof, there is no need to worry about raised edges or swollen planks – making dream visions a reality.

The water-repellent technology combined with advanced watertight click system ensures a fully waterproof floor. This is why Alpha Vinyl is easy to clean and also entirely suited to areas exposed to moisture. Thanks to the waterproof Hydroseal technology and the advanced click system, Alpha Vinyl floors will maintain their great look for many years to come.

In summer 2023, Quick-Step further enhanced the Alpha Vinyl range of premium floors by adding innovations and new collections, bringing more realism, easier installation and even better soundproofing and comfort. Alpha Vinyl proves that in the world of Quick-Step, beauty and practicality go hand in hand.

‘Ciro’ is the Alpha Vinyl answer to herringbone flooring. The collection features a brand-new way to install vinyl herringbone floors with the innovative Unizip click profile. Unlike some systems that require two different planks, Unizip means that Ciro needs just one, allowing for a much simpler and faster installation. This revolutionary system also minimises installation waste, as it’s much easier to know how many planks are required. And of course, it means ordering an Alpha Vinyl Ciro herringbone floor is just as simple as any regular plank or tile.

The Alpha Vinyl ‘Bloom’ collection features an innovative surface structure that redefines authentic vinyl flooring. Whereas most vinyl floors have three or four depths of texture, selected designs in Alpha Vinyl Bloom now feature up to 75 depths. This means a floor that tracks the depth of every detail – the knots of the floor are particularly impressive – and a design that’s more realistic. All Alpha Vinyl collections share Quick-Step’s integrated underlay that makes the floor even easier to install, more comfortable and much quieter. The underlay is precision made to fit seamlessly, so that there’s no concerns about gaps underneath and uses high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability. Combined with Quick-Step’s innovative waterproof technology, it’s easy to see why Alpha Vinyl leads the way in innovation in vinyl flooring.

Available in straight lay planks, herringbone and tile designs the Alpha Vinyl range offers a captivating blend of Belgium made floors that elevate homes with Quick-Step design excellence and product quality.
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