Plumbing & Heating Trends

Builders Merchant News in the UK,, outlines a recent industry report by Delta-EE that suggests home energy management will grow by about 30% annually over the next five years, as homeowners seek lower bills. The moment large energy suppliers start offering lower tariffs for more efficient homes, it is likely to affect sales.

The publication also says that Push-fit fittings have an increasingly important role to play in solving a growing problem for the plumbing and heating industry – a shortage of skills.

Research by the Skills Training Group in the UK shows an alarming decline in the number of people entering the industry in recent years.

While the industry is working hard to attract new talent and apprentices, they say there’s also a need for faster, simpler and more efficient technologies. Helping compensate for the lack of expertise, push-fit ticks all of these boxes, so expect it to gain even more traction.

Some wider industry news and trends include –

Energy Efficiency: Consumers in Ireland & the UK have also shown increasing interest in energy-efficient plumbing and heating solutions. With a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability and cost-saving measures, consumers are seeking products that are more energy-efficient and ecofriendly, such as high-efficiency boilers, smart thermostats, and renewable energy heating systems.

Smart Home Technology: The adoption of smart home technology has extended to plumbing and heating systems. Consumers are embracing smart thermostats, leak detection systems, and remote-controlled heating systems, which offer greater convenience, energy savings, and control over their home environments.

Renewable Energy Sources: As part of the broader sustainability movement, there is a rising interest in renewable energy-based heating solutions. Solar water heaters, ground-source heat pumps, and biomass boilers have gained traction among environmentally conscious consumers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Water Conservation: With increasing awareness of water scarcity issues, consumers are looking for plumbing fixtures and systems that promote water conservation. Low-flow toilets, water-saving taps, and rainwater harvesting systems are gaining popularity as consumers seek to minimise water wastage.

Health and Hygiene: Consumers are more conscious of the cleanliness of their water supply and are investing in water purifiers, water softeners, and filtration systems to ensure the safety and quality of their drinking water.

Online Shopping: Like many industries, the Plumbing & Heating sector has seen a surge in online shopping. Consumers are increasingly researching and purchasing plumbing and heating products through e-Commerce platforms due to the convenience, a wide range of options, and competitive prices.

These trends are likely to continue evolving in Ireland & the UK as consumer preferences, technological advancements, and regulatory changes continue to shape the Plumbing & Heating industry.

Grant leading the way with its efficient & effective professional heating design service

Dedicated to providing comprehensive calculations which enable the correct specification of sustainable heating technologies and relevant supporting products, Grant is leading the way with its free-of-charge professional heating design service.

To ensure a fully integrated heating system, Grant offers those working on new build or retrofit properties a free of charge heating design service. This service involves full room by room heat loss calculations, in line with SR:50 guidelines, on assessment of new build or retrofit house plans. This is followed by the specification of the main heat source best suited for the property and identification of appropriate supporting technologies including hot water storage and heat emitters. This heating design service ensures that each property’s heating solution is bespoke, bringing it into a new class of efficiency.

Commenting on the continued success of the Grant heating design service, Barry Gorman, National Renewables Sales Manager at Grant said, “We have been offering our heating design service to professionals within the heating industry for several years now and are delighted to see so many availing of the service throughout Ireland. As a company, it is a priority for us to ensure that our heating technologies can be specified and installed with minimal effort for the heating engineer. This is why we offer the services that we do, whether it be the free of charge heating design service or indeed our range of product awareness and installation training courses.”

Specifically, when a heat pump like the Grant Aerona³ R32 air to water air source heat pump is chosen as the main heat source, then full heat loss calculations in line with SR:50 requirements are recommended. These calculations are included as standard by the technical specialists at Grant as part of the heating design service.

In addition to providing the heat load requirement for each room, which helps to calculate the output of the air to water air source heat pump, the Grant team also correctly sizes and specifies complementary technologies for each individual build. This includes supporting technologies like the Grant Integrated Unit, hot water cylinder range and heat emitters for each room in the home whether that be radiators, and / or underfloor heating.

Avail of Grant’s free of charge heating design service in two easy steps:

  1. Send planning drawings, contact information and your preferred choice of heating emitters (rads, underfloor or both) to
  2. A member of the Grant team will be in touch with you to discuss requirements.

Following submission of the information required, heat loss calculations will be carried out by the Grant technical team. Once complete, you will then receive full property specifications with recommended products all available from Grant. Think Heating.

Think Grant.
Visit for more information on Grant’s range of innovative heating solutions. Follow Grant on Facebook and Twitter @GrantIRL or Instagram @Grant_IRL

UEL now distributing Flamco Expansion Vessels

Uppercross are delighted to announce that they are now distributing the comprehensive range of Flamco diaphragm expansion vessels available to customers nationwide.

Flamco HFC (Hydronic Flow Control) – Part of the Aalberts group produces a comprehensive range of diaphragm expansion vessels, equipped with innovative technology and both the steel vessel and the diaphragm are manufactured to the highest quality and are factory tested. They are compliant with all prevailing European standards and carry the CE mark of conformity. This wide range of expansion vessels is suitable for both potable, chilled and heated water systems in sizes ranging from 2 litres up to 8,000 litres.

Flamco Expansion Vessels offer a range of features and benefits that make them the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. One key feature is that Flamco vessels are renowned for their high-quality construction. They are built to last, with durable materials that can withstand the pressures and demands of modern plumbing and heating systems.

Performance is another key feature, so all Flamco Expansion Vessels are designed to provide a reliable and consistent performance, ensuring that your customer’s plumbing and heating systems operate efficiently and effectively. With a focus on efficiency these vessels operate with minimal energy consumption, helping to reduce your customers energy bills and minimise their carbon footprint, making them the perfect choice for customers who prioritise environmental sustainability.

The installers choice:

The fixed bag-type diaphragm is a key feature recognised by installers, mainly due to its ability to prevent water coming into contact with the bare steel of the vessel.

Niall Fitzgerald, UEL Sales Director says ‘The versatility of the range is impressive, with a vast range of sizes and capacities available to suit all types of applications. With options for both heating and potable water systems available across the Baseflex, Contra-flex, Flowfix and Airfix P range of vessels, for use in domestic and commercial applications – it’s the complete solution”.

“Here at Uppercross we pride ourselves on partnering with brands that are the best in their category and also align with our company values, so we are delighted to include Flamco Expansion Vessels to our product portfolio”.

For further enquiries contact or 01-400 0000 or your UEL area sales manager.

Increase in demand for black products since 2020

In recent years, Sonas has noted a shift towards embracing colour in bathroom design, moving away from the traditional white fixtures. Among the various colours that have gained significant popularity, black has emerged as a dominant and enduring choice within interior design due to its simplicity, timeless appeal, and elegance.

Reflecting the growing demand for black products, Sonas has seen an increase in demand of over 100% since 2020 across various product categories, including shower enclosures, brassware, accessories, and even sanitaryware.

Anne-Marie Craig, Sonas Nationwide Showroom Designer, shares herhabita thoughts on incorporating black in bathroom design: “I love working with black and creating monochrome spaces in my designs. It’s a simple yet incredibly effective choice. Some people worry that the absence of colour might make the space feel cold or clinical, but in reality, it creates a restful and tranquil atmosphere.”

In the latest addition to the ever-popular Scandinavian collection exclusive to Sonas, black takes centre stage. Its versatile tone allows for endless possibilities when reimagining and designing the perfect bathroom. This strong and independent colour can be seamlessly mixed with various fixtures in different finishes, including chrome, brushed gold, and brushed nickel. Sonas say that with the right lighting and accent colours, incorporating black elements in your customer`s bathroom can instantly transform their space into an elegant design that feels modern, sleek, and clean.

Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

Sonas Bathrooms are also proud to announce their partnership with Habitat for Humanity Ireland by supporting the charity’s social enterprise Habitat ReStore. Based on the value of products that will be donated, Sonas becomes the most significant corporate partner of Habitat. Habitat ReStore directly tackles poverty in Ireland by helping families access low-cost home improvement materials, providing training and employability support and diverting thousands of tons of material from landfill protecting the planet.

SONAS Bathrooms

Jenny Williams, Chief Executive, Habitat for Humanity Ireland said “We are thrilled to announce this formal partnership with Sonas, which is our most significant all Ireland partnership and will make a real impact on the people we support. Since 2012, Habitat ReStore has opened four stores across Northern Ireland and launched in Drogheda in 2022, with plans to expand throughout Ireland. Our stores sell donated building supplies and home improvement materials at low prices, enabling local people to improve their homes, while also raising vital funds worldwide.”

For more information see

Make the quality connection with Qual-Pex Plus+ “Easy-Lay” Pipe

Drawing on 50 years of manufacturing experience from their production plant in Cork, Pipelife has been to the forefront in developing innovative products. Being a leader through continuous innovation and providing solutions that address the challenges that plumbing professionals face every day is who they are. Whether your customer is repairing a water pipe, installing an underfloor heating system, upgrading their heating or plumbing a system on a new house, Pipelife Ireland provides proven solutions that save them time, reduce costs, and have the versatility to overcome the most difficult situations.

Long-lasting, safe and reliable products have always been the hallmark of the Pipelife name.

Pipelife is one of Europe’s leading producers of plastic pipe systems. Pipelife has grown to become a key supplier of innovative products in the plumbing, water distribution, gas distribution and renewable energy industrial sectors.

On every product they make, you’ll find the Pipelife monogram proudly stamped, as a mark of trusted authenticity and quality. And behind this mark is the most rigorous design, engineering and testing process that’s helped build their trusted reputation for over 50 years. For complete quality control, they engineer everything in-house at Pipelife, including their own moulds, tools and machinery.

Reasons to use the New Qual-Pex Plus+ “Easy-Lay” Pipe

Pipelife’s new Qual-Pex Plus+ “Easy-Lay” Pipe is more than meets the eye. It’s been specially designed for the installer. It’s an amazingly flexible, incredibly efficient & versatile system.

Ultra Flexible

The new Qual-Pex Plus+ “Easy-Lay” Pipe is noticeably more flexible than other pipes. It’s quick and easy to uncoil and the flexible material allows you to manoeuvre the pipe with complete ease. Increased flexibility delivers added value. Now easier and quicker to install using less materials and less labour. Your customer will save every time.

Manufactured in Ireland Qual-Pex Plus+

“Easy-Lay” is 100% Irish made and is manufactured to the most stringent standards allowing your customer to install with confidence. Plus, with every purchase of Qual-Pex Plus+ Easy-Lay Pipe your customer is supporting Irish Jobs!

Quality Choice

Your customer is choosing a quality product manufactured by a trusted leader of plumbing & heating pipe in Ireland. With almost 50 years’ experience this means that their next phase of plumbing success starts here!


Qual-Pex Plus+ “Easy-Lay” Pipe is designed to complement Pipelifes existing ranges of Qual-PEX Easy-Crimp and Tectite fittings. The pipe is also recommended for use with standard brass compression fittings, and manifolds, as well as with some specific press and push-fit fittings. Available in Tan in lengths and coils, in imperial sizes of ½” (14.7mm), ¾” (21.0mm), and 1” (27.4mm), and in white in metric sizes of 16mm, 20mm, 26mm & 32mm.‘Qual-PEX Plus+ Easy-Lay’ will be provided in ‘Pipe-in-Pipe’ ‘Eco-Pex’ & Eco-DUO’ formats.

Put to the Test

To ensure performance at the very highest standards Pipelife have a state-of-the-art test lab. Here they batch check the quality of all their products. Pressure, thermal, endurance and impact testing are carried out, along with a full range of approvals to gain relevant accreditation.


For more information visit their website or contact their sales department on 021 4884700 / 021 4510600 or e-mail them at