Roofing Industry focused on sustainable and energy-efficient solutions

The roofing industry in both Ireland and the UK has been increasingly focused on sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. There has been a growing demand for eco-friendly roofing materials and systems that help reduce energy consumption and promote environmental sustainability. This includes the use of solar panels and improved insulation materials.

Homeowners and businesses in particular are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly options such as solar panels and energy-efficient insulation. This trend is driven by a growing awareness of climate change and a desire to reduce energy consumption.

The roofing industry has been embracing digitalisation and technology to improve efficiency and streamline operations. Internationally the use of drones for roof inspections, advanced roofing software for project management and digital tools for estimating and planning have become more prevalent. These technologies help enhance accuracy, productivity and customer satisfaction.

With the global increase in occurrences of extreme weather events, there has been a greater emphasis on resilient roofing systems. Roofing materials and designs that can withstand high winds, heavy rain, and other severe weather conditions have gained popularity. The focus is on improving durability, waterproofing and resistance to impact and damage.

Energy efficiency has become a significant concern for homeowners and businesses. There is a growing demand for roofing materials and insulation that can help reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency. This trend is driven by both environmental consciousness and the desire to lower energy costs.

There has been a continuous focus on product innovation and the development of new roofing materials. Manufacturers have been investing in research and development to enhance the durability, performance, and aesthetics of roofing products. This includes the introduction of new composite materials, lightweight options, and improved coatings for better weather resistance and longevity.

Safety regulations and standards have become increasingly stringent in the roofing industry. There has been a greater emphasis on worker safety, training, and compliance with safety guidelines. This includes measures to minimise risks related to working at heights, proper installation practices, and ensuring the use of appropriate safety equipment.

PVC FABRICATIONS manufacture a large range of flat roof rainwater outlets & air vents in Cork

Flat roofs are very durable, and when installed properly, can withstand adverse weather conditions like heavy snowfall and high winds.

Their lifespan can last decades, even up to fifty years! According to PVC Fabrications, with an increasing number of flat roofs being utilised in domestic and commercial roofing, it really does pay to have access to their vast range of flat roof drainage and ventilation solutions.

Their range can be used with all Membranes, Felts, Asphalt and Epoxy roof coverings. The standard range of rainwater outlets and air vents covers all contingencies. The bespoke solutions are made from the highest quality materials & are designed and built to your customers specifications.

PVC Fabrications flat roof range uses extra heavy duty pipe flanges, they are the key to a system that is compatible with such a wide range of roof finishes. Their rainwater outlets and air vents are manufactured to order, with sizes ranging between 20mm & 600mm. Lead times are rapid. No matter what challenge you face, be it awkward angles or off standard pipe sizing, PVC Fabrications have the solution for your customers‘ needs.

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The Complete Roofline, Rainwater, Window, and Cladding System for your home

Pipelife is one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers and providers of plastic piping systems. Specialising in the extrusion of polyethylene (PE) pipes, Pipelife offers industry leading products for the heating & plumbing, water pressure, electricity, cable ducting, gas and agricultural sectors. The acquisition of Cork Plastics in 2021 has allowed Pipelife to extend their product portfolio and market presence. The Cork Plastic’s product ranges were very complementary to Pipelife Ireland’s existing product ranges, with the additional advantage of providing a very solid sales presence in external cladding, Rainwater and Roofline systems for the building industry in Ireland, the UK and Mainland Europe.

Pipelife, is also a name synonymous with high quality PVC-U roofline products for new build and home improvement projects, with its wide range of rainwater systems. The Pipelife reputation for technical excellence, competitively priced and quality finished products have established the company as a leading supplier of PVC-U plastic building products.

Their range of Fascia Boards are used in both new build work, total replacement, or refurbishment by covering existing timber. Their PVC-UE Cladding Systems are suitable for external use on buildings as a decorative and protective facing, fixed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally over both brick, block,
masonry and timber framed walling.

They offer a comprehensive range of products including uPVC fascia, soffit, window boards, external cladding, and gutter systems. Their products add style and definition to domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, and are available in a wide variety of profiles and colours to suit any construction project.

Pipelifes range of rainwater systems – Xtraflo, Niagara, Hi-Cap, Half Round, Square and MiniFlo offer a wide choice of profile design, both traditional and modern, in a range of colours to suit all tastes and applications.

  • Hi-Cap, a semi-elliptical profile with a high capacity suitable for large roof areas.
  • Niagara Ogee, a traditional ogee style profile – probably the highest capacity domestic PVC-U Rainwater System on the market.
  • XtraFlo, a 170mm semi-elliptical System, for large Commercial/Industrial buildings, which links to a 110mm downpipe system.

A comprehensive selection of co-extruded cellular foam and rigid PVC-UE building profiles completes the Pipelife range of Roofline products.

With an initial capital investment of €30m now underway to expand and upgrade their existing production facility in Little Island, Cork, this will result in them having one of the most modern facilities within the Pipelife Group. By 2026 there will be 35 state-of-the-art extrusion lines incorporating the latest automation technologies, with a planned output approaching 45,000 tonnes per annum.

This significant investment in new equipment, personnel, and services is without parallel in our sector in the country and will position their Irish operations as a world-class manufacturing facility for many years to come. The investment also shows Pipelife’s long-term commitment to the Irish market and the scale, modernity, and product portfolio will make Pipelife very attractive as a supply chain partner for the major merchant groups, builders, and installers in the country.

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The ultimate roof repair coating

Easy to apply on dry or wet surfaces
Waterstop liquid from Bostik is the effective, smart solution for sealing and protecting your property from moisture, damp and wetness from roof to basement.

Waterstop Liquid is formulated using MS polymer advanced technology which prevents the movement of moisture through porous, cracked or degraded backgrounds.

Waterstop Liquid is the ultimate roof repair coating.
Problem areas on the roof can often occur near chimneys and roof windows. These problem areas can be easily protected with Waterstop Liquid.

With Waterstop Liquid cracks of up to 10mm can be covered and sealed. After drying it is waterproof and
remains flexible.

Waterstop Liquid offers high performance sealing with almost endless fields of application. With its advanced technology it can be applied on dry or wet surfaces.

Waterstop Liquid is the ultimate flat roof repair coating.
Problem areas on flat roofs can be repaired and eliminated quickly and efficiently thanks to Waterstop Liquid. A dripping, leaking gutter? Another job for Waterstop Liquid. Coat the damaged area generously. Waterstop Liquid is immediately rainproof. And your leak is sealed!

Waterstop Liquid is universal and can be used on all common building backgrounds. When building a house, the sealing of the base exterior wall is easy with Waterstop Liquid two working steps is all
it takes it is ready to use in temperatures from 5°C and will dry in 6 – 24 hours. Waterstop Liquid is a ‘two coat application’ and the wall is protected from water ingress. Waterstop Liquid does not need protection from the rain while drying. Waterstop Liquid is easy to apply with less effort and costs less than a bitumen coat.

Testimonial from Roofer:
‘As a roofer with over 30 years experience in the business, whether dealing with a repair, emergency call out or roof installation and no matter what the background – WaterStop Liquid from Bostik is the product that I use and trust to get the job done. Its saves on labour, time and money’ And you don’t need to be up and down the ladder all day!

Waterstop Liquid from Bostik. – The ultimate roof repair coating.

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Roof refurbishment – the clever investment

As winter bids farewell and gives way to the warmth of summer, Sika Ireland says it’s time to reflect on the impact the season has had on your customer’s homes and structures. Harsh winters can wreak havoc on rooftops, leaving them vulnerable to various types of damage. In such circumstances, refurbishing or building a new roof often emerges as a prudent investment.

It minimises the risk of more serious damage to the rest of the structure or the roof itself, and it also provides homeowners with peace of mind and long-term cost savings.

Examples of Potential Damages
Consider the scenario where a roof with a compromised membrane after a harsh winter fails to withstand the heavy rainfall of spring. Water begins seeping through the roof, causing extensive damage to the attic, insulation, and interior walls. Alternatively, the water penetrates the roof’s underlayment and causes rot and mould. In both cases, the financial damage to homeowners can be significant, not to mention the high but avoidable stress level.

Sika have quality products for all your customer’s projects. They have a wide array of high-quality roofing solutions that are suitable for various refurbishment and construction projects. From durable bitumen solutions to efficient liquid applied membranes, there are options available to match different budgets, architectural styles, and environmental needs. Encourage your customers not to wait until the damage is already done! By addressing issues promptly, homeowners can protect their investment and avoid potentially catastrophic consequences such as water damage and structural instability. Sika’s range of high-quality products are tailored to different project requirements. Therefore, refurbishing or building a new roof has become more accessible and straightforward than ever before. So, advise your customer to take advantage of the spring and summer season to secure the long-term well-being of their home by considering a roofing investment today.

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The future of Ireland’s roofing industry

Established in Ireland over fifty years ago by John Roberts, JD ROBERTS has been supplying the construction industry with the highest quality roofing slates for over two decades.

The company’s development has paralleled that of the Irish roofing industry. In reality, the roofing industry is expanding fast. As the number of new residences increases, there are also more roofs to maintain.

According to a recent report by EY*, the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) approach to building has the potential to accelerate the construction of new homes by 30% through the incorporation of innovation, reduce costs by 25%, and enhance quality and energy efficiency.

Simon MacAllister, EY Ireland Strategy and Transactions Partner, added, “The advancements in construction technologies are reshaping the future of the construction industry globally. We need to create opportunities for the industry in Ireland to bring these technologies into Irish projects. Project Ireland 2040 and the various housing initiatives require an effective construction sector, which is central to the overall development of our society and economy.”

As a result of rising material costs and a labour shortage, supply chain problems have become the norm. This dilemma will, unfortunately, persist this year. Despite the fact that suppliers and manufacturers are still catching up to meet demand, JD ROBERTS is in a secure position due to their long-term supply chain
commitments with their European partners. This ensures that builders merchants and hardware stores will have an ongoing readily available supply of roofing slates given the company’s proficient lead times from order to delivery with their suppliers. “We are collaborating with our suppliers’ R&D departments to develop a number of inventive new roofing accessories, which we hope will be available on the Irish market by 2024.

We are extremely optimistic about the state of the Irish roofing and construction industry, and we look forward to building on the success of 2022 through our clients and affiliation with Hardware
Association Ireland,” said the company’s Managing Director, Jack Roberts.

*EY report highlights critical role of innovation to ensure a productive and sustainable construction sector in Ireland | EY Ireland

Soudal Soudagum Hydro: A Versatile Waterproofing Solution

Soudal continue to drive innovation within the field of sealants, adhesives, and polyurethane based foam systems. Their priorities continue to focus on their customers and their requirements and as such sustainability is a major factor when producing their high-performance products that are providing fast and effective long-term solutions. Product performance, technical support, high service levels and excellent value are evident within all the Soudal range.

Soudal Soudagum Hydro is a one-component, solvent-free waterproofing product suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It offers excellent workability and can be applied in two layers. This low-viscosity product is ready to use, making it convenient for various applications.

Soudagum Hydro is water-vapour permeable and has good temperature resistance. It becomes rain resistant just two hours after application, providing quick protection against water damage. The product also demonstrates good crack-bridging, excellent resistance to chemicals, and strong UV and weather resistance.

With its versatility, Soudagum Hydro finds applications in various waterproofing needs. It can be used for waterproofing skylights, cracks in roofs and walls, indoor and outdoor joints and more. It can also serve as a waterproof layer under concrete roofs and wooden terraces. Additionally, it is suitable for repairing metal and plastic roof gutters, as well as renovating rooftops, roof edges, and chimney flashings.

Soudagum Hydro adheres well to different substrates such as concrete, glass, ceramics, tiles, and metals including aluminium, steel, zinc, and copper. Prior to application, surfaces should be firm, loadbearing, and free of dust and grease. While it can be used without a primer on moist substrates, it should not be
applied in the presence of stagnant water.

In conclusion, Soudal Soudagum Hydro is a versatile and reliable waterproofing solution. With its easy application, water-vapor permeability, and resistance to various environmental factors, it provides effective protection for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Whether it’s waterproofing, repairing, or renovating, Soudagum Hydro is a convenient choice for ensuring long-lasting and durable
waterproofing results.

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