Success keeps flowing for Pipelife Ireland

Innovation and acquisition are driving developments at Pipelife, one of the country’s biggest, most comprehensive providers of plastic piping systems. A proud Irish manufacturer too, committed to customer confidence in products designed to last and last and last.

“You may think you already know Pipelife, but you’d be amazed at the complete picture of what we can offer,” Padjoe Barry, National Sales Manager tells current and potential customers. The piping systems supplier is far greater than the sum of its many plastic parts.

Pipelife is one of Ireland’s top manufacturers and providers of plastic piping systems. Specialising in the extrusion of durable polyethylene (PE) pipes, the company offers industry-leading products for the heating and plumbing, water pressure, electricity, cable ducting, gas and agricultural sectors.

The business has been manufacturing for over 50 years at their production plant in Cork, growing steadily through the decades. Not even Covid could slow them down.

The acquisition of Cork Plastics has allowed Pipelife to extend their product portfolio and market presence still further. Pipelife can now draw on the joint experience of two major players in this industry.

“Cork Plastics was a natural fit,” Padjoe comments. “Their product ranges are very complementary to our existing line-up. They also bring the additional advantages of providing a very solid sales presence in underground sewage, above-ground soil products, rainwater and roofline.”

Combined, this has given Pipelife extra momentum, and the company feels well-placed for the future.

Investing in Innovation
But then Pipelife has always been an innovator, according to Padjoe. “From the start, we have been at the forefront in developing innovative products for the building sector. It’s made us an industry leader for many years and is still our primary objective.”

“Today we recognise that modern systems require fully designed specifications that our customers can have confidence in.”

“The industries we serve are setting higher standards to meet more exacting customer demands and also match changing regulatory, environmental and sustainability requirements. Also the need for greater efficiency and performance.”

“It’s a time of rapid change, not just in heating and cooling and we want to be ahead of the curve.”

So Pipelife is investing heavily in its in-house design services; particularly, but by no means exclusively, in the heating sector. “We will provide custom-designed systems to the building industry, with full-design indemnity insurance and full-life after-sales support services.”
This service component is vital. Just as important as top-quality products.

Quality below ground…
“Pipelife’s motto has always been, ‘our reputation, your peace of mind,’ and this goal remains the cornerstone of everything we do,” Padjoe says. Be it range, performance or customer care.

The company is probably best known for its robust, certified, below-ground drainage solutions, which cover sewer applications.

The systems include pipework, fittings, access junctions and larger inspection chambers. The Pipelife Universal Access Junction is quickly becoming a product of choice in the trade and amongst contractors due to its ease of installation and reliability.

“Simply install it and walk away. Homeowners particularly value the way this design prevents blockages.”

“But most importantly, all of our underground sewer products meet the requirements of both the Irish Building Regulations and Irish Water’s Code of Practice and all products are independently certified.”

Rainwater and roofline products

…and above!
Pipelife is also synonymous with high-quality PVC-U roofline products for new-build and home improvement projects. The range of rainwater systems is comprehensive. Xtraflo, Niagara, Hi-Cap, Half Round, Square and MiniFlo offer a wide choice of profi e designs, both traditional and modern, in
multiple colours to suit all tastes and applications.

Once again, the Pipelife reputation for technical excellence, competitively priced and quality-finished products have made this company a leading supplier of PVC-U plastic building products.

Also on offer is a line of Fascia Boards for use in new-build work, total replacement or refurbishment by covering existing timber.

Pipelife’s PVC-UE Cladding Systems are suitable for external use on buildings as a decorative and protective facing.

Flexible and attractive, these can be fi xed vertically, horizontally or diagonally over brick, block, masonry and timber framed walling.
“The options are unlimited”, says Padjoe.

Warmth Underfoot
Underfloor Heating is now one of the most common methods of heating homes in Ireland today.

Padjoe advises: “the most critical component of an underfloor heating system is the pipework that will be buried in the concrete floor of your customer`s home. Once installed, this pipework will be encased and inaccessible for the lifetime of the home. Any problems associated with this pipework will entail the floor being dug up, causing massive disruption.”

“Therefore, it is critical that all components used, but especially the pipework, are top quality and fully backed by reputable manufacturers.”

Pipelife say that they are the only supplier in Ireland that manufactures their own specialised underfl oor heating pipe. The Guaranteed Irish Qual-Pex Plus+ Easy-Lay Multilayer Pipe is a gamechanger for the company and for contractors.

The pipe is extremely flexible, with exceptional lay-flat capability, enabling faster, easier and more cost-effective installations. This pipe has been designed to provide the plumbing professional with a ‘universal alternative’ to the various other piping products on the market and can be used with any suitably approved/certified press fitting. It will also prove to be a more effective plumbing solution, for many applications where aluminium or copper pipe might otherwise be considered.

The fact that Pipelife includes their market-leading 50 Year Guarantee as part of the package underlines their confidence in its durability and ability to deliver trouble-free performance for decades!

“We want our customers to install with confidence and homeowners to enjoy peace of mind,” Padjoe says.

PVC Civils

In fact, “we provide full design indemnity insurance on all our heating solution systems so customers can rest assured their system will deliver on what they promise, and they can enjoy a comfortable, efficient home. We are all about trust and confidence in our world-class products.”

Multiple Solutions, Complete Systems
A major growth area is Pipelife’s Renewables Division, which covers every aspect of underfloor heating and integrated renewables. The one-stop service delivers fully designed, energy-efficient systems to a diverse customer base: builder’s merchants, installers, developers, builders, engineers and architects.

Whether building a new house, adding an extension or renovating a home, the Renewables Division team will help buyers find the right system for their project.

It’s a prime example of the company’s solution-orientated approach. Developing user-friendly products and systems that answer problems intelligently and effectively.

Or, as Padjoe sums up, “whether our customers, or their customers, are repairing a water pipe, installing an underfl oor heating system, upgrading their heating, or plumbing a system on a new house, Pipelife provides proven solutions that save time, reduce costs, and have the versatility to overcome the most diffi cult situations.”

The need to be sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally aware has driven many of Pipelife’s recent innovations in services, solutions and systems. The company now has a nationwide Pipelife Eco Team of experienced design and technical service engineers, explains Padjoe, “these experts provide complete support to installers to ensure successful completion of Pipelife ECO projects.”

Where they are now
Currently, The Pipelife Group achieves annual revenues of €1bn. The company operates in 24 countries and employs 3,000 employees in 28 manufacturing locations.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wienerberger Group, with group revenues of over ¤4bn per year and 16,000 employees worldwide.

Pipelife’s innovation and agility to adapt to change, together with their financial strength, is, as Padjoe says, “the best guarantee we can offer you that we will be there to support you and our products over the long lifetimes of performance we expect.”

That it is an Irish company that understands the needs of Ireland’s market lends added reassurance.