The adhesives & sealants market is projected to grow

The market size for adhesives & sealants is projected to grow from USD 71.4 billion (€64 billion) in 2021 to USD 85.8 billion (€77 billion) by 2026, at a CAGR of 3.7%. The major drivers for the market are increased demand for adhesives in the medical industry, increasing demand for adhesives & sealants from the building & construction industry, and growth in the appliances industry.

COVID-19 has posed many challenges in the construction sector. With major economies across the world severely affected by the pandemic and by social distancing measures, supply chain disruptions, and workforce dislocation. These led to the suspension of construction activities in some countries due to the disruptions in supply chains and shortage of raw materials and labour.

Building & construction segment accounted for the largest share of the sealants market in 2020.

The building & construction segment accounts for the largest share in the sealants market, in terms of value and volume. In several applications, sealants also perform as adhesives.

Adhesives & Sealants Market Dynamics

Drivers: High demand for adhesives & sealants from building & construction industry
Growing population and urbanisation are driving the residential construction segment in developing countries. There is an increasing demand for houses in these countries, which, in turn, is driving the demand for adhesives & sealants.

There are various applications of adhesives & sealants in the construction industry, including flooring, tiling, wallpapers, and exterior insulation systems.

Restraints: Environmental regulations in North America and Europe
Europe and North America are strictly regulated by environmental laws regarding the production of chemical and petro-based products. Agencies such as the Epoxy Resin Committee (ERC) and the European Commission (EC) govern the manufacturing of solvent-based products in these regions.

This is affecting the production capacities of manufacturers in Europe and North America. The environmental regulations are compelling manufacturers to focus on producing eco-friendly adhesives.

Opportunities : Rising requirement for non-hazardous and sustainable adhesives

The regulations imposed by national and regional regulatory authorities have compelled adhesive & sealant manufacturers to make eco-friendly products with no or low VOC levels.

The shift toward more sustainable products has provided significant growth opportunities for manufacturers, leading adhesives & sealants companies to offer products which are solvent-free and that comply with environmental regulations.

There is a growing demand for environmentally-friendly or green buildings, which gives an opportunity for the development of green and sustainable adhesive solutions made from renewable, recycled, remanufactured, or biodegradable materials.

Challenges: Shifting rules and changing standards

The adhesives & sealants market undergoes frequent changes in terms of standards and rules. In Europe, The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) implemented regulations such as regulation (EU) No 305/2011 for the marketing of construction products in the EU. With the new regulations, manufacturers have to bear the additional burden, in terms of labelling and paperwork, and additional external test costs to demonstrate compliance. Additional substance alerts focusing on biocides and waste packaging occur on a regular basis, leading to changes in regulatory standards. The adhesives & sealants manufacturers must abide by the rules and changing standards to commercialise their products. This poses a challenge for manufacturers in particular and the supply chain in general.

Adhesives & Sealants Market Global Forecast to 2026,

Bostik Academy: ‘Better results through knowledge’

Bostik Academy is a new online and physical knowledge centre, which has been carefully created, for professionals, in the Irish construction industry. At Bostik Academy, participants will experience a tailored training programme, that is perfectly matched to their needs and profession.

Bostik Academy offers product information on the complete Bostik product portfolio – from flooring and tiling products to their complete sealing and bonding range. Information includes access to product presentations, installation videos, ‘How To’ videos, Technical Data Sheets and all relevant supporting information.

Bostik Academy presents a ‘state of the art’ Video Technical Centre with remote video training capability and targeted webcast broadcasts, as well as traditional hands on ‘on site’ training and practical demonstrations. In addition, Bostik Academy offers tailored dedicated training programmes to business owners and their team.

Bostik have developed new and highly innovative products, which will be detailed and demonstrated at the Bostik Academy. Their experienced trainers will present their full product portfolio, best application methods, key industry recommendations as well as current market insights and updates. The Bostik highly skilled technical team is available to support builders’ merchants and hardware store teams in your everyday activities. Bostik are available to contact, as a key resource, to answer your technical questions and to support your everyday challenges.

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No More Nails – Re-New

No More Nails – does all that the product name suggests

No More Nails eliminates the need for screws, nails and drills.

The range of high-quality bonding solution leaves a professional finish on all surfaces.

Henkel’s All Materials product range offers a variety of high-quality adhesives. So whether it’s a quick job in a garden, something your customer has been putting off for months or a creative project they’ve been inspired to try – No More Nails has got them covered. The All Materials range has an innovative bonding technology with instant grab, meaning your customer can simply stick and move on (for the strongest results, leave to cure for 24 hours).

The No More Nails All Materials range consists of four products: Interior & Exterior, Crystal Clear, Heavy Objects and Quick Drying. All Materials Interior & Exterior offers DIYers and professionals the flexibility to use the product indoors and outdoors – so whether it’s a long garden job for the summer, a room revamp, or simply a household repair – Interior & Exterior is the product that lets your customer easily upgrade their four walls, inside and out.

All Materials Interior & Exterior works on a wide range of surfaces such as bare wood, plaster, plasterboard, painted surfaces, plastic ceramic, brick, stone, concrete and metal, and can be applied with any cartridge gun. Its smooth formulation means application is easy with no mess and it offers a smooth and professional finish.


  • Ultra-High strength adhesion
  • Instant hold
  • Easy clean up
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Solvent-free
  • High resistant (-30°C to + 80°C)
  • Temperature resistant
  • Fully dry in 24 hours
  • Solvent free
  • Flexible bond

Unibond RE-NEW – refresh old sealant in one easy step UniBond
RE-NEW silicone sealant is the easiest way for your customer to keep their sealants in perfect condition! Easy to apply in just five minutes. No need to remove the old sealant, just apply on top of the existing – it´s that simple! An integrated smoothing tool ensures an even finish – there is no need for a cartridge gun or an additional finishing tool. With SilicoTec technology, UniBond RE-NEW offers optimum adhesion on silicone, exceptional water resistance and excellent flexibility.

And thanks to the triple protection mould resistance it repels, kills, and prevents mould over the long term.

With UniBond RE-NEW even the most reluctant of home improvers can replace sealants – and the job can be done in just one step, without the need for any specialist expertise, tools or instructions. A tube can cover five to seven metres of joint length. The sealed joints can be exposed to water six hours after application.

In contrast to other silicone sealants, which contain large quantities of extenders and plasticisers that evaporate over time and can give off an unpleasant smell, UniBond RE-NEW consists entirely of silicon, and is odourless and solvent-free.

UniBond RE-NEW 2.0 features a new dispenser that delivers enhanced control through optimal stability as well as an applicator that creates less waste as it allows users to squeeze out all of the product inside the tube, making it more sustainable.


  • Apply on top of the existing sealant
  • Integrated smoothing tool
  • Repels, kills and prevents mould
  • Flexible and waterproof sealant
  • Temperature resistant (-50°C to +120°C)
  • SilicoTec Technology
  • New dispenser for enhanced control through optimal stability
  • Applicator that creates less waste as it allows to use up all the product inside the tube

T-Rex is back and this time it’s…Green

Soudal unveils the NEW T-Rex 80% Recycled Grab Adhesive, the first of its kind on the market. The formulation is based on recycled raw materials, packaged inside a cartridge made from post-consumer recycled plastic and manufactured using renewable solar and wind energy.

Soudal is moving towards a more circular economy; increasing the number of recycled materials used within the production process and reducing the amount of virgin ones.

Supplied in a cartridge made from 80% recycled plastic, the high-performance solvent free grab adhesive is made from 82% recycled raw materials, of which 35% is bio-based. The heavy-duty construction adhesive reduces impact on the environment, without any compromise on product performance or usability. The powerful initial grab properties of the adhesive will support loads of 250kg/m², perfect for bonding heavy materials – it may be 80% recycled, but it’s definitely 100% strong.

Acknowledged by the Solar Impulse Foundation: Clean and profitable solutions for the environment, the T-Rex Grab Adhesive has been awarded the independent body’s stamp of approval for efforts in reducing CO2 emissions, as well as limiting the use of virgin material. The accolade is given to products based on being both clean and profitable solutions for the market. It recognises Soudal for their active contributions in preserving natural resources and helping to achieve climate objectives.

The new 80% Recycled T-Rex Green Grab Adhesive is one of many sustainable innovations introduced in recent years, as part of Soudal’s commitment to building a more sustainable future. Driven by the will to continuously improve and to provide better, more environmentally friendly solutions for its customers, Soudal is leading the way in product innovation.

Always aiming to reduce the environmental impact of their activities, Soudal focuses on improving processes on three different levels: Energy, Materials & Packaging. From production plants powered by renewable energy, to sourcing more sustainable materials for manufacturing products and packaging. Soudal also produces close to the market with 24 production sites worldwide, helping to minimise transportation and the distance goods need to travel.

Marketing Manager, Jonathan Tanser says: “We not only focus on the performance of our products, but also the energy it takes to manufacture them. It’s important to look at the full picture.” He continues: “The new T-Rex Grab Adhesive is a big step in the right direction and a continuation of our efforts in the area of sustainability. It’s all about offering a more sustainable choice, with no compromise for the end user.”

The new T-Rex product now gives end-users a more sustainable choice when looking for a construction grab adhesive, reducing the barriers for making a more environmentally aware purchasing decision. Available in a 300ml packaging format, it will be supported by a range of recyclable Point of Sale material for distributers to display the product in-branch.

The 80% Recycled T-Rex Green Grab Adhesive is just one of the ways Soudal is helping to Build The Future, Sustainably. To learn more about Soudal’s efforts in sustainability, visit the website and watch the latest corporate movie:

For further information please contact, Soudal Ltd T/A Seal Systems Ireland, call 01 88 55 555 or via