Varo offers new generation Cordless Power Tools

Varo, one of Europe’s leading hand and power tool designers and distributors for over 60 years, have found that cordless, single battery platforms have become increasingly popular as users save costs by no longer having to buy unnecessary batteries and chargers.

Jeroen Nys, CEO of Varo, says that Varo have also taken a big leap forward into the future technology of cordless power tools. “The majority of battery platforms available in the market can only operate with one specific range of voltage at a time.”

“We at Varo are proud to launch Dual Power. This remarkable range of power and garden tools now offer a one-battery platform that covers both 20 V and 40 V power and garden tools with over a 100+ products from which to choose.”

In other words, a one housing battery pack, albeit 20V or 2 X 20V can fit any Dual Power tool or Garden tool. In addition, Varo’s Dual Power charger has been designed and developed to be able to charge all Dual Power batteries within its range, quickly and efficiently. The batteries and charger can be acquired separately or as part of a starter kit.

One battery and one charger, regardless of the tool’s voltage. That makes Dual Power both economical and ecological because your customers don’t need a different battery for each tool.

Depending on the users’ projects, budget and power needed, Varo’s customers will find the power tool designed for them which offers much more flexibility and possibilities within the Dual Power range.

Jeroen Nys says “We are very proud to be supplying Ireland with such a unique range consisting of endless possibilities.

We also offer a three-year warranty (one year for batteries) and a five day after-sales turn around with our after sales and maintenance partners, Tooltech”.

For further information please contact Les Ashley, or directly on 087 440 8077,