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Install a cast iron alternative at a fraction of the price

For contractors and their clients wanting a traditional aesthetic, the right drainage system can be the difference between design success and failure. By taking into consideration the aesthetic, practical and economic needs of a project, old style detail and quality can be achieved without the cast iron price tag. Cascade is a cost-effective rainwater solution that ticks all the boxes.

Traditional rainwater systems have been made from cast-iron for over 150 years. With a highly distinctive appearance due to its texture and thickness, cast-iron adds kerb appeal to any project. However, it is expensive to buy and time-consuming to work with, so an efficient and economical alternative has fast become the specification of choice for contractors and their clients.

A modern classic

At a fraction of the price to buy, install and maintain, modern plastic materials can replace aluminium or cast-iron rainwater specifications to deliver projects under budget and ahead of schedule – exceeding both the builder’s and the client’s expectations.

Plastic rainwater systems enable contractors to create a heritage aesthetic without compromising architectural integrity and enjoy savings in materials, labour and time saved on site. Cast-iron systems are heavy and difficult to install. Contractors must also be extra vigilant regarding health and safety and will require more time to lift and fix these systems – leading to increased costs and potential delays in the installation process.


Because plastic ranges are so much lighter than cast iron, installation at height is less hazardous, being effortless to lift, easy to manoeuvre, simple to cut and quick to fit. The systems also benefit from external fixing lugs, enabling easy power tool access, which further speeds up fitting. All gutter connecting joints have integral seals and flexible retaining clips, allowing the gutter lengths to simply click into place. No extra-cost fixing kits or nuts and bolts are required to make gutter joints, as with most traditional systems.

Make it easy

Almost every job will require both gutter and pipe lengths to be cut onsite using specialist tools and for cast iron systems, they need to be fully finished on site, using a primer, undercoat and topcoat, to ward off corrosion. In some cases, if the level of protection applied to cut lengths on site is deemed insufficient, any guarantee offered may be, quite rightly, invalidated, leaving the installer liable.

To add to its great looks, Cascade is maintenance-free, UV-stabilised and resistant to rusting and corrosion, allowing it to look good for the long term and for peace of mind, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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RoofLITE+ – Quality Roof Windows made Affordable

A Great Deal for You and Your Customers

With more homeowners than ever before looking to improve their homes, you can now offer them high quality roof windows at a really great price. And while you help homeowners convert their attics and loft into a light and useful space, you can also claim €20 cashback per window on all RoofLITE+ wooden and white painted windows.

Over the last 20 years, RoofLITE+ have built a reputation for their high quality production processes, durable materials and intelligent design. The RoofLITE+ range all come with state-of-the-art glazing units and insulation gaskets to ensure they fulfill all roof window technical requirements and they have a 10-year guarantee.

Recognising that quality is always important but that budgets and margins are often tight, the producers of RoofLITE+ range have worked hard to streamline their operations and costs to ensure they can deliver exceptional value on price. But at the same time, RoofLIFE+still deliver everything you’re looking for in a roof window with a full range of accessories, blinds and shutters for your customers and a wide range of installation flashings that mean they can be installed into any roofing material (including tiles, deep tiles, slates and shingle). And they’re quick and easy to install too.

As part of the VKR Group, RoofLITE+ not only benefits from 80 years of roof window manufacturing experience, but they are also committed to environmental responsibility, part of which includes ensuring all their wooden windows are manufactured from raw materials sourced from sustainable, certified forests in accordance with FSC product origin controls.

And while you deliver great quality to your customers, we’re offering you €20 cashback per window on all RoofLITE+ wooden and white painted windows*. Which means you could be earning up to €180 cashback whilst still delivering great quality at a great price!

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SUNLITE® Multi-Wall for superior thermal insulation and light transmission

SUNLITE® Multi-wall by Palram, a world-leading manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic sheets and panel systems, is a flat polycarbonate sheet that features a cellular structure with at least two walls and connective ribbing. This multi-wall structure creates insulating air spaces (cells) that help reduce thermal (heat) energy penetration, resulting in a cooler area in the summer and a warmer area in the colder months.

In short, SUNLITE’s structure yields an energy efficient, rigid, impact-resistant sheet that is significantly lighter in weight than solid polycarbonate, acrylic or glass sheets. SUNLITE® multi-wall offers substantially better energy efficiency than any single-layer sheet.

Popular applications of SUNLITE® multi-wall polycarbonate sheets are exterior roofing, glazing, wall or building cladding, interior partitions, displays, and POP merchandising displays.

Main Benefits

  • High thermal insulation
  • Lighter weight than solid panels
  • Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
  • Available with a variety of colour and light transmission options
  • SolarSmart™ tints that reduce solar heat gain with greater clarity than standard tints or colours
  • Superior structural durability
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Blocks virtually all UV radiation
  • Easy to handle and install
  • High fire performance rating

Typical Applications

  • Architectural building cladding, roofing and glazing
  • Skylights and sidelights
  • Conservatory roofing
  • Covered walkways
  • Sunrooms, patio and pergola roofing
  • Illuminated signage and backdrops
  • Decorative partitions
  • POP merchandising displays
  • Polycarbonate greenhouse panels

PALRUF® corrugated PVC sheet for industrial and agricultural roofing and exterior cladding

PALRUF® also manufactured by Palram, is a corrugated PVC panel which combines excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact, resulting in an extremely durable roofing solution.

PALRUF® PVC panels withstand harsh chemical environments where conventional roofing can quickly corrode, which makes it ideal for long term use in demanding industrial applications such as chemical plants stores, mines, ports and more.

Main Benefits

  • PALRUF® Panels do not corrode – ideal for seaside projects, mines and livestock farms.
  • Fire resistant – self-extinguishes and meets the highest standards in the field
  • Suitable for curved roofing
  • High impact strength – resists hail, wind and snow loads
  • Excellent chemical resistance – withstands a wide variety of chemicals
  • UV resistant – does not yellow or fade for years
  • Weather resistant – stands up to harsh weather conditions

Typical Applications

  • Coastal industrial units and warehouses
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical plants
  • Mines and Metal Processing facilities
  • Livestock shelters
  • Food manufacturing and storage
  • Covering for conveyors structures in chemically aggressive environments

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