Axus Decor – Environmentally conscientious innovation

Axus Decor decorating accessories are born out of suggestions and opinions of professional painters. For decades, the development team have been reaching out to the trade to learn about the frustrations they face. They carefully curate this information and use it to improve existing accessories and develop entirely new concepts.

When designing products, their goal is to make tasks easier while also giving results that will impress painter and client alike. Their range includes tools and accessories required for all stages of a project:

  • Protective clothing and PPE
  • Removal of existing finishes
  • Preparation and repair of substrates to be decorated
  • Application of paint or wallpaper
  • Final clean-up

The brand’s ethos centres on product innovation and environmental consideration. Both go hand-in-hand. By producing exceptional, long-lasting items, Axus Decor encourages painters to opt for highly reusable items over disposable ones or short-lasting ones. For example, their popular Flex-e-Bowl can be squeezed to remove hardened filler and used hundreds of times. It has already prevented thousands of plastic paint kettles from ending up in a landfill. Also, their new Arystox abrasives that feature a self-sharpening, ceramic grit for extended longevity.

Packaging, too, is far more eco-friendly than most on the market, with many products free from single-use plastic.

Axus Décor`s accessories are always affordably priced making them very competitive mainly due to supply chain efficiencies that get the product from the factory to the painter with as few people in between as possible.

Anthony White

Many of Axus Decor’s employees have had considerable experience and exposure to painting. In Ireland, Anthony White heads up the sales team. Having managed paint stores in Meath and Kildare for over 14 years and having completed a painting apprenticeship himself, he knows the market inside out. Anthony can help add value to your paint department and is happy to discuss merchandising options

Axus Decor is now looking for stockists in Ireland. Get in touch: or 087 381 8356, or visit