Adhesives and Sealants Market in Europe is set to grow

The European market for Adhesives and Sealants is currently worth more than €17 billion euros and forecasted to grow to nearly €20.4 billion by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% (European Adhesives and Sealants Market Report).

Four key areas that may influence the adhesives and sealants market have been identified and are highlighted in FEICA’s European Adhesives & Sealants Market Report for 2019-2024 (

Technological innovations: Analysis reveals that hybrid systems, combining the beneficial characteristics of two different adhesive systems, are being used in more and more applications. The construction industry, for example, has traditionally had a plethora of adhesive and sealant
products, and this is expected to change.

Environmental consideration: Sustainability is high on the agenda for both consumers and authorities, principally driven by key global issues such as global warming, CO2 emissions, plastics pollution, and the limitation of natural resources. Research confirms that solvent-based systems will continue to decline and will be eliminated as alternatives in price and performance are found. The driving force for sustainability is not only legislation, but also the demand from consumers.

Economic Trends: The industry has been growing at GDP or slightly above, which is what you would expect from a mature industry. However, with Brexit and the US/China trade disagreements, the future is difficult to predict. Europe is leading adhesives and sealants growth, but because of its minority share worldwide, its impact on Europe as a whole is still limited. This trend will also be affected by the global quest for a circular economy.

Chemicals legislation: Change in legislation is driven by rising protectionism, the circular economy and health and safety. Numerous regulations exist in Europe, such as REACH, CLP, the Biocidal Products Regulation, as well as circular economy initiatives. Global adhesives and sealants end users increasingly ask for global standardisation of the products they purchase, partly driven by increasing legislation and regulation. This will obviously also impact the industry.

BOSTIK delivering innovative, high performance products

As one of the world’s leading manufacturer’s of adhesive and sealants, Bostik is committed to delivering innovative, high performance products to the marketplace. The adhesive and sealant market has always been an important market and is currently in growth worldwide.

Bostik have recently launched a new all-weather wide jointing compound. The new compound is quick and easy to apply, in all weather – even in the rain. It requires no mixing so – is ready to use, it will not shrink or crack, it resists weed growth, dries to a tough and durable finish, and cuts down on waste. It is also water permeable, allowing the paving to drain.

The all-weather wide jointing compound is simple and easy to apply with water and a squeegee. It is suitable for most types of domestic paving and can be used on paths and patios of natural stone, concrete, slate, granite slabs, terracotta and clay. It is suitable for joints from 5mm – 30mm and minimum depth of 25mm.

This is the perfect product for your customer`s patio pointing – no matter what the weather has in store. It leaves an attractive finish in next to no time. The compound is available in three colours, natural, grey and basalt. Bostik All Weather Wide Jointing Compound – ‘the quick and easy way to a perfect patio’.

Bostik has also recently launched their new Bostik Express Pointing Mortar. Cracked or damaged masonry joints look unsightly and can be the source of leaks and damp resulting in expensive repairs. Bostik Express Pointing Mortar quickly and easily repairs damaged masonry joints in brick and stonework – without having to mix mortar. It is ready to use and quick and easy to apply with a cartridge gun meaning no mixing required and virtually no waste.

Express Pointing Mortar leaves an attractive finish in next to no time. It produces durable, weather resistant joints, which are over paintable and easy to clean. It can be used internally and externally.

Bostik Express Pointing Mortar comes in a 310ml cartridge, in cement grey colour. The adhesive and sealants category is showing a shift towards chemical fixing and away from traditional mechanical methods, (screws, rivets, nails etc.) which is increasing demand for grab adhesives. This offers advantages in terms of time savings, performance, strength and aesthetics. Advantages have been acknowledged for years in industries such as the aerospace industry and the automotive industry – but the benefits are steadily gaining recognition in construction applications also.

There is also a shift from some of the more traditional sealant technologies such as silicones, to more high-performance formulations such as SMP (Silyl Modified Polymers) and hybrid technology. These offer many advantages in terms of performance including reduced curing times, compatibility with diverse building materials, flexibility and bond strength.

Bostik has the product range to answer this shift. These products are flexible, strong, and fast and will stick most surfaces and substrates – even under water.

Bostik’s next generation products answer the needs of trade professionals in construction, renovations, bathroom, and kitchen makeovers. Bostik MSP 107 SEAL BOND is flexible, MSP 108 XTREM BOND is strong and MSP 109 TURBO BOND is fast. Quality products as good as you are, that deliver Flexibility, Strength and Speed.

Help your customers ‘Take the pain out of pointing’- with NEW Bostik Express Pointing Mortar. Contact your Bostik representative, or the Bostik sales desk on 353 1 8624900, for further details.

Geocel launches MS Polymer Range

Geocel has launched THE WORKS PRO sealant and adhesive and THE WORKS PRO X high grab adhesive, formulated to ensure trade professionals achieve the best quality results, without the risk of callbacks.

THE WORKS PRO is a multi-use sealant and adhesive that can seal, fill, and bond virtually any surface, wet or dry – inside or out. For the perfect finish, THE WORKS PRO is available in a ‘whiter’ white and an improved clear formulation that can be over-painted. Fast curing, it achieves results that last, fast.

THE WORKS PRO X is a high grab adhesive, offering instant grab and bond. It can be used on virtually any wet or dry surface and in both interior and exterior applications. Due to its superior adhesion and fast curing, the formula is ideal for projects that require a strong lasting bond quickly.

Andrew Cummins, Senior Product Manager from Geocel said: “Geocel were pioneers of MS Polymer Chemistry and THE WORKS PRO and THE WORKS PRO X are the latest in a long line of high-quality solutions.

“MS Polymers offer excellent workability and strong final bond strength, with excellent UV resistance and no shrinkage over time. For those in the trade who demand a superior formulation that won’t let them down, THE WORKS PRO and THE WORKS PRO X are ideal.”

THE WORKS PRO is now also available in foils as part of the ecoSEAL system – Geocel’s environmentally friendly alternative to single use cartridges.

For more information, please visit:

Laydex launch NSAI Certified 1200 Gauge DPM

Following the amendment in December 2020 to Technical Guidance Document C of the Irish Building Regulations, Laydex engaged with the National Standards Authority of Ireland, to create and launch POLYBASE 1200 Gauge (min 300 Micron) Damp Proof Membrane. This product is a minimum of 300 micron in thickness and fully meets the criteria as set out in Technical Guidance Document C as assessed by the NSAI.

The December 2020 edition of the Irish Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document C, “Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture” contains specific and detailed instructions about the type of Damp Proof Membrane which must be used underneath floors in construction. The important point is that the material to be used is a minimum of 300 micron with no tolerance.

POLYBASE is currently the only 1200 Gauge (minimum 300 micron) Damp Proof Membrane on the Irish market which fully conforms to the Building Regulations and Laydex have rolled out a large scale product awareness campaign with the relevant regulatory bodies and specifiers nationally.

The outer sleeve of POLYBASE is completely branded and the face of the material itself is now printed showing the NSAI logo and certificate number allowing for clear identification on site. Laydex are delighted to now offer their customer’s POLYBASE as the only 1200 Gauge Damp Proof Membrane they need to stock. Customers can supply this product with absolute confidence knowing that it meets the current Building Regulations giving maximum confidence to Assigned Certifiers including Architects, Engineers, Home Bond, Building Control or any similarly approved professional.

For further information please contact Laydex Building Solutions, 01 642 6600,