Fleetwood Paints woodcare range revamped

Fleetwood Paints have revamped their woodcare range offering for 2021 with an exterior wood paint which is tintable into any colour, (Superflex Wood Paint), an exterior woodstain (Fleetwood 10-year Exterior Woodstain) and updated garden decking oil (Fleetwood Mould Resistant Decking Oil).

There is a full POS solution for all three products including real paint chips showcasing the colours on different wood textures as well as selling points for each range on aisle fins, shelf strips and shelf talkers. The tactile nature of the boards will ensure customers can make informed decisions on purchasing the product which is right for their job.

The exponential rise of DIY in home décor in 2020 was a very much unexpected and a welcome occurrence within the sector. From interior emulsion to exterior masonry, the nation as a whole seemed to turn to painting everything including the kitchen sink!

The good weather for the painting season allowed homeowners to spend more time in their garden and beautify their surroundings. From sheds, fences and pergolas to front doors and garden furniture, there was nothing left without a brush of colour or gloss. The Fleetwood Paints R&D team have spent the last year perfecting an eco-friendly woodcare range for budding garden designers and innovating diyers.

One to watch in 2021 is the Fleetwood Super-Flex base range which is fully tintable. This premium, water-based paint is for all exterior wood, joinery and is ideal for cladding. The R&D team have developed a Super-Flex base system to allow any colour to be mixed into this product, over 30,000 colours from the Fleetwood tinting system. This self-priming paint is available in a stunning satin finish and provides excellent coverage.

Fleetwood Super-Flex will give up to 10 years exterior protection on wood and will resist crackling, peeling and flaking. Fleetwood Super-Flex is available in eight ready-mix on-trend colours including black and white and in 1l,2.5l and 5l cans. It takes 30 minutes to dry once applied.

Fleetwood 10 Year Exterior Woodstain is a specially formulated water-based woodstain that is ideal for decking. This was designed to provide exceptional 10-year exterior protection on all exterior hard and softwoods, and to resist flaking, peeling and blistering. The hardwearing 10 Year Exterior finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood by accentuating the grain. It is available in six ready-mix colours and in 1l and 2.5l cans. It usually takes four hours to dry once applied.

Fleetwood Mould Resistant Decking Oil is a solvent-based oil that will provide year-round protection thanks to its hardwearing formulation. It is used to penetrate the wood to replace the natural oils and resins lost through weathering. This nourishing and protecting garden decking oil is available in four ready-mix colours in a semigloss finish and in 2.5l and 5l cans. It will take five-six hours to dry once applied.

Contact your local representative for more info on these ranges and to view the available POS solutions for order.