Keystone Make Merchants ‘An Offer They Can’t Refuse’

Keystone Lintels, leading manufacturer of steel lintels, is to make their builders merchant partners “an offer they can’t refuse.” In a dramatic movie themed campaign designed to boost turnover.

The company have launched a dynamic new programme of increased support to turn live project leads into sales!

The powerful new message to their merchant partners is simple – let Keystone do all the hard work and we can grow together. Just tell them about any live projects in your area and their team will do the rest, the initiative will see Keystone Lintels entire salesforce follow up on leads provided by their merchant customers. Once it is ready to convert to an order, it is passed back to the merchant that generated the lead, resulting in a direct sale for them.

The lead generation partnership message will be communicated to merchant partners in an eye-catching and tongue-in-cheek movie themed campaign that takes inspiration from iconic films such as Jaws, Top Gun and Toy Story. Key movie lines have been adapted to help reinforce the lead generation message and provide a memorable way of keeping the message in everyone’s minds.

“Keystone has always valued our partnership with builders’ merchants and have a proud 30 year history of unwavering support to our merchant partners,” said Kris Willis, Ireland Sales Director of Keystone Lintels. “Merchants are our eyes and ears on the ground, but with a vast amount of other products to sell we try to take away the workload of chasing these jobs down, to ensure we are successfully securing orders together.”

“We are simply saying let us do the job for you. Keystone’s team will chase all leads that are new to us and the merchant, to create a schedule/quote and work to convert that schedule to an order!”