Brink’s Cash Services Offer Preferential Rates to HAI Members

The Brink’s Company, a global leader and the world’s largest cash management company have agreed a preferential deal for HAI members.

Brink’s are at the forefront of new technology and innovation and are delighted to be able to bring HAI members the latest in cash automation.

WHY should HAI Members use CASH IN TRANSIT?

  • Banks are charging between €4.50 – €8.00 per €1000 lodged to business customers. Brinks, in contrast, allows you to completely avoid the charges imposed by banks for cash deposits
  • Save time and staff resources
  • Eliminate risks to the personal safety of you and your staff.
  • Insurers factor in owner risk for bank walks while quoting premiums
  • Free deliveries of Coin/Note orders in conjunction with collections
  • Gain access to a full online lodgement, reporting and ordering portal.

The Brinks deal for HAI members offers a secure, competitive alternative solution for banking your cash and cheques. They collect and transport your cash deposits securely to their cash centre where they count, verify, report and EFT your funds directly into your account overnight. They also can deliver any coin/note orders you may need. There are no additional delivery charges when orders are delivered on your scheduled collection day. As an example, there is a potential cost saving of €48 – €100 p/week on an amount of €15,000 lodged, depending on your current bank.

Testimonial from Sean McNamara – Finance Director – Home Project Centre Limited (HPC Ltd) Oct 2020

“A key factor for Home Project Centre engaging Brinks was staff safety. With the risk of snatch & grab thefts, Brinks have allowed us to ensure that staff are never required to transport cash. Our bank account fees for ordering change and making lodgements have reduced. Rather than going to the bank to collect the change order and make lodgements, Brinks save us staff time and costs by coming to our retail locations and doing it for us.”

In the coming months Brink’s will be launching a new range of Smart Safe solutions ‘Brinks Complete’ with an in-built early payment model which they feel will revolutionise retail banking in Ireland.

For further information please contact: Jim Copeland, / 01 2980969 / 087 6671361 or Email: