Brands that cover all your painting & decorating needs

Ciret is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of painting and decorating tools. They provide industry professionals and DIY customers with innovative, high-quality equipment, that can increase work efficiency, reduce cost, and produce consistently great results, regardless of

Their trusted brands have everything your customer will need for their interior and exterior decorating projects. ROTA offers a wide selection of roller sleeve fabrics and frames that allow for the best performance and finish with different paints on a variety of surfaces.

Kana’s paint brush range features natural and synthetic bristle brushes, along with innovative 2 in 1 combination brushes such as the Kana Tank, which has a natural “inner tank” for loading woodstains and varnishes surrounded by a synthetic bristle “coat” for a smooth finish.

Masq is the go-to brand for all masking requirements, covering both masking films and tapes. They have created a tape collection that is suitable for every surface, from rougher outdoor facades like brick walls to the most sensitive areas including textured wallpaper or freshly painted walls.

Excellent preparation tools and quality surface protection from Prep ensures that work areas are prepared properly prior to painting and damage to furniture, floors or other surfaces is avoided.

Also, for an easy, stress-free wallpapering experience encourage your customer to use Beeline’s carefully formulated adhesives. From ready-mixed lightweight or heavy grades through to specialist overlap and repair adhesives, Beeline covers it all.

Along with Ciret`s own brands, they supply the premium Trimaco product range, offering personal and jobsite protection, and wall filler solutions from Red Devil.

Ciret take pride in providing professional, reliable, and efficient products to their customers. They regularly review, test, and design their tools to ensure the highest standards and that customer expectations are exceeded.

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