Something Old and Something New

When designing the TJ O’Mahony flagship store in late 2018, Dennis O’Connor, Managing Director of Home Project Centre Ltd, looked to times past for some inspiration, in doing so he looked at the vehicles that merchants would have used in the sixties and seventies to deliver goods to their customers. His research led him to the loveable and reliable Bedford TK, a machine of which anyone over the age of forty would have fond memories.

These machines in their day delivered cattle, Guinness, geese and building materials the length and breadth of the country.

Curious to see if there were any Bedford’s on line, Dennis was surprised with what he found.

As fate would have it the search led him to a garage less than 100 yards from TJ O’Mahony’s sister branch at Kilshane Cross in Dublin. This was late on a Friday night, and Monday couldn’t come quick enough to see if the Bedford was still in the garage.

After toing and froing and more importantly with promises and assurance that the Bedford was going to a good home, a deal was struck by the side of the Bedford, like so many deals had been struck before at marts up and down the country beside Bedford trucks.

Some minor mechanical work had to be carried out and a consultation with a traditional sign writer to ensure the style of signwriting was in keeping with the style that would have been used in the seventies. The Bedord TK was back on the road!

Dennis O’Connor himself took the Bedford South, deep South, in September 2019.

The journey was from TJ O’Mahony’s newly redesigned flagship store in Ballymount to Dun an Oir in Dingle, where a customer was diligently waiting for a delivery of Trex composite Decking.

The trip took seven hours, not all the fault of Bedford’s maximum speed of 38 mph, but more to do with the amount of time Dennis was stopped by Bedford enthusiasts from Dublin to Dingle wanting their pictures taken with this old favourite.