Bathroom Market Report UK 2019-2023

AMA’s 17th edition of the ‘Bathroom Market Report UK 2019-2023’ contains a detailed assessment of the bathroom products market with interpretation of major developments and future trends.

The report provides the UK sector with a detailed and comprehensive review of this changing market. Key issues covered in the report include:

  • Consumer knowledge about bathroom design has increased, with more frequent upgrades to higher quality bathroom products providing opportunities for growth.
  • Minimalist styles remain popular in curvaceous designs with slim rims. Angular shapes with rounded interiors are also in demand, as are more traditional, vintage-style solutions.
  • Digital and advanced technology in the bathroom is becoming more important as consumers are now widely aware of the benefits of digital control and smart technology in the home.
  • With growing concerns about the environment and water usage, demand for water efficient bathroom products is increasing supported by the widespread use of the European Water Label.
  • With an ageing UK population and greater number of people with disabilities, there is a notable requirement for inclusive bathroom products that combine style with ease of use.

New reflections on the role of the Bathroom Mirror!

The key accessory in any bathroom makeover is the one staring you in the face! Bathroom mirrors continue to evolve both in terms of style and financial impact on your sales, with consumer spend in the category continually rising.

The mirror is the one item that can make or break the overall look and feel of a bathroom, bringing light, enlarging smaller spaces and becoming a style feature in its own right.

‘It’s always front and centre so it warrants the extra attention it’s getting both from the consumer and our customers’ says Michael Maher B&G Marketing Manager. ‘We are delighted to be extending the Tema range introducing new on trend hanging band circular LED mirrors, high gloss
white framed mirrors & our first LED mirrored cabinet.

“The TEMA LED mirror collection literally led the way when it came to our customers preferred choices last year, particularly in the mid to upper pricing bracket and we expect that upward curve to continue with the addition of the new 2020 collection,” continues Michael.

This is supported by the broader market styling trends. According to Elle Décor, “The styling trends include bold black bathroom accessories with stylised integrated lighting, brass finishes to add a little luxe, framed mirrors and for those who like to make a design statement; black and white marble tones are the way to go.”

Bathroom Tech

Home automation and smart technology is no longer in the distant future – it’s here. From de-misting mirrors, Bluetooth mirrors and automatic hand-wipe sensors, the bathroom is a haven for smart technology.

A word for the easy to fit Dumawall DIY Tiles

No grout, no tradesmen and new contemporary styles seem to be the main motivators behind the growth of B&G’s Dumawall collection. There is a huge market on the continent for these 21st century tiles.

It looks increasingly like the Irish consumer is picking up on the simplicity of this type of tiling, they have a fabulous finish and are fit for any bathroom.

Bathroom Rejuvenation at B&G

“Much like our consumers, we too are renovating our own trade only bathroom showroom”, says Tom Cleary CEO, “We recently upgraded our Indoors showroom which has worked really well for our customers and next we will renovate the Bathroom!”

Now where have I heard that before!

Uppercross release their 2020 Catalogue

It’s been a busy start to 2020 for Uppercross with the addition of a variety of new products across all categories in their portfolio. Together with new ranges such as the Rifeng range of multilayer fittings, with multilayer plumbing systems becoming the prominent choice for specifiers, the Rifeng
range is the ideal cost-effective solution resulting in its rapid surge in popularity. Rifeng is a leading global piping system supplier in both residential and commercial building industries.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in developing and producing plastic pipes, fi ttings, and systems. The comprehensive range is CE approved, compliant with ISO 21003 & comes complete with a 25-year warranty.

They’ve also added the well-known tool brand Rothenberger, with a range specifically chosen for the needs of the plumbing & heating merchants. This specific range includes a variety of products from Superfire Torch, RoGrip Pliers to PEX cutters and more.

They also have a brand new range of sophisticated Pegler sink mixers that can be used to create a sleek contemporary kitchen.

Using the most advanced technology available they meet the highest quality and eco-effciency standards. This new Pegler range is available in a variety of styles and colours, all of which can be found in the new Uppercross 2020 catalogue.

Contact your local Uppercross sales representative or the sales office on 01 4000 000 to discuss these new product ranges mentioned above. Your sales representative will be delivering new catalogues over the coming weeks.

New smart shower products from Aqualisa

The recent launch of the new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection of showers shows that Aqualisa is firmly in the driving seat for innovative shower technology in the UK and Ireland. The bathroom and wet room are fast becoming an integral part of today’s smart home, with intelligent technology that not only makes possible exceptional control and ease of use, but also is unrivalled for reliability and easy installation. The new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection ‘ticks’ all these boxes, with intuitive
control, stunning good looks and an unsurpassed level of personalisation and convenience.

Connectivity takes showering to new experiential levels. The next big thing for showering has long been to establish Wi-Fi connection, app technology and voice activation as an integral part of the showering experience – all things that come as standard with the new Smart Quartz Collection from Aqualisa.

The range consists of Quartz Blue, the introduction to the smart showering revolution for the new Collection, Quartz Classic, an already proven best seller now with added smart technology and top of the range Quartz Touch, which offers the most personal showering experience yet and to which devotees of the smart home will aspire. Every member of the family can activate their own personal shower requirement – created and saved on the
App for the perfect, consistently repeated showering experience.

For installers, the new Smart Quartz Collection is a great proposition for new build, self-build or renovation projects, principally because the unique Aqualisa Smart Valve – the brains of the new smart collection – can be located up to 10 metres away from the shower itself, providing unbelievable flexibility in installation.

“Alexa turn my shower on’ will quickly become a familiar command in homes with a new Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection shower”, says Aqualisa CEO, Colin Sykes. “Thanks to Aqualisa, smart showering is now a reality. It seems the most natural development for showers to take, but we’re delighted it’s us introducing this technology to the UK and Ireland”, he adds.

Visit for more details.

Shaping the Future

Leaders in modern living

Ideal Standard, in collaboration with leading universities, architects, urban designers and construction firms worldwide, are working to positively shape the future of modern living. They bring the industry sector-leading knowledge, skills and experience to a range of products that are intelligently designed to meet the needs of their customers both today and

The anti-splash urinal – Sphero

Along with the Intellimix® tap, Sphero™ urinals help Ideal Standard to engineer better washroom experiences. The new concave forms of their urinals use what they call anti-splash geometry to improve hygiene and reduce cleaning time. Their sensor technology optimises flushing, and helps support preventative maintenance. Together with a new modular waste concept and advanced flow-detection spray, these durable products support your customers` design vision, while enhancing how users experience their washroom, day in, day out.

The eternal value of design

Heritage informs our future, form follows function, design is vital, craft is essential and quality is second to none. Ideal Standard work to create a seamless synergy of functional perfection and aesthetic beauty. Where design gives meaning beyond function. In the words of Roberto Palomba “The simplicity and the purity of the shapes are synonymous with the balance between function and emotion; an essential beauty. This is the cultural environment where my work with Ideal Standard takes place and
it’s no coincidence it takes inspiration from the company’s own roots.”

A Spring makeover with SONAS

SONAS Bathrooms are delighted to introduce their Scandinavian range of furniture to the market. Characterised by clean simple lines and minimalist in design this stunning new range combines design and functionality to create a luxurious ambient space for your customers` bathroom.

The range consists of three models, Fjord, Finland and Stockholm and comes in a variety of contemporary colours with on trend matt finishes. Colours include Khaki, Midnight Grey, Dolphin Grey, Arctic Grey and Ocean Blue all in a matt finish, while Gloss White is also available.

The look is completed with a range of coloured handle options available in brushed gold, brushed chrome and matt black. The SONAS Scandinavian range comes in a wall hung design with both wall hung and floor standing available in the Stockholm range. All models come with matching wall columns offering additional storage. Features include metal box soft closing drawers with Charcoal Interiors.

Available in 50cm, 60cm and 80cm units with internal drawer organiser. For more information see the 2020 brochure or visit