Just how much do the buildings we build, live and work in impact our health and wellbeing?

When it comes to working hands on with building products, the average team of builders, carpenters or fit out contractors could work on or install a hundred OSB boards in a busy day, whether it be constructing partition walls or sheathing sides of buildings.

When their work is done, it’s important for the person who moves into their new home or office building to be able to enjoy a safe, healthy environment.

Important considerations for this are the level of VOCs such as formaldehyde that are emitted from building products used in the construction of their building.

Every professional will know that a mask, protective eyewear and other appropriate equipment is essential for anyone cutting OSB boards before installation. Working with a no added formaldehyde board won’t change this, but, from the contactor or installer’s point of view, it can provide significant peace of mind when it comes to cutting or machining, which generates dust.

Occupants of buildings can also enjoy similar peace of mind to know that a no added formaldehyde board has been used within their home or workplace, ensuring that the places they spend up to 90% of their time in are as healthy as they can be, with minimal VOC emissions.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA has been developed by industry leading timber board manufacturers MEDITE SMARTPLY as the ultimate OSB4 board for ensuring the health and wellbeing of both contractors and building occupants is put first.

With no added formaldehyde, SMARTPLY ULTIMA contains only a low level of formaldehyde that occurs naturally in all wood found in the natural world. It’s also sustainably produced, using timber from responsibly managed forests right here in Ireland. As a cost-effective alternative in humid and high-load structural applications when compared to similarly performing exterior structural plywood, SMARTPLY ULTIMA strives to set a new standard for OSB4, ticking all the boxes.

Ideal for timber frame building and construction projects with large spans, its increased racking strength ensures high load bearing capability and improved rigidity.

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