The IE Domain Registry recently published the .ie Domain Profile Report, which analysed the numbers and types of .ie domains registered in 2019, the counties and countries where they were registered, and additional information about the wider .ie domain ecosystem.

In 2010 the .ie database consisted of 154,918 domains; in 2019, that number was 280,958. The difference is staggering and reflects a decade of work to make .ie domains more accessible and relevant to the changing needs of 21st century Ireland. “It also demonstrates the unrelenting pace of digital transformation and technological advancement. In the last ten years, the internet has become as vital to everyday life and business as electricity, running water, and road infrastructure.”, says David Curtin, CEO of IE Domain Registry, in his opening address in the report.

In March 2018, a rule change made it easier and faster to register a .ie domain name. Following a surge in registrations that year, the rate of new .ie registrations in 2019 cooled off but remained higher compared to ‘pre-liberalisation’ years. In 2019, the majority of the .ie database comprised companies and self-employed entrepreneurs (79.5%), a figure broadly in
line with 2018. Because it is protected, a .ie domain is the best way for Irish businesses to demonstrate their trustworthiness and authenticity to local and international customers.

Why you should choose a .ie address

  • It’s identifiably Irish – .ie is the official internet country code for Ireland and the only online address that is 100% Irish
  • It’s more likely to be available – .ie offers a wider choice of available names compared to .com, as more of those names are already registered
  • Let your customers find you online – Irish consumers are more likely to click on local website addresses
  • Consumers can trust you – Every .ie applicant’s identity is checked and validated at the point of registration. Consumers will have confidence in your business as .ie is a well-established and trusted domain
  • It’s the preferred online address for businesses in Ireland – 79.5% of all registered online addresses are Irish businesses, proving that they recognise the value of a .ie domain
  • Protect your brand – Securing your .ie address strengthens your brand and protects your identity

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