Cuprinol – Garden Living – Colour & Protection Inspired by Nature

When it comes to a garden that is as colourful as it is cared for, the Cuprinol woodcare range takes a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book with two expert formulas. Cuprinol Garden Shades protects for up to six years with ‘Nature’s Neutrals’ and ‘Nature’s Brights’: the former are inspired by the world around us – raw materials such as water and earth – and offer a soothing backdrop for bigger surfaces; while the latter take their cue from flowers to add impact to smaller details. Cuprinol’s Five Year Ducksback, their specialist fence treatment, is enriched with wax (just like its namesake, right?!) to protect from the elements for up to five years – perfect for rough-sawn surfaces. Whatever project your customer is planning, they can be confident that their garden woodcare range has it covered with products rooted in nature. The Cuprinol colour guide is packed full of inspiration and little hacks on how to bring your customer’s garden to life. Along with the website there are lots of how-to videos to create these looks in your customer’s garden. So go on: encourage your customer to pick up a brush and let their imagination run wild.

Cuprinol are showing customers just how easy it is to work with their woodcare range:

Sit Pretty

Advise your customer to give their garden bench a dash of sundowner style with a striped ‘dusk’ effect. Paint two wooden slats at a time in the same Garden Shades colour, moving from light to dark as they work their way from the top of the bench to the bottom. Then find a south-facing spot in the garden and position their perch towards the setting sun. Cocktail hour, anyone?

Nature’s Hacks

Clever and colourful, Cuprinol’s quick tricks turn everyday items into imaginative ideas that welcome nature into your customer’s garden. Fairies at the bottom of the garden do exist, don`t they? – so why not give them a fun home? Encourage the application of a couple of coats of Garden Shades Sunny Lime and Pebble Trail to old pots; then add a layer of gravel and compost. Advocate the arrangement of pebbles, moss and fantastical figurines on top to create their fairy gardens. Kids of all ages will love tending to them.

Remind your customers that from old pots to used pallets and tree branches, the garden is full of inspiring ingredients for creative hacks. Together with tins of their leftover paint, there’s no limit on what they can create, all without costing the earth.