Significant benefits to better packaging

The Fastener & Fixing category is evolving in the Irish market and adopting to changes required by the trade to ensure easier stock control of what can be an extremely difficult category for merchants to get to grips with, especially in terms of stock control & stock outs.

There is a shift away from the traditional loose stock systems that have been in place for decades and a significant move towards professionally displayed pre-packed ranges of product. The benefits for the merchant are significant with a barcoded product ready for scanning, easier stock control and reduced out of stocks and a significant reduction in time spent counting the traditional loose stock in bins. The associated product costs are typically higher as the bagged products carry a higher premium in terms of packaging, but the return on investment seems to be paying off for those merchants who have made the switch and invested in the pre-packed ranges.

Those suppliers who are ahead of this curve will reap the benefits as early adopters to a rapidly changing marketplace with point of sale and merchandising solutions becoming an
ever more important part of the service on offer.

You’d be NUTS to go anywhere else!

The core product range of Fasteners & Fixings (as in the name) are being extended to offer an even deeper range of products and brands to offer the Irish market.

As part of their ongoing development Tucks Fasteners & Fixings are now offering a range of Forgefix Trade pack products in Trade bags. This new range offers an alternative to the traditional loose bin stock that has been the standard offering in the Irish Market. This comprehensive Bagged range covers everything the merchant will need and guarantees a high return on investment without the hassle of managing loose stock!

Tucks Fasteners & Fixings are also expanding their offering on Gas Nails including the ever Popular Paslode Range of IM360 Nails and Tools as well as the traditional IM350 range of Gas nails and tools. Both SPIT Pulsa and DeWalt PAT ranges offer a real alternative for builder’s merchants all over Ireland.

2019 also saw the very exciting launch of a comprehensive range of BPC builders metal products including Wall Starters, Joist Hangers, Wall Ties and Metal strapping. The entire range is CE certified on all relevant products and is backed with a catalogue to help merchants & trade customers easily locate the right product for the right job.

The very popular Reisser Schraubentechnik Tub range also includes a top-quality screwdriver bit with 2 x Wera Pz2 bits included free in every single tub! – the response from the merchants to the Reisser Schraubentechnik R2 Tubs, has been incredible.

SPAX continue to develop the range of products and are now offering a range of SPAX Tubs
to the Irish Market complete with a merchandising solution. Tucks have also increased their
range of SPAX Construction screws and have included a NEW SPAX storage box for the
tradesman to keep all the Spax assortment in one convenient durable storage box.


Tucks new innovative Point of Sale solutions has been a huge success and has helped increase sales dramatically in any stores that have rebranded with their comprehensive range of Industry leading quality brands, backed up with their team of professional merchandisers.

Tucks Fasteners & Fixings is a one stop shop with all the above product ranges and lots more available for same day delivery in Dublin and next day guaranteed for the entire 32 counties of Ireland. You can log onto their B2B Trade only web shop,, 24 hours a day seven days a week, or contact your local sales representative at 01-8845100 or Email to explore the many opportunities they have to help you grow your sales with their Top quality brands.

Tucks have an even deeper range of stock available since their acquisition by the Dormole group in 2018 and are Brexit ready!

If you take all of this into account, we firmly believe “You’d be NUTS to go anywhere else!”

New Updated range of screws, Fixings and fasteners

Did you know that TIMco has sold more than four and a half billion classic screws to date?
With the launch of the new Autumn/Winter 2019 catalogue, the largest and most comprehensive to date, TIMco has added 300 new product lines, including stainless steel screws to its multi-purpose range.

Stainless steel has become an increasingly popular material to use due to its excellent  corrosion and heat resistance, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, coupled with the fact that it is a low maintenance solution, make it an ideal material for many applications.

Updating these ranges with stainless steel ensures they’re more durable, and therefore more economical to use over time. The new screw range is also available in TIMbags,
packaging that provides water resistance and a re-sealable fix which can be used long after the screws have gone.

The 18th edition of the catalogue also features additions to the fasteners and fixings range as well as more than 7,000 products in total across all ranges. There is also a specialist guide available on the TIMco website on screws, fixings and fasteners

ESSVE – the game changer when it comes to fixings and fasteners

ESSVE, one of Europe’s largest Suppliers of high quality fixings & fasteners are now available in Ireland and UK and will be distributed by Contech Building Products.

The Game Changer – Essve are well renowned throughout Europe for their high quality range of fixings & fasteners and, more recently, their unique and innovative ESSBOX Case system that is simple, smart and efficient.

Load-Work-Reload – with its tight fitting lid and unique octagonal patterned floor keeping everything in place, the ESSBOX Case allows you to load your daily requirements, do your days’ work and then reload for your next day.

ESSVE fixings & fasteners are supplied in handy stackable tubs and are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit everybody’s requirements.

For more details contact Contech Building Products on 01 6292963.

Exciting times at Olympic!

With new investment, Olympic Fixings Group have been going through some exciting times to sharpen its selling proposition in the merchant sector.

Olympic Fixings supplies fixings, fasteners and DIY products to over 4,000 merchants across the UK and Ireland. The Group offer a range of over 3,300 products, including tried and trusted Olympic brands. Founded in 1989, the firm operates in Ireland from its long-standing distribution centre in Bangor.

In 2018, Olympic embarked on a major modernisation programme. They introduced Warehouse Management Systems to its Irish and British operations. The results have
been stunning – 40% plus improvement in efficiency, with staff working less physically hard, this provides a platform for the growth ambitions of the management team and ensures consistent and reliable service for the company’s thousands of merchant customers.

A key element of the “New Olympic” plan was to modernisethe look of the company, its branding, packaging and merchandising, with a launch in Autumn 2018. The clean and
contemporary look is now adding value for customers in the new generation of packaging.

Significant investment in the IT infrastructure culminated in the launch of Olympics online catalogue in both Ireland and Britain. Olympic equipped their external salesforce with tablets, enabling orders placed with salesman to be processed straight into the system.

Olympic have just launched the exciting new Beaverscrews® brand to the market, with a major Trade & Social Media Marketing Campaign.

In conclusion, MD Paul Gordon commented “All of the investment in the last 18 months has been designed to enhance our offer to merchant customers. Our mantra is that we want to be easy to do business with. We can now give faster and more consistent order turnaround – our low carriage paid order value will help customers carry optimum stock levels while maximising availability – reducing their working capital without adversely impacting sales.
Exciting times at Olympic!”

Unifix prepack added to the range

John Murphy (Castlerea) Ltd are delighted to announce that they are now distributing Unifix prepack fastener and fixings. The Unifix prepack comes in small prepacks and larger heavy duty pouches which are more suitable for trade buyers. These pouches stand on shelf or hang on hooks. The feedback from recent store installs of Unifix displays has been very positive with shops reporting strong sales and good margin. The quality of the bag and the choice are going down well with customers.

The Unifix range will complement the popular range of loose Allgrip fasteners and fixings presented in drop bins. The company say that some shops prefer the drop bins as they provide more flexibility for customers versus fixed bag quantities.

Wire Nails have now been added to the Allgrip range and will come in 1kg and 20kg boxes across the different types of nails.

In addition to their fasteners and fixings range the company`s general hardware category continues to grow. This includes Allgrip hand tools, Allgrip wire netting, Heller drill bits, Conmetall chain and rope, Simpson Strong Tie, Exitex along with many other hardware categories.

The John Murphy (Castlerea) Ltd online B2B system,, while slow to start, is now being used by more and more customers once they request a login from the company. While they have some UK suppliers the majority of their supply base is outside the UK which gives them some independence from the potential full impact of Brexit.