Workwear, where choice is key

The global workwear market is on the rise. It has been on an upward trajectory since 2015 when the downward spiral of the recession finally eased, and fortunes began to change within the industry.

However, it is a market that is constantly evolving so rising sales are not giving companies a chance to rest on their laurels. A rapidly changing customer base, driven by an ever-discerning male customer and a significant increase in female workers joining traditionally male industries are forcing companies to consistently review and update their product offerings. The modern customer expects an endless choice of trend led clothing that marries functionality, comfort and design seamlessly and workwear producers are sitting up and taking notice.

Improvements such as effervescent colours, higher standards in PPE and the introduction of non-traditional materials all mean a better experience for the wearer. An example is the recent introduction of fibreglass to safety shoes which allows for a light, breathable solution to the protection required.

Another huge driver of growth within the sector is the ever-increasing burden of responsibility on employers. Constantly evolving legislation and an increasingly litigious workforce mean that employers need to have all their bases covered to protect themselves from hefty fines and penalties.

Workplace accidents cost the Irish economy millions of euro each year and The Health & Safety Authority’s Annual Report shows that there were 39 work-related fatalities reported
to the HSA in 2018, compared to 48 in 2017, a decline of 19%. However most of these accidents and incidents are completely avoidable. When viewed in this light, the constant push for better health and safety legislation is totally understandable.

Growing Trends

In addition to the reasons mentioned earlier, other factors are contributing to the steady increase in the workwear market.

The resurgence of the construction market is certainly a big factor in Irish growth and with the Irish construction sector due to grow in 2019, it shows no sign of slowing down. The accompanying demand for associated trades and professional services further boost the demand.

We have also recently seen smart technology begin to be rolled out for various workplace solutions such as GPS trackers for remote employees and health monitors forming part of wearable workwear tech. This innovation is only beginning, and we can expect to see many more technological advancements coming down the line over the next couple of years.

All in all, the workwear market continues to boom and with Ireland enjoying full employment, it doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.

Portwest Safety Centre: A winning partnership with Morris DIY!

Morris’s DIY Waterford, one of the largest builders providers and DIY in the south east pride themselves on their customer service and the experience they offer the local community in Waterford. “Morris’s are a leader in modern customer centric retailing and we really value the partnership we have had with them over the years” commented Rachel Davoren, General Manager of Portwest.

When you walk into the store the first thing you notice is it’s easy to navigate displays, extensive workwear ranges and modern merchandising. Morris’s were one of the first
builders’ providers in the country to adopt the Portwest Safety Centre concept. They also stock the Portwest Leisurewear range which is popular with customers.

Portwest is still a family owned company and are experts and market leaders in the design and production of workwear clothing, footwear and PPE. For over 110 years the company has built its success on the principles of high-quality designs, value for money and superior
service. Their team visited Morris’s store and worked with management to tailor a Safety Centre concept especially for them.

The Portwest Safety Centre concept is the complete retail solution for hardware stores. It combines a comprehensive range of over 2000 products with fully merchandised modern displays. It also includes the added benefits of staff training days, an online ordering portal and marketing suite of promotional videos and custom social media graphics.

Since it’s installation Morris’s have seen significant increases in sales. Regular visits to the store by the Portwest merchandiser ensures that the latest innovative products are being added and only best sellers are stocked in stores. The collaboration has worked extremely
well, and their Store Manager recently commented on the partnership by saying “We are delighted with our collaboration with Portwest. The store looks fantastic with the installation of the new stands and sales are growing significantly. The service we receive from Portwest is second to none and we look forward to working with them for many more years.”

Portwest offer their Safety Centre concept to all hardware and DIY retailers nationwide and can tailor bespoke solutions no matter how big or small the store. If you are interested in having a Safety Centre installed or would like to know more about the Portwest range of workwear and PPE you can contact their team on 098 51712.