Irish Cement Launch new how-to website

Irish Cement’s new dedicated website which was launched in May has proven to be very popular with bagged cement customers. The site includes three short animated videos that
provide easy to follow, step by step guidance and tips for general purpose concrete projects. The first video sets out what your customers should consider when planning a small-scale concrete project, such as a path or patio. Videos two and three give more detail on how to mix concrete using either a shovel (video 2) or a tumble mixer (video 3), depending on the scale of the project.

Irish Cement’s ‘concrete calculator’ is a big hit!

The site also includes a handy ‘concrete calculator’ which has been a very popular feature.

When Irish Cement reviewed the traffic to the site they found that the ‘concrete calculator’ page had over half of the ‘hits’. The calculator allows the customer or retail/trade counter
staff to enter the project dimensions (length by width by depth), to calculate the approximate quantities of cement, sand and gravel required.

Ray Molyneaux, Irish Cement Sales & Marketing Director said, ‘We always knew the calculator would be a popular feature but we were a little surprised to see that over half of
the users of the site in the first few months used the calculator’.  ‘We regularly get enquires from the public about mix ratios and how many bags of cement they need for particular projects’. Based on the success of the site so far, Irish Cement are planning to extend the content and include other ‘how to’ videos in the future. ‘Since we launched the site
we have received lots of feedback and suggestions for other videos that our customers would like to see added to the site’, said Ray.