Gyproc OneCoat Plaster

Gyproc has launched a new lightweight, one coat plaster which can be used on most masonry backgrounds.

The new Gyproc OneCoat plaster is a gypsum based lightweight plaster that’s easier to spread and less physically demanding than other systems leading to greater speed of use, reduced working time and improving performance on site. Gyproc OneCoat also provides a high quality, durable finish with a single application, saving time and labour costs whilst improving the quality of indoor air by removing formaldehyde from the air.

When applied to masonry walls Gyproc OneCoat can provide a significant contribution to the overall airtightness performance strategy of a building. Test results undertaken in a INAB accredited laboratory demonstrated that the application of 10mm Gyproc OneCoat over 100mm Irish manufactured concrete blocks, laid on edge, offered an air permeability performance of 0.028m3/h.m2 (50pa).

As an added benefit, the Activ’Air technology removes formaldehyde from the indoor air improving the air and climate in your customer’s home.

Gyproc OneCoat plaster is applied directly to blockwork and built out to a depth of 13mm for Party Walls to meet Building Regulations (OR 10mm for non-performance walls) and finished like a normal finish plaster.

When mixing Gyproc OneCoat, for optimum results, hand mixing should be carried out with an 1800watt mechanical drill. For machine application, Gyproc OneCoat plaster works well with most electrical spraying machines. The plaster should be applied in an even manner and can be built out to a depth of 13mm. If required, Gyproc OneCoat can be built out to a maximum depth of 25mm (for more details please see Product Data Sheet at

This new one coat plaster speeds up the plastering process – no need to wait for a Sand & Cement undercoat to dry/set before applying a finish coat. Gyproc OneCoat is a single plaster application, and with a 4 – 5 hour setting time, you can have your walls finished in one day.