Grant drives exceptionally efficient property heating

Heating technology manufacturer Grant is continuing to lead Ireland’s plumbing and heating industry with its highly efficient and reliable heating solutions, all of which are designed to the highest quality and feature within the company’s popular Multiple Package Solutions offering.

Suitable for those undertaking a new build project, the free of charge offering brings an innovative and hassle-free approach to the identification of a property’s heating needs and combines the specialist knowledge of Grant’s Technical Team with its expanding product portfolio.

Ensuring a fully-integrated heating system, Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions service designs, quotes and supplies all required heating products, specifying the property’s main
heating source and suitable hot cylinders, right through to accompanying heat emitters including underfloor heating.

Combining multiple technologies from its product range, Grant helps to ensure that maximum efficiencies are achieved for the property’s heating system which can then
have a positive impact on annual heating bills.

The newly-launched Aerona3 R32 air source heat pump range is a key feature of Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions offering which provides end users with a range of benefits
including optimum efficiency outputs and a cleaner and more environmentally friendly performance. Available in outputs of 6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW, the Aerona3 R32 range is the latest addition to Grant’s range of heating technologies and features R32 refrigerant which has a lower global warming potential than typical heat pump refrigerants and meets legislative targets outlined as part of the 2014 EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Regulations.

With an impressive A+++ rating, the Aerona3 R32 range delivers exceptional efficiencies and incorporates several familiar features that end users and installers have come to
associate with the Grant Aerona3 brand. All models within the range are single phase, DC inverter driven and feature weather compensation controls and a base tray heating element to stop ice formation in cold weather conditions.

The R32 refrigerant featured within the air source heat pumps is a single-component refrigerant which means it has no temperature glide. With just one molecule in formation, the R32 heat pump’s saturated liquid and vapour temperatures are the same which means there is no risk of temperature glide and the system can recharge and recycle with greater ease, making it more efficient.

With a compact footprint and low noise levels, the heat pumps are designed to have minimal impact on their surroundings both aesthetically and acoustically. The international award programme Quiet Mark, which validates and awards low-noise, high-performance technologies that help deliver solutions to overcome noise pollution, recently awarded the esteemed Quiet Mark to the 13kW and 17kW models within the Aerona3 R32 range. The models underwent acoustic testing and assessment associated with the achievement and were recognised for their quiet operation.

Grant’s full range of heating solutions are available from leading plumbing and heating merchants throughout Ireland. For more information visit

How your customers can avail of Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions offering

  1. Send their planning drawings to
  2. A member of the Grant team will be in touch with you to discuss requirements
  3. They will receive full property specifications with recommended products all available from Grant.