Colourful interior design couldn’t be made easier

The Signature Collection by Dulux have unveiled a colour curation in a collaboration with interior designer Denise O’Connor. The collection brings together years of professional colour expertise and design know-how in an easy to navigate colour card, which puts the
colour tools in your customers hand to easily work a look for a room.

Try the trio philosophy … Signature’s harmonising neutrals come in families of easy to pick from trios, each sibling relating to the other, allowing your customer to work a trio twist throughout a room, or from room to room. Bring a space together by working say a darker hue from one family such as Pure Haze on one wall, and then a lighter Subtle, or Mid Haze in corresponding walls – the varying shades result in a curated look.

Coordinate woodwork by using the same colour for windows and door, tying your customers look together with sister tones from the same trio. According to Denise O’Connor, “Equally these trios work well from room to room to create flow and connectivity throughout a home. Specifically designed for Irish light, the beauty is each tone comes in a whole range of different finishes, so a customer can opt for different gradients of a colour on woodwork and skirtings, giving your home fluidity.”

For a contemporary yet moody effect, a customer can opt for Signature’s dark neutrals including Denise’s favourite Fine Line along with accent colour Green Eggs & Ham. Deceptive in its name, white can easily fool the eye, so Denise has simplified white by featuring three classics. Namely, a contemporary white, Urban White features cool undertones, while Easel White is a warm white with naturally warm undertones, ideal for use alongside a warm neutral. The versatile Signature White serves as a classically diverse white which clearly sits between the two.

A customer simply picks a colour then a finish whether it be for walls, doors or windows. Those looking for a particular hardwearing long lasting finish should opt for Diamond Matt or Diamond Eggshell finishes for their longevity.