Composite decking – another level

When it comes to installing a deck or laying a patio we all know that preparation is key. Your customer will need to know that the first step is to ensure the substrate is sound enough to take the materials they will be installing. Once this is established they will need to get their levels right. Unless they are lucky enough to have a flat surface with a natural fall to allow rain water to run off they will need to do some degree of groundwork before they begin to lay the first decking joist or paving slab.

While traditional methods of using piers, blocks, paving or bricks to achieve the desired height for decking are tried and tested there is a much simpler and faster way – Pedestals. Adjustable pedestals have long been on the market and there are many versions available to choose from. Whiteriver Group have partnered with Solidor, a European manufacturer of high quality pedestals for decking and paving. Their pedestals can be continuously adjusted in height from 32mm to 1000mm and are designed to withstand up to 800kg each.

The system is simple. Firstly, your customer chooses a pedestal with a height range to suit their project and adjust to the required level to set the required heights. Next, lay the
pedestals out at the recommended spacings, fix joists to the top plates and the job’s done. If you nee d a little extra height simply add 20mm, 35mm or 100mm extension pieces to an overall maximum of 1000mm. These pedestals are particularly useful for commercial installations where speed of completion is key at the final stages of a project. The pedestals can also be used in paving applications which eliminates the need to build up ground heights with core material and essentially allows paving to be installed without a mortar base – each paving top plate has built in 3mm spacers which allow rainwater to drain off
easily. Once in place, paving can simply be lifted to gain access underneath for any future maintenance requirements.

The popularity of composite decking has grown considerably in Ireland since first introduced by decking pioneers the Wogan family of Dunleer, Co. Louth over ten years ago and has become a firm favourite with homeowners, architects and local authorities seeking out low maintenance alternatives to timber. Sales Director for Whiteriver Group Iain Wogan says that “We had a fantastic response to our stand at Bloom last year and will be back again this year to promote the brand”. Iain says that sales of their “next generation Ultrashield” decking has been particularly strong since introducing this premium board to the market a number of years ago. Along with their new range of pedestals Whiteriver now also stock aluminium joists for decking which give strength and confidence to all levels of decking installation and peace of mind that lasts for years.