Contech Seals Up The Market

In this issue’s Supplier Profile, The Hardware Journal Editor, Adam Byrne, spoke to Andrew D’Arcy, Marketing Manager at Contech Building Products about the company’s continued success.

Established in 2003, Contech first began supplying to small independent builder’s merchants across Ireland. Specialising in the supply of high-quality building products for construction professionals, Contech boasts several premium offerings. These include the well renowned TEC7 range of adhesives, sealants, expanding foams and roof repair products, as well as their new ESSVE range of fasteners and fixings. According to Marketing Manager, Andrew D’Arcy, Contech is a customer-orientated business that places a huge
focus on delivering the best possible customer service. Andrew cemented the importance of this element of the business, saying, “the company’s exceptional levels of customer service and support remains the key factor in the company’s growth and success in accompaniment with the strength of the relationships which it has established with its customers. By offering excellent customer service, we’ve cultivated a strong customer base over time, and as a result, TEC7 has become the number one MS Polymer brand throughout Ireland.”

Speaking about the company’s business model, Andrew said that Contech’s goal is to have a clear vision of where they fit into the marketplace and to have a strong focus on the company’s core strengths, such as customer service, product knowledge, training and developing the brand. “We are always pushing forward with our business development. It’s not an option for us to sit still in terms of product procurement, testing, customer relations,
marketing or any other area of our business. ‘Concentrate on what you do well, but do it a little better’ is our motto and it has proven to be a successful one”

Andrew said that Contech’s focused range allows them to provide an in-depth sales and after-sales service through their business sales network in Ireland of ten representatives, two sales support/merchandisers and five aftersales staff. Discussing new products at Contech, Andrew said, “Building on our success, we are happy to announce that Contech are now distributors for the ESSVE brand of fixings and fasteners in Ireland.

Olly Dunne, M.D. of Contech said, “As always, when taking on a new brand, we need to ensure that it fits our criteria of supplying high quality products; something that our customers are accustomed to with our TEC7 range, so in order to satisfy our requirements, we carried out months of rigorous testing to make sure the quality met our criteria, the results of which, we’re glad to say, exceeded all expectations”.

“Due to its, ‘Simple, Smart and Efficient’ principle, ESSVE is a well renowned Swedish Brand which is known throughout the Scandinavian countries as a game changer. ESSVE developed the ESSBOX Case System that has changed the way tradespeople carry and use their fixings & fasteners in their everyday work life, and we’re excited to be involved with them.”

A large element of Contech’s ethos is based around building a team of well-informed and well-trained employees through employee engagement and strong internal communication protocols. Reflecting on this, Andrew said, “Contech’s excellent customer service record comes from our highly-trained staff. We believe that offering full support to our customers  will further accelerate their growth, and we strive to ensure that the support we give is excellent throughout the company, from their sales representatives through to their logistics department. By providing this level of customer service, we’ve established a strong client base and are preferred suppliers to the leading brands within the merchant and DIY industry.”

In terms of customer engagement, the team at Contech feels that social media is the way forward for advertising. Mainly advertising via LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube currently, Contech is now looking at other ways of reaching out to customers. “Social media allows us to target our customer base, whether it’s procurement or brand managers, to the users of our products”, Andrew said. Speaking of the importance of forward-thinking business strategies, Andrew said that the main trends in the industry currently are environmentally friendly products that are also innovative, good quality and value for money, which both
their TEC7 and ESSVE brands offer.

Commenting on the impact that Brexit may have on the business, Andrew said, “Our products are supplied from Belgium through Rotterdam port, so we will not have the
complication of tariffs etc. However, we do have a large customer base in Northern Ireland that we need to ensure continuity of a high standard of customer service towards. To do this, we have a plan in place that we believe ensures a seamless transition, but like everyone else, we will have to wait and see what happens between now and March 29th.”