Adhesives & Sealants

The adhesives and sealants industry is one that is often overlooked in construction. This is usually because the form and function of many of these products remains hidden from view to the beneficiaries of the products themselves.

There has been an explosion of innovation in the past decade, not only from companies that manufacture adhesive and sealant products, but also in the technology behind the
physical manipulation of plastics and polymers in general. The increasing commercial availability of ultra-high performance glues, epoxies and sealants, as well as machinery like 3D printing equipment serves as an indicator of the massive technological advances in the way these products are produced. These advances have taken place in the adhesives and sealants industry, as well as in the supporting sectors from which this industry can extract research, information and advancement ideas from. There are a number of factors that have changed the face of the adhesives and sealants industry in recent times.

Increased consumer awareness of considerations like BER ratings has driven a push towards even more efficient and high-performance products, while a deeper aesthetic consciousness by consumers has resulted in more options in this market than ever before. This demand has given rise to a surge in competition in this industry, which can only mean one thing for retailers, suppliers and end-users. Good news.

Industry sticks together under FEICA

FEICA is the European voice of the adhesives and sealants industry. FEICA represents the adhesives and sealants industry at European level and works with all relevant stakeholders to create a mutually beneficial economic and legislative environment.

FEICA is holding their 2019 European Adhesive and Sealant Conference & EXPO in Croatia from the 11th to the 13th of September 2019.

Year-on-year, the FEICA conference attracts 500+ industry leaders from all over the world to discuss market drivers and trends, innovation, sustainability and technological advancements.

The theme of this year’s business forum is “Driving growth in volatile times through sustainable supply chain management”. FEICA say that in today’s volatile business environment, adhesive and sealant companies face multiple challenges, such as feedstock costs and availability, and the impact of by-products. At the same time, they still face an
unrelenting focus on delivering continuous improvement in sustainability performance, as well as in financial performance. Innovative supply chain management can offer a way for businesses to extract value in both these benchmark indicators. By working closely with partners up and down the supply chain, from raw material suppliers to end-users, businesses can take early action to create and adopt new practices and products that can boost sustainability and profitability.

For more information on FEICA, or the upcoming European conference, visit or

Bostik MSP Range works in a growing market

As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, Bostik is committed to delivering innovative and high-performance products to the market place.

The adhesive and sealant market has always been an important one, and is currently experiencing growth worldwide. There is a shift towards chemical fixing and away from traditional mechanical methods like screws, rivets, nails etc., which is increasing demand for grab adhesives. This shift offers advantages in terms of time saving, performance,  strength and aesthetics. Advantages of grab adhesives have been acknowledged for years in industries such as the aerospace industry and the automotive industry, but the benefits are steadily gaining recognition in construction applications also.

There is also a shift from some of the more traditional sealant technologies such as silicones, to more high-performance formulations, such as SMP ( Silyl Modified Polymers ) and hybrid technology. These alternative formulations offer many advantages in terms of performance, including reduced curing times, compatibility with diverse building materials, flexibility and bond strength.

Bostik has the product range to answer this shift in demand. These products are flexible, strong and fast and will stick to most surfaces and substrates – even under water. Bostik
NEXT GENERATION products fulfil the needs of tradesmen in construction, renovations and bathroom and kitchen makeovers. Bostik MSP 107 SEAL BOND is flexible, MSP 108 XTREM
BOND is strong and MSP 109 TURBO BOND is fast. ‘Quality products as good as you are’, that deliver flexibility, strength and speed.

Bostik will be supporting the product range with a ‘BUY 1 GET 1 FREE’ offer on selected
products in the range. The ‘BUY 1 GET 1 FREE’ offer will be available during March and April

Contact your Bostik representative, or the Bostik sales desk on 00 353 1 8624900, for further details on these offers.