Shabby Chic From Fleetwood

Fleetwood Paints are delighted to introduce their next offering in an ongoing collaboration with upcycling expert Aileen Hogan. This year sees the release of a finely-crafted colour palette specifically for furniture. There are 27 shades in the Shabby collection, designed to make the colour choice clear and simple for consumers. These 27 Shabby colours are tinted into Fleetwood’s new Advanced Eggshell, the interior and exterior paint for wood and metal.

Aileen Hogan is a leading authority in the world of upcycling in Ireland. Having started out as a hobbyist painter, she quickly saw the potential for a sustainable business in the expanding market of furniture restyling. As the trend grew, what was missing was a one-stop shop for all upcycling supplies, so Aileen opened her online business,

Aileen was recently awarded the All Star Design Leader Award in upcycling at the All Star Business Awards, for her work bringing the Irish community of upcyclers together. She managed to align a passionate community of upcyclers through her very popular Facebook groups, group training days, demonstration days and her online training programme, ‘The Shabby School’. She has now started mentoring fellow small business owners and cottage industry upcyclers to dream the dream and follow her in creating their own success story.

On social media, Fleetwood Paints and Aileen created six short ‘How-To’ video tutorials on several common queries that the two brands get on a daily basis, from painting skirting boards and window sills to the more complicated jobs like pine wood and fireplace surrounds. These instructional videos are designed to empower the consumer, giving them the information and courage needed to tackle their DIY projects. It’s all about making extraordinary spectacles from the ordinary pieces in your home. The videos are complemented by Aileen’s blog posts, which provide more information about the products used and why they were used for certain areas along with how to actually paint the items. All videos are available on and and their related social media pages.

Aileen and Fleetwood are now holding upcycling demonstrations and information days in selected stores around the country.