PSA address FAQs and Brexit

Recently, the Private Security Authority (PSA), along with representatives of locksmiths met with officials from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government in order to seek clarification to a number of questions raised by locksmiths in relation to the application of Building Regulations and the application of Technical Guidance Documents. Following this meeting, the PSA have set out some of the requirements in relation to the issues in a Frequently Asked Questions document. This document has been published on the PSA website and can be accessed at

UK Based Licence Holders and Brexit

While there continues to be a lot of uncertainty around Brexit and the future relationship between the EU and UK, the PSA will continue to licence UK based contractors who wish to provide a service in Ireland on condition that they continue to meet the PSA’s licensing requirements. One of the main issues for UK contractors will be compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After Brexit, the PSA will seek a declaration from UK contractors that their processes and procedures are in compliance with the GDPR. Auditing to ensure that contractors are compliant with the GDPR will become part of the annual certification process for UK contractors.

Sourcing Equipment from the UK after Brexit

With regard to the European standardisation system of CEN and CENELEC, the UK will continue to have its full member’s rights from the date of Brexit (expected to be 29 March 2019) until December 2020. The requirement that products placed on the EU market be CE marked will not be affected by Brexit. UK goods, which may be regarded as third country goods, will have to conform to EU requirements and be CE marked in order to be placed on
the market in the EU.