Dulux protects with style

With solutions for masonry, wood and metal, Dulux has all of the products needed to transform the outside of the home. Dulux has long been the leader in exterior paints for masonry, with its high-performing Dulux Weathershield range and Cuprinol’s garden colour selection, but up to now, the company did not bring all of its exterior brands together.

For 2019, Dulux will continue with its vision of bringing all its exterior brands together under the umbrella of “Exteriors Beautifully Protected”. In-store materials will now feature Dulux Weathershield, Cuprinol, Weathershield Satinwood, High Gloss and Hammerite. Additionally, in 2019, we’ll see more beautiful exterior colours being added to the Dulux Weathershield and Cuprinol ranges.

The brand new Dulux Weathershield Colour Card was launched in February. The new card has seen improvements in the layout of colour ranges, and now displays ready mixed, paint
for wood and metal and colour mixing all on one centre-page spread. These subtle improvements make it much easier to decide on that all-important colour selection. Throughout the card, we also see tried-and-tested colour schemes in the form of ‘trios’, referenced with their own bespoke names such as ‘The Atlantic’, which showcases coordinated colour schemes for walls, plinths, sills and front doors. All schemes have been carefully selected by Dulux’s popular colour consultant, Cora Collins, who has many years of experience in both commercial and residential colour scheme selection.

The card also outlines some very helpful hints and tips to think about when choosing colour schemes to suit the home, advice on what to consider for urban housing versus rural housing, and tips on considerations for windows and front doors. Finally, see some beautiful
new contemporary colour introductions like Cashel Clay, Rugged Shore and Winters Tale
in the masonry range, along with some more vibrant colours for Exterior Satinwood such as Lush Fern, Raspberry Lane and Atlantic Swell.