Hygeia Chemicals Ltd – 80 Years of Innovation

Nun’s Island in Galway, location of the original Hygeia site.

In the latest installment of our Anniversary series – celebrating HAI’s 80th birthday this year – household name Hygeia also pop the champagne cork as they themselves close in on 80 years in business.

In 1939, Dr Donny Coyle had a vision. As a vet and entrepreneur, he knew that more cereal would have to be grown to meet the demands of the impending Second World War, and that these seeds would need to be treated to protect them and ensure maximum yields. He set up Hygeia Chemicals Ltd to provide a much-needed solution for the Irish farmer to protect crops and livestock.

Today, Hygeia manufactures and distributes a wide range of garden care products alongside its agricultural and veterinary offering. We continue to innovate and adapt to the market, with decades of expertise and research and development at the heart of everything we do.

We have won multiple awards for our GreenForce Lawn Gold organic-based lawn care range, and strive to offer solutions to gardening challenges encountered by every gardener, while adapting to the constantly changing regulatory, environmental and retail landscape.

Our new Mosgo All Natural Probiotic Multi Surface Cleaner is the latest addition to our incredibly popular Mosgo range. Child and pet safe, bee friendly and free from harmful chemicals, Mosgo All Natural Probiotic Multi Surface Cleaner continues to work the longer you leave it on: the probiotics ‘eat’ the dirt. With glyphosate in the news and on the minds of both consumers and retailers, an excellent alternative is new Hytrol All Natural Path & Drive Weed & Mosskiller – a glyphosate free formula that works quickly to kill weeds and moss on hard surfaces.

With a very difficult spring season behind us, many lawns are in need of rescue. The exceptional snowy conditions followed by a heatwave and drought a few months later meant that it was not a normal lawn care season. To this end, Hygeia was delighted to launch a Lawn Recovery Plan in July comprising Instant Green Lawn Tonic and Lawn Gold Summer Green. Instant Green Lawn Tonic is a unique blend of chelated iron and nitrogen to ensure that the nutrients are readily absorbed by the grass to give an immediate rich, deep greening that lasts all season. A week later this is followed by an application of Lawn Gold Summer Green – an organic based lawn feed that uses slow release technology to feed the grass while naturally suppressing moss. Used together these products will help scorched, stressed lawns recover from the highly unusual weather conditions of the past few months.

While still a family owned company, it is clear to see that Hygeia has never stood still. We have continued to move with consumer demand and have anticipated and responded to changes in the marketplace. We have developed a sophisticated online presence and attractive consumer branding to support our high-quality and proven effective garden care products. From our beginnings as a seed treatment facility, at one point even producing de-lousing powder for the British Army, we are now a highly respected and well-established consumer brand with a number of market leading products in the Irish market, and more recently the UK. Here’s to another 80 years of success and innovation!

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