Workwear market made sweat for gains

Technological advancements are leading to the production of smart and high-tech workwear apparel. These clothes are equipped with sensors that help in maintaining body  temperature, as well as being made using technically advanced fabrics that provide  protection against UV rays and harmful radiation. Manufacturers are also focusing on producing light-weight workwear apparel, along with innovative designs to make it both comfortable and stylish.

However, the high cost of functional workwear apparel and a general lack of awareness about the use of protective workwear are likely to hamper the growth of the market. According to the latest report by Fact.MR, the global functional workwear apparel market is expected to witness sluggish growth. The market is estimated to increase to 2.6% CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2026. The market is also projected to bring in US$749.3 million revenue by the end of 2026. Owing to the rise in employment in both the industrial and service sectors, companies are moving towards providing workwear apparel offering  safety and comfortability, thereby enhancing functionality.

5 Forecast Highlights on Global Functional Workwear Apparel Market

  1. Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) is expected to emerge as the largest region in the global functional workwear apparel market. Owing to the growth in the manufacturing sector, the rise in the new employment opportunities and growth in the service sector are  some of the factors driving the functional workwear apparel market in APEJ.
  2. Europe is also expected to witness growth in the functional workwear apparel market. Manufacturers are focusing are increasingly investing research and development in terms of fabric innovation, and using advanced materials, enabling functionalities such as water resistance, durability, and maintaining body temperature.
  3. Uniforms are expected to be one of the top-selling functional workwear apparel during the forecast period 2017-2026. Uniforms are estimated to bring in more than US$300 million in revenue by the end of 2026.
  4. Compared to natural fiber, synthetic fiber accounted for a maximum revenue share by the end of 2017. Synthetic fiber is projected to bring in nearly US$ 600 million revenue by 2026 end.
  5. The service sector is expected to emerge as one of the largest buyers of functional  workwear apparel. By the end of 2026, the service sector is estimated to exceed US$300 million revenue.

Source: Fact.MR

Design and Innovation Behind Portwest’s Success

For over 114 years, Portwest have designed, developed and manufactured safety clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment. Portwest have an expert design team who  combine the latest research in materials and design with industry feedback to create award-winning products. This winter, Portwest will be introducing three new ranges of workwear clothing into the Irish market: PW3, WX3 and KX3.

Portwest PW3 – A Dynamic and Contemporary Take on Classic Workwear

Described as third generation workwear, the Portwest PW3 range blends contemporary sports and lifestyle trends with the functionality of classic workwear. Premium fabrics.

Portwest WX3™ – Contemporary Workwear Built to Perform

Portwest WX3 contemporary workwear blends comfort, versatility and ascetics with advanced construction techniques to offer a solution for everyday activity and working environments. Featuring a modern fit and cutting-edge fabrics, the styles are engineered to offer superior abrasion resistance and exceptional all-day comfort.

Portwest KX3™ – Trend-led Apparel for a New Generation of Working Professionals

Portwest KX3 is a superior collection of trend-led apparel combining quality construction and technical fabrics to the very highest standards. Key characteristics include abrasion  resistance, moisture management and stretch elements for improved agility and effortless movement.

Keypoint keep firm grip on glove market

Nobody likes to wear disposable gloves. When your hand is inside a nitrile or latex glove, a number of reactions occur that lead to discomfort and, in some cases, the inflammation of skin conditions, which in turn increase the level of discomfort. Firstly, the temperature of the hand increases and in response, the hand starts to sweat. This moisture is trapped inside the glove as there is nowhere for the sweat to go. The hand is damp and clammy, and the PH of the hand becomes imbalanced, which in turn can cause the skin to become itchy, red and inflamed.

Until now, other than washing your hands and replacing the gloves, there was nothing you could really do. Now for the first time, there is a single-use glove that treats the cause
of the discomfort from within the glove. Megaman® from SW Safety Solutions is a revolutionary multi-layer single-use nitrile glove that contains a unique DriTek™ layer that absorbs and wicks perspiration away from the hand. In independent testing, the glove has been shown to absorb up to 18% of its own weight in perspiration within 30 minutes, and up to 45% within an hour. This moisture is then wicked away from the hand, keeping the hand drier, more comfortable and healthier.

Megaman® isn’t just about comfort though. This is one of the toughest and most hard-wearing nitrile gloves available on the market. Both chemical and abrasion resistant, Megaman® at 0.22mm will last up to three times as long as a normal nitrile glove. Its 280mm long cuff offers greater protection further up the arm, while the textured finish makes sure you have a secure grip even in the wettest and oiliest environments. As with all gloves from SW Safety Solutions, Megaman® is accredited as being skin friendly by the Skin Health Alliance. No other range of single use gloves has this or any independent skin health certification.

Keypoint are also delighted to exclusively introduce to Ireland Sixton Peak safety shoes and boots – The Origin of Quality – which have been worn and trusted throughout Europe for a generation. Utilising a lifetime of footwear design and manufacturing experience with only the best European-made components, Sixton epitomises everything you would expect from an Italian-made range of footwear. Impeccable, modern styling is combined with the latest manufacturing technologies to deliver the most comfortable and long-lasting safety footwear available anywhere on the market.

Also from Keypoint, ATG Intelligent Glove Solutions – manufacturers of MaxiFlex, the world’s favourite work glove – has a complete range of hand protection solutions to meet almost every need. Whether you are working inside or outside, in the heat or extreme cold, in either wet or dry conditions, ATG have the perfect glove for the job. As the only range of safety gloves that are pre-washed before packing with independent accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance, ATG gloves not only protect your hands, but are kind to your skin.