Irish suppliers well insulated

In the first part of our Commercial Features section this issue, insulation takes centre stage as the industry shows positivity and innovation to deal with current chemical shortages.

Customers were thrown a minor curveball amid a shortage of the key chemical used to make rigid insulation panels, methylene diphenyl diisocyante (MDI), with scarcity seeing some major players in the industry slightly reducing their insulation supply. Irish insulation manufacturers have adapted their supply of some product ranges as a leading European supplier of a key ingredient experiences production problems.

One major supplier said recently that global shortages have resulted in price increases for the material this year. The company went on to say in a trading update that while its profit margins would be squeezed in the first half of this year, they expect to promptly and fully recover rising MDI costs.

“We have seen in the past that the major insulation producers have been quite strong in sourcing alternative supplies, so overall we would not expect this issue to derail the current rebound in construction activity,” said Gerard Moore, an equities analyst with Investec in Dublin.

Many builders merchants and construction companies have been encouraging customers to avail of the SEAI “Better Energy Warmer Homes” scheme, which provides free energy efficiency improvements to the homes of people who are in receipt of certain welfare payments. Among such improvements are attic insulation, internal, external and cavity wall insulation, together with other secondary measures as well as recommended occasional upgrades.

Consumers are being informed by industry experts that, “Many houses built in the 70s and 80s had no insulation and are poorly performing. A different amount of heat flows out through the roof than flows through the walls, windows and floors. You need to have the right type of insulation, to the right thicknesses, applied in the right way to achieve the right environmental and economic benefits ”says Duncan Stewart – architect, environmentalist and presenter of RTÉ’s Eco Eye. So be an educator to your customer and offer solutions that match their needs.

Source: The Irish Times, The Irish Independent

ISOVER roll out Metac 031

ISOVER have introduced a new Metac W/mK0.031 insulation roll which increases the overall performance of the ISOVER pitched roof solution.

‘Metac 031’ is the newest product in the Metac range and is available in 140mm thicknesses, pre-split at 600mm for better ease of installation.

Metac can also be combined with the Vario system of airtightness and moisture control membranes and tapes. The Vario system offers one of the widest Sd values available on the Irish market, ensuring excellent airtightness levels within the building envelope, and can diffuse 25 times as much moisture in summer than the structure absorbs in winter, ensuring that the materials in the structure are not exposed to moisture over a longer period. This protects the building structure from longer term damage, such as dry rot and water damage, which can develop due to water ingress through building materials.

Speaking on behalf of ISOVER Ireland, Marketing Manager Valerie Dent said: “We are delighted to be able to bring the highest performance mineral wool roll to the market, while still being able to maintain the ease of installation and complete system approach to our customers. Metac 031 is an exceptional product and can not only offer better performance in pitched roof applications than rival products but can also save installers time and money compared to other pitched roof materials.”