Paint and Décor: Keypoint launch experience enhancing products

Preparation is Key when Painting and Decorating

While it can be tempting for customers to get painting as soon as possible, when they want to decorate a room it is worth taking some time with your clients to help them prepare. A little preparation can go a long way to create flawless results and save time in the long-run.

Aside from the obvious need to treat surfaces to ensure they are clean and smooth for painting, it is always advisable to protect areas from paint spillage, splatter and bleed, ensuring professional finishes and therefore eliminating touch-ups and costly clean-ups.

Taking time now to mask off skirtings, architraves, mouldings, windows, ledges, switches, sockets etc, along with protecting flooring of all types is always advisable and can achieve substantial time savings.

Keypoint are delighted to offer a range of products to make decorating easy.

Frogtape® is not just another masking tape

Helping your customer choose the right painting tape for their next home DIY or professional paint project is so important. Whether they’re masking freshly-painted or dried walls, textured surfaces, wallpaper or decorative painting, the FrogTape® brand has a clean-line solution.

Its innovating PAINTBLOCK® technology reacts with the paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed, ensuring crisp lines without peeling off the paint with the tape.

Unlike other masking tapes, FrogTape® can also be safely removed up to 21 days after application.

FrogTape® is also packed in attractive containers that protect it from damage and keep it fresh for future use, so your customers can say goodbye to unusable damaged old rolls of tape lying in their shed from the last paint job.

Why not go one step further and encourage your customer to express their creativity by using FrogTape® to help them transform their home. A splash of colour goes a long way, from striped or geometric accent walls to personalised end tables or décor, talk with your customers about using FrogTape® to create their next DIY masterpiece.

Kip® Surface Protectors

Work together with your customers to take the pain out of decorating and discuss protecting their surfaces using Kip® pretaped drop films, masking paper and low tack self-adhesive film rolls, all of which are applied quickly and efficiently.

Kip® offer a wide range of options to suit every surface, whether it be PVC, glass, wood, metal, stone or carpets. They are easily and quickly applied, and can protect everything from windows, doors and floors, to radiators, kitchen units and built-in wardrobes – just mask everything and simply paint over to get sharp looking painted edges and surfaces.

Kip® surface protectors are also removed effortlessly and take the stress out of decorating for both the professional tradesperson or the DIYer, making clean-ups easy and saving valuable time.

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