Paint and Décor: Garden Décor is the new Home Décor

Outdoor colour application continues to be the ‘big trend’ in the decorative coatings industry, and even in the high-performance coatings category. Strong and bold colours are more likely to be found on objects from patio furniture to ceramic pots and iron down pipes or railings, than neutrals or natural woodstains, and all to great effect. This trend is fueled by creativity, product innovation and inspirational projects, often shared through Instagram or other social media platforms. It reflects a desire for colour filling spaces and the enjoyment of the outdoors.

This trend also has the effect of driving consumers towards viewing their garden and outdoor spaces as extensions of their living spaces, at least when unpredictable weather patterns allow for it. For the paint specialist merchant, this outdoor décor movement has provided a new and exciting range of products to engage and excite customers, and a whole new area of focus for building exciting design and colour schemes, previously the exclusive domain of interior design.

At Albany Home Décor, this trend has been growing season-onseason in terms of the product mix and choice, but also the boldness of colour application in the great outdoors. Albany have a long track record of stocking leading woodcare brands like Sadolins, Ronseal, Rustins, and Cuprinol, as well as some more specialised products such as Blackfriars, Rustoleum, Woodoc and Sikkens. There is also a wide range of trim paints available in 1,000’s of colours and finishes from flat matts to high gloss. However, the satin and eggshell look continues to grow in popularity with consumers. Product innovation also continues to drive this market, with new and improved formulations to provide greater colour retention, opacity, and durability against the elements – and all against a backdrop of reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Most products are now
entirely water-based or a hybrid formulation, rather than the traditional oil-based coating used in these settings. In metal coatings there is also a broader colour spectrum, and product development like self-priming applications and improved anti-corrosive properties. Albany signpost their woodcare centre in store and encourage their customers to engage with their trained and experienced staff members to talk through their woodcare needs.

General Preparation Guidelines for effective woodcare for your customers

Make sure the wood is clean and dry. For wood in contact with the ground use a suitable wood preserver. On rough sawn timber, remove any dirt, moss, fungal growth and lichens with a stiff brush. On smooth planed and weathered wood, lightly sand to remove loose wood fibres and wipe off any dust with white spirit and allow to dry thoroughly. Previously treated wood such as stains and paints must be removed or primed and undercoated. Wear a suitable face mask when sanding to avoid the inhalation of dust. For the best possible finish use a good quality brush for the application of waterbased finishes.

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