Bright future behind the door

In this issue’s Supplier Profile, The Hardware Journal went West, as HAI CEO Annemarie Harte travelled to County Sligo to see how a HAI Past President aims to bring Basta Parsons Ltd into a new phase of development.

For 63 years now (since 1955), Basta has been a mainstay within the Builders Merchant/Hardware and DIY community, with deep and longstanding connections throughout the industry.

In all that time the company has been based in Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, and continues in this location to this day, with its manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, and finance functions all located in this thriving West of Ireland town. I arrived at Basta on a bright and sunny morning and was greeted by the Chairman and HAI Past President John Murphy, together with the Managing Director Dermot Foster, and – after initial introductions – was given a tour of the full production facility, which spans over 100,000 sq. ft. One can certainly get a sense of the position that Basta holds in the market given the size, overall scale, and sheer volume of activity that was taking place on the morning of my visit. This past year has seen considerable change in the business, as the company was acquired by John and Dermot earlier in 2017 from the Norton Family, following the passing of Kevin Norton after a short illness in January last year.

Along with the existing management team, the new owners set about working on and improving some key functions, with particular emphasis on customer service, marketing, and new product and packaging development, while at the same time re-engaging with all key customers in order to deliver the message that Basta has a new focus and direction under its new management team.

The well-known and home-produced door and window furniture products such as the Belair, Belvedere, and Glencar ranges are now being supported by new and contemporary designs such as Roxton, Eden, Victoria, and Kelsi products, which can all now be found on the brand new Basta website – live since the 1st January this year. Basta is also now a significant supplier of Timber Loft Ladders which has added a new dimension to the product offering available from Basta during 2017. Another major development during 2017 was the acquisition and integration of the Sasta Brand, which previously was based in Tramore, Co. Waterford, and has been now transferred to the Basta facility in Sligo. Incorporating light and heavy-duty pre-packed hardware products along with a comprehensive range of pre-packed electrical products, this was an ideal fit for Basta and entirely complimentary – especially for customers who are seeking to consolidate and fine-tune the supplier rationalisation process.

Drawing on the vast amount of industry experience within the business, Basta is now working on a significant customer support programme designed to pull volume product through the channel called “Basta Channel Reach”, and – using disruptive software technology which Basta has developed – it gives a new meaning to the term “back selling”. Watch this space as Basta offers a new dimension to how it goes about supporting its stockists. All of this activity is now fully supported by a sales team of five area sales managers, along with two full-time sales merchandisers, which ensures that your in-store displays are looking their best at all times.

As one of the longest Irish Brands existing in the construction sector, it’s great to see Basta looking forward to the next phase of its development with confidence, and continuing the legacy of great quality product and service.

If you have a story to tell as a supplier or manufacturer in the Irish market, please contact Annemarie on 01 298 0969 or for more information.