Garden and Outdoor: Weather Clad: Ireland’s Longer Lasting Exterior Paint – Whatever the Weather

We have entered a new era of retailing, where the consumer’s purchasing habits are now calculated and controlled by many different factors – not solely governed by price. With the allure of authenticity and social/cultural factors fast becoming a key player in the consumer’s purchasing decision, it’s time for brands to step up their unique selling point (USP). 

Knowing your customer’s needs

Fleetwood is an Irish company, based in Virginia, Co. Cavan, and all their products bear the badge of honour – the Guaranteed Irish logo. They have researched and developed Weather Clad to be the mother of all exterior paints, made to withstand the harshest weather that Ireland has to offer.

Weather Station

Their testing for durability and endurance is meticulous. The Fleetwood weather testing station in Virginia holds various painted panels which have been left to stand in all types of climatic conditions for up to 25 years, and some have been there even longer. Rain, sleet and sun do their worst and yet Weather Clad stands the test of time.

The Technical Stuff

The paint uses a patented, encapsulated biocide that gives a longer acting kill rate, thereby protecting the film from microbial attack for much longer than standard masonry paint. The system can be thought of as a capsule of biocide (much like a cod-liver oil capsule) that only releases the biocide when a micro-organism interacts with coating. This ensures that the biocide agent lasts much longer in the film, protecting and keeping the painted surface cleaner for longer. This Permacryl technology provides up to 18 years durability as it contains powerful anti-mould and algae properties to resist the growth of mould and fungus whilst protecting the surface. High performance polymers and durable pigments provide resistance against frost and colour fading/chalking, allowing your customer’s paint job to look newer for longer. The water-based nature of Weather Clad means it is touch dry and shower proof in 30 mins, with a recoat time of 2-4 hours.

The Weather Clad Collection

The collection encompasses a carefully selected colour palette by their colour and design experts of 35 exterior hues. These handselected colours are chosen to work in perfect harmony with Ireland’s unique landscape. For the more selective customer, all colours are available in a matt finish from the Fleetwood Colour Mixing System. Nothing has a more dramatic impact on a home’s appearance than a fresh coat of paint, and for the consumer to take on a project of this gravity it is essential to choose an exterior paint with unsurpassable performance and durability.

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