Garden and Outdoor: How to Achieve the Perfect Lawn

Sales of all-in-one lawn fertilisers are showing double digit growth year-on-year, meaning that more people in Ireland are choosing to treat their lawns than ever before.

Figures also show that organic-based lawn care is in triple digit growth – a phenomenal development in the garden care sector, and a huge opportunity for retailers. Whatever its size, a well-tended, weed-free lawn is a great unifier.

The key to effective weed removal is to kill the weed from root to tip. If you prefer not to use weedkillers, smaller weeds can be removed by hand and the more stubborn weeds can be removed with a weeding device. Ensure that you wear protective clothing if you do decide to use weed control products.

You may choose to spread an all-in-one product such as GreenForce Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller; as the name suggests, this will feed the lawn, kill lawn weeds such as dandelions, daisies and buttercup, and eliminate moss by causing it to blacken and die. The black moss should be raked out preferably using a scarifier or springtine rake after about a week.

GreenForce Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller comes in three convenient pack sizes: 3kg treats 150m², 8.75kg treats 437m² and 15kg treats 750m² – up to double the coverage of the competitor products, giving the consumer tremendous value for money.

An environmentally friendly product such as the GreenForce Lawn Gold lawn care programme will feed your lawn using slow release technology, and control moss without turning it black. There is no danger of staining pathways and patios, and no need to rake out dead moss. Moss simply dies back and disintegrates into the lawn, eliminating the need for backbreaking work. Lawn Gold is child and pet safe too – allaying
one of the greatest concerns for many consumers. Trials show that Lawn Gold actually improves the biodiversity in the soil compared to untreated lawns. The three steps also offer retail opportunities almost all year round:

Lawn Gold Classic is applied in spring and contains a slowrelease fertiliser, together with a special blend of minerals that puts moss under stress, while ensuring the grass receives optimum nutrients at the right time.

Lawn Gold Summer Green is applied in the summer months when grass is being mowed frequently – it revitalises stressed lawns whilst limiting overgrowth.

Lawn Gold Winter Protect is then applied in autumn and helps prevent moss settling in over the cold, dark, winter months with its slow release iron.

Helpful hints and tips when speaking with your customers

  • Ensure also lawns are not mowed too tightly, as this weakens grass and can allow moss to establish.
  • Mow in opposite directions each time, which will help prevent grass being flattened and developing into thatch – this leads to poor soil as sunlight and air cannot permeate.
  • Aerate soil using a garden fork or mechanical lawn spike to improve drainage and allow air circulation.
  • Fertilise your lawn using the appropriate lawn feed and moss control for your needs.
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