Garden and Outdoor: The Summer state of mind with Calor

With the worst of the winter weather almost behind us, it’s time to start turning our minds to sunnier thoughts of summer, lighting up the BBQ, and enjoying the best that life has to offer. From patio heaters to gas BBQs, Calor Gas is synonymous with celebrating life outdoors.

Calor Gas BBQs allow budding chefs around the country to cook with ease, precision, and speed using gas. Gas offers instant heat, ease of use, and responsive temperature control, allowing BBQ masters to create the perfect dishes every time. No more steaks burnt on the outside and raw in the middle – gas brings the convenience of your kitchen into the back garden, and beyond. Calor stock a wide range of gas BBQs, catering for back garden cooking, camping adventures, or summer picnics. From serious pieces of cooking equipment to our incredibly popular Mini-BBQ, there is a solution for every occasion.

Designed in Ireland, the Calor Mini-BBQ is the perfect ingredient for outdoor cooking; stylish, clever and functional, and powered by a simple 400g gas cartridge and attachment – it is ideal for both weekend getaways and picnics.

With a wooden lid which cleverly doubles as a chopping board – and a spacious grilling plate – the Calor Mini BBQ is perfect for whipping up an outdoor spread on the go. For larger groups, the BBQ can also be powered by the Calor lightweight 6kg gas cylinder. The portable and easy-to-carry cylinder is complete with a handy contents gauge, ensuring that you will never unexpectedly run out of gas.

Once the cooking is done, you can relax outdoors all year round with the warmth of the Calor-powered patio heaters. Calor provides a range of both table-top and standalone patio heaters. So even if the Irish outdoors aren’t always as warm as we would like, you can still enjoy it.

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