Garden and Outdoor: It’s not ‘just’ a garden … Love life in the outdoors

Spring is knocking on the door, and it’s time to get garden-ready. Think about the garden as the fifth room: it’s not “just” a garden – it’s an extra room with four walls, without a roof, which is the perfect place to relax, socialise, work and play. Being garden ready for the good weather requires just a little inspiration and a lick of paint.

With 90 colours available to be mixed in the Cuprinol Garden Shades range, there is the perfect colour for everybody. Whether you like nature’s neutrals – like greens and blues, or you prefer nature’s brights – like mango and pinks to add a pop of colour, you can get the perfect shade to enhance your garden.

It’s not ‘just’ a garden … it’s an outdoor entertainment place

The simple pleasure of entertaining family and friends in the garden on a summer evening doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By day, a fence is just a fence, but by night – with the addition of a plain white sheet – it can become a movie screen. Add a string of lights, a wooden pallet or two, and some old cane furniture. Then, throw a few rugs over the grass, and you have your very own pop-up outdoor movie theatre. Cuprinol Garden Shades in Wild Thyme, Fresh Rosemary and Dusky Gem combine to create a sultry palette of nature’s neutrals, which come alive in the twilight, and transform fences and furniture. Add a splash of Lavender for subtle energy in the details, and all there is left to do is choose your favourite blockbuster and fire up a big pan of popcorn.

Extending the kitchen outdoors

Great outdoor cooking is all about creating the right combination of flavours, and it’s the same with colour! Perfectly balanced neutrals including Cuprinol Garden Shades Seagrass, Sage and Muted Clay combined with the delicious bright Rich Berry, creates a mouth-watering recipe of colour for your alfresco kitchen space. The secret ingredient is small amounts of decorative painting, such as this stencilled tile effect, which unlocks the potential of the palette in a stylish and practical way.

It’s not ‘just’ a garden … it’s a space to think creatively

Use of colour and zoning can unlock the full potential of your garden as a place to think, dream and create. In this outdoor workspace, Cuprinol Garden Shades in Black Ash and Barleywood are contrasted perfectly by a vibrant splash of orange in the accessories. Open the door to the shed and it becomes a modern study space with bigger blocks of nature’s bright Honey Mango helping to focus energy and get the creative juices flowing.


It’s not ‘just’ a garden … it’s a place where the kids can get their hands dirty

A family garden should be fun, practical, and everyone’s favourite place to be. If space is limited, or you have an unloved corner to revitalise, get creative and paint a world you can all lose yourselves in. Nature’s neutrals: Cuprinol Garden Shades in Misty Lake, Pale Jasmine and Muted Clay combine to recreate a cloud-filled sky and horizon, with easy-to achieve hand-painted shapes. Nature’s bright Dazzling Yellow adds the sun-drenched sand of a fantasy beach.

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