Garden and Outdoor: All angles covered for retailers

As the dawn breaks on 2018, the frequency of bizarre, unpredictable, and challenging weather systems continues to become a more concrete reality. Across the pond, the U.S. has simultaneously experienced record numbers of wildfires and – more recently – record low temperatures over the past twelve months. Here in Ireland, the conveyor belt of various-category storms has been coupled with our increasingly common sun-drenched summers.

Retailers have therefore encountered the significant challenge of adapting their outdoor commercial spaces to both protect and entice customers. With indoor spaces at a premium, the drive to maximise the potential of accompanying outdoor spaces in 2018 is on.


From the first impression a retailer strives to make, commercial canopies can help create feature entrances and unique visual impact retail attractions to attract visitors. Covered walkways can then further entice these visitors into areas they wouldn’t normally visit. The optimal utilisation of outdoor spaces – through the employment of canopies – will also help maximise visitor numbers, as well as shelter social, communal, and play areas from the weather. Innovative solutions to under-utilised space can include creating workshops or converting outdoor spaces into demo-hosting areas. This outdoor shelter solution can also protect exposed stock or storage areas from the afore-mentioned inclement weather, as well as prolonging a customer’s length of stay (and spend) whilst at a particular store or attraction.

Among the various providers on the market, Colm Warren Polyhouses Ltd (CWP Ltd) have a long history providing canopies and buildings to a large and diverse client base, and their team delight in providing solutions that will both create and enhance existing commercial environments, offering free first-time consultations and site-visits. For more information, visit

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