Edge’s Hardware marks 100 years.

Owned and run by Victor Edge, Edge’s Hardware in Fairview, Dublin recently celebrated 100 years in business.

Beverly, the daughter of owner, Victor Edge, researched the history of the business and set up a mini-exhibition in the front window of the premises to celebrate the milestone.

The exhibition is a celebration of what some see as a Fairview institution. It’s also a tribute to Elias Edge, who set up the business in 1917, and to those who continued the business through all the subsequent years.

“There’s not many stores with this kind of heritage, character and local customer around anymore,” says Beverly.

The exhibits range from old family photographs collected by Edge and dropped in by locals to an old black bike that was cycled around the area by the Edge family in the 1960s delivering oil to locals. “More and more people have brought old items and memorabilia to the store to add to what we’ve put there. It’s really quite nice in that way,” she says.

Her father, Victor, took over the shop at just 18 years of age when his father, Elias Edge Jnr, died after a 10-year illness. Victor enlisted the help of his children in running the hardware store down the decades. “I worked there since I was about 10,” says Beverly. “I used to go in on Saturday mornings. Really some of my happiest times at that age were when I was working with my dad.”