Outlook brightens for roofing

In total, the construction of 2,175 residential units commenced in the two month period January to February 2017. The figures represent a marginal decrease of -2.9% (-65 units) on the total number of units commenced during the same period in 2016. However, the rolling 12-month figure shows an increase of +27.4% in terms of overall commencements for the 12-month period to the end of February 2017.

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government also plans to spend €5.5billion on social and affordable housing to deliver up to 47,000 new units by 2021. Commercial developments also remain tentatively strong with an office boom and over €1billion worth of schemes planned in the Dublin Docklands. Overall, the vibrant commercial sector expects to have 300,000 square metres of office space nearing completion in 2017, while the sector has experienced an increase of 41% in projects commencing construction in 2016 compared to 2015. In preparing to meet these demands, the need for skilled workers in the construction sector continues to grow, with forecasts of 9,900 employments in trade roles including roofing and roof tiling/ slating by 2020, an increase of 5,000 from 2015. The Construction Industry Federation has stated it is committed to attracting back the diaspora of skilled workers who dispersed during the recession.

While housing supply will remain a key challenge for the sector and Government in 2017, outputs are demonstrating a strengthening trend in the housing sector for the remainder of the year, offering key opportunities for continued growth in the roofing sector.

The roofer’s best kept secret

Everbuild, a Sika company, says the its Aquaseal Liquid Roof is a new, one-component, easy-to-use, all-weather roofing system, ‘ideal for waterproofing flat and pitched roofs’.

Liquid Roof is applied in two coats straight from the tin.

Creating a solid, waterproof membrane which covers the entire area without any seams, Liquid Roof is applied in two coats straight from the tin and has a moisture-triggered curing system to allow fast curing. Liquid Roof is completely rain resistant after just 10 minutes, according to Everbuild, and will even cure if a pool of water forms on top of it, perfect for the unpredictable Irish weather.

According to an Everbuild spokesperson, it is suitable for use on a variety of substrates including concrete, mortar, brick and stone, Liquid Roof can be used on new roofs as well as refurbishing old. It is available in slate grey or black in 7kg and 21kg tins.


Tegral launches timber battens

As part of its ‘Raising the Standards of Roofing’ initiative, Tegral has announced it will shortly be adding a range of technically engineered timber battens and top-standard breather membranes to its roofing components range.

JB Red battens are machine-graded using a modern high speed camera and laser scanning process.

These high-quality battens are the first fully pre-graded batten available to the roofing industry. Technically engineered, these battens surpass the requirements of Irish Code of Practice 2. A Tegral spokesperson commented: “Their distinctive red colour also makes them highly visible on site, cleary demonstrating that high-quality battens have been used when it comes to inspection. JB Red battens are machine-graded using a modern high-speed camera and laser scanning process to ensure maximum reliability.”

Tegral Ventex vapour-permeable underlay is a high-performance, breathable roof membrane for use in a range of pitched roof constructions. The spokesperson added: “It comes packed full of features and benefits designed to promote consistent installation to the Irish standard. Tegral Ventex provides an effective wind barrier with unrestricted usage across all Irish wind zones. Manufactured using a multi-layer bonding process of polypropylene laminates, it is ultra-strong, durable and easy to install. It is suitable for both warm and cold roof applications.”

These latest additions to its product and service offering, along with its other recent innovations including the launch of Thrutone Endurance, ‘Ireland’s strongest slate’, Tegral Slater’s Tubs and the Tegral Roofing Academy, are part of the company’s continuous dedication to raising the standards of roofing in Ireland.